The Benefits Of An Adjustable Kettlebell

Contrary to what people may believe, kettlebells have been around since the 1700s, even though the peak in their popularity didn't come until the late 1990s (via Redefining Strength). 

Each type of strength training comes with its own benefits, but training with kettlebells offers something unique: It will push you to work out both sides of your body equally, especially when compared to exercising with a barbell, per Bar Bend. Also, because workouts using kettlebells alternate between being explosive, fast, and stationary, they're a great way to strengthen your stabilizer muscles. In addition to being a full body workout that builds your core strength, using kettlebells in your exercise regimen will also improve your grip strength, as you're essentially maneuvering weights via the handle with fast and explosive movements.

Perhaps you're new to kettlebell workouts and are wondering what kind of kettlebells you should be getting. Or, maybe you just want to add some variation to your existing exercise routine with some new equipment. An adjustable kettlebell is a variation of the traditional kettlebell in that it allows for weight adjustment according to preference and ability, per Power Lifting Technique. Here are some of its benefits.

An adjustable kettlebell is cheaper and great for saving space

Although a standard kettlebell made of cast iron might be more durable in the long run, you're going to have to spend a lot more on acquiring the entire set if you want to progressively tack on more weight to your kettlebell workouts, per T3. This problem is eliminated with an adjustable kettlebell as its usually a lot cheaper than its separate counterparts. That's because you'll be buying adjustable weights (usually between 10 and 40 pounds) within one piece of equipment, in one purchase (via Power Lifting Technique). One adjustable kettlebell can give you the benefit of owning six or more standard kettlebells, according to Healthline

It goes without saying that having six or more regular kettlebells in one piece of equipment is going to also give you variety in your workout. You can progressively increase the level of your strength training without having to go out and purchase new kettlebells every time you want to add more resistance to your workout. 

Adjustable kettlebells are also a great option for a home workout setup because they're easy to store away. They won't take up as much space as having multiple kettlebells that would require a bigger storage space, reports Power Lifting Technique. 

Here are some of the best adjustable kettlebells out there

If you're convinced that the benefits of an adjustable kettlebell sound appealing to you, you might want to check out some of the options in the market right now. The REP Fitness 24KG Adjustable Kettlebell comes highly recommended because of its ease of weight change, durable quality, and range of weights that go up to 53 pounds, per Garage Gym Reviews.  One of its biggest pros is that it looks and feels like a standard cast iron shell kettlebell. 

The Bowflex SelectTech 840 Kettlebell is another good option for your home workout setup. With great user ratings on Amazon and the brand's website (with particular mention of its ergonomic handle), this model of adjustable kettlebells comes with six units of kettlebells ranging from 8 to 40 pounds, according to Greatist. If you're looking for something that's going to be easier on your pocket, you might want to check out the Titan 10-40 LB Adjustable Kettlebell. You can get pretty much the same kind of workouts from a more expensive model with this budget-friendly option (via Garage Gym Reviews).

If you're eager to embrace a healthier lifestyle right within your home, an adjustable kettlebell is a solid means of starting things off. Keep in mind, however, that strength training comes with its own challenges, especially for beginners who are still learning about proper form and breathing. You might want to do some stretches before you start lifting weights as well.