Are Aisle Period Panties Worth The Money?

Though shopping shelves continue to be dominated by pads and tampons, many period-havers have become more conscious of their environmental impact and awareness of available menstrual alternatives (per The Washington Post).

The idea of period-oriented, moisture-wicking clothing has been in the works as early as the 1990s, as Racked reported. However, with the rise of consumer interest in sustainability, according to Business Wire, it makes sense that the alternative period product industry, specifically period underwear, is also rising (via Globe News Wire).

Aisle is a period product brand that has been around since 1993, as their website notes. Founded by Suzanne Siemens and Madeleine Shaw, the company was originally created under the name Lunapads and began producing cloth pads. Since then, Siemens and Shaw have rebranded the company and they currently sell cloth pads and liners, period panties, and mensural cups, along with accessories like carry bags and stain remover.

With most period panties ranging from $15 to $50 in price — according to The New York Times — this upfront investment can definitely feel weighty when compared to a $7 box of tampons. However, multi-use products are much more affordable than their traditional counterparts, as they can last for several years before needing to be thrown out.

Doing a little bit of research about the period products that interest you is a great way to ensure that you'll get the most out of your alternative products. With this in mind, read on to find out if Aisle period panties are worth your money.

What Aisle period panties have to offer

To figure out if Aisle period panties are worth the money, it's necessary to get a general idea about their products.

To start, Aisle has several styles of period panties ranging from boxers to thongs, each assigned an absorbency rating. As mentioned on their "Our Story" page, Aisle is committed to body and gender inclusivity, so they avoid overly-gendered product design. They also have a matchmaker quiz available on their website to help you identify what product would be best suited to your needs.

Price-wise, they are on the higher end of the period panties selection (per The New York Times), with their current line ranging from $34 to $48. In terms of functionality, Aisle's period panties use Truetex™ fabric technology in their multi-layer lining to "absorb at least four tampons worth of menstrual blood," depending on the particular style, as their website explains.

Their BOOST line of underwear comes with a removable booster that adds an additional four tampons worth of absorbency, which is great for those with a heavier flow. The website adds that this particular line is made with organic cotton and technology that help "stop period leaks."

Aisle is recognized as a Certified B Corporation, meaning they have made legal commitments and concrete efforts to achieve both social and environmental sustainability (via B Corporation). Although they have only received an "It's a start" rating on Good On You, they are commended for their use of eco-friendly materials.

How to know if these are the period panties for you

Aisle period panties have a lot going for them. As mentioned in The New York Times, in addition to being one of the most comfortable pairs of period underwear on the market, many of their styles are also extremely absorbent, especially their boxer briefs.

This brand is size inclusive (per Allure), with fits ranging from XXS to 5XL. Not all period panties companies offer this range of measurements, so this is definitely something worth thinking about if you're concerned with sizing.

Knowing all the positives of this brand, there are some negatives to consider before you fully commit to the purchase. First of all, the price when compared to other brands can be a major obstacle for some (via The New York Times). Given the pros, you might find that they're worth the price, but it's definitely something to remember.

The boosters did pose some issues for New York Times product testers, as the added liner moved around throughout the day or was easily lost in between uses. But, if added absorbency is a major appeal to you, this learning curve and the potential downside are important factors.

Knowing the details of Aisle's period panties, it's clear that the brand is sustainably conscious, body inclusive, and functionally sound. Overall, everyone's menstrual experiences are different, so what period products work best for you is ultimately something only you can decide, but this is definitely a brand worth considering.