What It Really Means When You Dream About Wolves

When we wake up from a strange or vivid dream, usually one of the first things we wonder is, "What on earth does that mean?" Whether dreams have deeper meaning and what that deeper meaning or purpose might be depends on who you ask, but even some of the most famous psychological experts of our age and past ages tend to agree that they mean something (via Healthline). Both Freud and Jung felt that dreams were essential keys to one's understanding of themselves, even though they didn't quite agree on what dreams revealed; Freud believed there was an element of unconscious wish fulfillment at play, while Jung believed dreams were about self-portrayal, which is the concept of pieces of ourselves being revealed to us. 

The most vivid dreams we have occur during REM sleep, the deepest part of slumber, and yet countless people remember those dreams in detail upon waking (via CNET). If, by chance, you've lately had a dream or multiple dreams featuring wolves, there are many possibilities as to what those dreams might mean, depending on the circumstances in which you encountered the wolf in the dream, and the circumstances of your waking life.   

What wolves generally symbolize

Some feel that spiritually, a wolf in a dream represents our own raw, uncivilized, truest self (via Millers Guild). Others feel a wolf in your dream represents solitude, survival, beauty, mystery, and wisdom (via Dream Moods). But one thing most experts seem to agree upon is that it's more the situation you find yourself in when encountering a wolf in your dream that might help you best interpret what your dream is trying to tell you. In other words, being chased by a hungry wolf is likely to mean something different than dreaming of a wolf howling far off in the distance or dreaming that you are a wolf. 

Your own emotions within the dream are a helpful indicator as well. Are you afraid of the wolf, or do you feel it is protecting you? Do you find the wolf in your dream beautiful or monstrous? Is it friend or foe? 

If you dream of a wolf chasing or biting you

If you dream of having a negative experience with a wolf, the wolf itself is likely to represent hostility, betrayal, or aggression (via Dream Moods). If you are being chased, attacked, or bitten by a wolf in your dream, this likely means you are dealing with something that feels like it is consuming you in your waking life. Is there a force or a person or a situation in your life that feels completely out of your control and overpowering and is therefore harming you? Consider a toxic relationship, an issue like addiction, or a stewing problem you are dreading dealing with.

Trust in your ability to defend yourself, to get the help or protection you need, and to face what is threatening to take you down. As far as you can help it, don't allow an outside force to rob you of your agency, confidence, or safety. Channel your inner wolf, and fight back.

If you dream of a wolf howling in the distance

Wolves have a dual meaning where it comes to being considered both solitary creatures (think the famous phrase "the lone wolf) and also pack animals (via Crystal Clear Intuition). Like wolves, we as people can vacillate between being strongest on our own two feet and strongest with our pack to support us. If you dream of hearing a wolf howling off in the distance, it's possible that it's a sign that someone in your "pack" in your waking life is calling out for help. Consider if there is someone close to you who might be having a hard time (via Dream Moods). 

Conversely, if hearing a wolf howl in your dream makes you feel afraid and as though something is after you, it's possible that you are being warned of thieves or untrustworthy people in your life (via Aunty Flo). Consider both your professional and personal life to determine if something or someone feels off to you, as though their intentions might not be what they seem.      

If you dream of being protected by a wolf

Wolves are also known to fiercely protect members of their own pack. If you dream of being protected from harm by a wolf, it's possible that in your waking life you are receiving help from a surprising or unexpected source (via Dream Moods). Perhaps you misjudged someone who you thought was against you, and it turns out they are fiercely in your corner after all. 

Similarly, it could mean you are receiving help from guides or guardians on the other side. The wolf could represent your spirit animal, a loved one, or a spirit guide helping to encourage, protect, and guide you from a non-physical realm. Of course, your interpretation of this can vary depending on your own personal, spiritual, or religious beliefs, but the overall message of being protected by a wolf in a frightening situation is a positive one.   

If you dream of a wolf pup

If you dream of a wolf pup, or multiple wolf pups, you might be allowing your softer, more nurturing side to be known for the first time in a while (via Dream Moods). If you have been living as a "lone wolf" for some time because it was safer or you were building your own empire, you might have reached the point where you are ready to let others into your life. You might be seeking a means to allow your nurturing, loving side to help create bonds. 

This might be in the form of friendships, intimate romantic relationships, or even, quite literally, in your own pups (of the animal or human variety). Often, we need to go into a time of isolation to be able to heal, grow, and make it to the next level. But once we get there, we need to allow ourselves to open up to the possibility that we don't have to be or even want to be alone forever. If you are feeling this way, trust that you are now equipped in a way you were not before to open your heart to others, as you know at the end of the day, you are always safe in your own company, and your intuition about who and what you want in your life can be trusted.  

If you dream about a wolf in a cage

If you dream about a wolf that is restrained in some way, whether in a cage, on a leash, wearing a collar, etc., it is likely to represent a part of yourself that feels unjustly restrained, held back, subdued, or silenced (via Millers Guild). Are you denying a wild, adventurous, passionate, or fierce part of yourself in order to keep the peace, save face, or protect your reputation? Is an outside force in the form of a relationship, a job, or other situation making you feel stifled, suffocated, or trapped? 

We can ignore, deny, and cage parts of ourselves for only so long before something inside comes bubbling to the surface. Are the parts of yourself you are hiding really shameful, or are you simply told to believe they are? Are your wildest dreams really impossible to reach for, or is it worth taking a risk to find a more fulfilling, honest, and open way of living? These are questions to ask yourself if you are dreaming about a wolf in a cage. What is your cage, and how do you break free of it?  

If you dream that you are a wolf

If you dream that you are a wolf, it's possible you are entering into your own "lone wolf" phase (via Dream Moods). You might be in a place where you are looking to hone your own intuition without outside opinions or forces, trust your own inner wisdom, and run free. Taking this space for yourself can be a a healthy step toward healing, growing, and getting a clearer picture of what you want your own life to be. 

What are your true ambitions? What do you need to explore, heal, or create in order to feel fulfilled, happy, and powerful in your own company? Dreaming about being a wolf might indicate that this is the time to ask yourself these questions, and trust the answers that come from within and from your higher self. Everything you need in order to become your best self is already inside you.