What It Really Means When You Dream About Bugs In Your Hair

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Have you woken up feeling disoriented not knowing if what you'd just visualized was real or if you'd dreamt all of it? 

Dreams are a powerful connection to our reality, according to many experts who've studied the phenomenon over the years, per Healthline. Whether you experience some of the most common dreams out there or you're able to have lucid dreams, there's often interest in understanding it's significance. Psychology professor and author of "The Committee of Sleep," Deirdre Barrett, tells Discover that what we dream about when we go to bed at night shows us a different way of handling things in real life. "... [Dreams] help us to think outside of the box and they can solve problems that involve going against conventional wisdom," she explains.

While some dreams leave us feeling whimsical or sad, others leave us reaching for our hair in disgust or fear. So, what does it really mean if you had a dream about bugs in your hair? 

You're repelled by certain parts of your life or you're struggling with confidence issues

If you take a clue from the emotions you likely wake up with when you dream of bugs in your hair — violation and disgust — you might be able to put a finger on what this dream actually means (via Spirit Animal Dreams). Signifying deep disgust and even offense at certain aspects of your waking life, this kind of dream could be used as a propeller to actually change those areas in your life, according to Psychic Blaze

Our hair is often related to our vanity and confidence levels, per Liquids and Solids, and dreaming about bugs in your hair might also be an indicator to look at what's causing you to have insecure feelings. They could also be an sign of sexual anxiety stemming from the poor way in which you view your appearance (via Alica Forneret).

Dreaming about insects in your mane could also be an measure of just how confused and overwhelmed you're feeling in your life right now (via Psychic Blaze). A dream of this nature could even tell you that you are going to be free of other people's expectations and worries very soon, and you may be on the cusp of a spiritual journey.

Different bugs have different meanings

While dreaming about ants or flies in your hair might denote negative things like discontent in your current life and persistent challenges, dreaming about bees can actually signify something positive, per Alica Forneret. Bees are a sign of abundance and creative energy and could mean that you are due success for your hardworking nature. They could also mean that someone is trying to take undue credit for your efforts, according to Liquids and Solids

If you dream of hornets in your hair, it might be a warning of impending doom in your life, whereas wasps represent jealous feelings toward someone you associate (via Alica Forneret). Most bugs have both positive and negative connotations when they appear in your dreams. For example, while dreaming of lice could tell you that you have to be mindful about an unhealthy attachment in your life, it could also signify your unshakeable will to learn, per Psychic Blaze. Some bug dreams actually reveal something about your health. If you dream of bugs flying in and out of your tresses, you may want to take a closer look at your health and see if there are any underlying illnesses or conditions you need to be aware of.

Dreaming about bugs in your hair is in no way pleasant, but it might be the nudge you need to take a closer look at your fears, health, and behaviors so you can work on them (via Spirit Animal Dreams).