The Harry Potter Character You'd Relate To If You're A Cancer

All of the zodiac signs are different in their own ways, and the traits boil down to more than just what time of the year you were born. Whether you're an air sign, water sign, fire sign, or earth sign, astrology can tell you a lot about yourself. For those born under the sign of Cancer (June 21 to July 22), you are represented by a crab and ruled by the moon (via Prep Scholar). The water sign is known for having a lot of emotions, while also being the nurturer of the zodiac. Cancer's high emotions can often make them seem a bit unstable or moody. They are often considered hard to approach as they hate small talk. However, once you get to know the sign, they'll be loyal and protective of those they love.

Cancer is a deeply caring sign thanks to their emotional vulnerability, but they can also tend to be overly sensitive to things and have a habit of being vindictive, making them want to get back at anyone who has caused them harm. Cancers also have a reputation for hiding their feelings, which makes it hard to read them. They also have a love for collecting things that are of interest or sentimental to them, per Women's Health.

Members of the zodiac can often be drawn to other people or even fictional characters that share their zodiac traits, and in the "Harry Potter" saga, there are plenty of characters with Cancer energy.

Cancers may take a liking to Dobby the house elf

Although Dobby the house elf isn't one of the main characters in "Harry Potter," he is one of the most beloved. Dobby started out as an unwilling servant to the Malfoy family. However, he risked everything to be a friend to Harry and tried to protect him from danger. In the end, it was Harry that helped Dobby go free, and Dobby later repaid Harry with his life, making him a true hero, per The Things.

Dobby's birthday is listed as June 28, making him a Cancer zodiac sign. Of course, Dobby's traits in the books and movies prove that he really does give off plenty of cancer vibes. Dobby is loyal to a fault, but can also be insecure about his place in life. He's also creative and always finds a way to help Harry no matter the odds. Cancers love to spend time at home and enjoy quality time with their friends and family members. Dobby was honored by any time he got to spend with Harry, and was always happy to show his love for the franchise's title character (via Screen Rant).

However, Dobby isn't the only "Harry Potter" character with Cancer energy.

Hagrid also has Cancer traits

According to Bustle, the fan-favorite "Harry Potter" character of Rubeus Hagrid has tons of Cancer qualities. The character was a good and loyal friend to not only Harry but his best friends Hermione and Ron as well. Hagrid was always quick to help the trio in whatever they were doing and was also a loyal companion to Albus Dumbledore. Hagrid not only loved his friends and had great pride in working at Hogwarts, but he also had a strong love for animals and was also taking care of one unusual creature or another. Hagrid was also very protective of Harry, especially when it came to his bully of a cousin, Dudley. He was also kind and caring enough to bring him a birthday cake upon their first official meeting and was there to offer advice when needed, per Screen Rant.

Meanwhile, The New York Post suggests that everyone's favorite teacher, Professor Minerva McGonagall, also exhibits many Cancer traits, which include her maternal nature and strong intuition. The professor proved time and again that she is very loyal to Hogwarts and many who work at and attend the school such as Dumbledore, Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Neville, and others. Of course, she was also on the front lines while trying to protect the school from the likes of Voldemort and his Death eaters.

Whichever Cancer-like "Harry Potter" you relate to, it's easy to enjoy the story they tell and how they help Harry along his journey.