Why Days Of Our Lives Spoilers Have Fans Believing Eric Is About To Become A Daddy

"Days of Our Lives" is heating up for November sweeps. Salem will be more dramatic than ever as the holidays draw near, and fans won't want to miss a minute of the action. 

According to Soaps, viewers will watch many lives turn upside down this month, including Xander Cook and Sarah Horton's. Xander's been desperate to give his new wife a better life. However, he'll revert back to his old criminal ways to do so, which will likely cause tension between him and Sarah. 

Meanwhile, EJ DiMera and Ava Vitalli are feuding, and Ava is determined to get revenge on her enemy. The love triangle between Chad DiMera, Stephanie Johnson, and Alex Kiriakis will also heat up as Stephanie will find herself drawn to both men and may be forced with a difficult decision. 

Sadly, things won't settle down for Steve Johnson and Kayla Brady, either. Steve's son Tripp will find himself in danger, and Steve will be forced to go undercover to save his son.

Of course, it wouldn't be "Days of Our Lives" without relationship drama. As Gabi Hernandez's wedding to Li Shin grows closer, she'll still find herself drawn to her ex-husband Stefan DiMera (via Soaps Spoilers). However, Stefan has no memory of his life with Gabi and will be focused on Chloe Lane. Will he regain his memories in time? 

In addition, all eyes will also be on Eric Brady and Nicole Walker this month, as they push the boundaries of their relationship.

Jada sees Eric and Nicole kiss

The new weekly "Days of Our Lives" promo, which was posted to the show's official Twitter account, reveals that Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan) and Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) will cross the line and share a passionate kiss. Nicole will confess her undying love to Eric, despite her marriage to Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering). 

As the two grow closer, Eric's current girlfriend, Jada Hunter (Elia Cantu), will see the ex-spouses sharing a lip lock, which will shake her to her core. Jada later connects with Rafe, but, before she has time to tell him what's going on, she collapses at the Brady Pub and ends up in the hospital.

Jada's health crisis has led many viewers to believe that the character is pregnant, which would make the steamy storyline between Eric and Nicole much more complicated and entertaining. 

"Jada pregos," one fan tweeted. "Jada is pregnant with Eric's baby," another viewer agreed. "Betcha Jada is pregnant! I hope she is," a third person wrote. "I love Jada, she needs friends, Stephanie would be great. Eric never gave her any reason not to trust him until now. Gabi was a single mom, Jada can be too. She needs to dump Eric," another commented.

It seems that Nicole and Eric's dreams of getting back together will be more complex than ever and that Rafe and Jada will throw an emotional wrench into the pair's passionate reunion.