Sarah Drew Would 'Love' To Return To Grey's Anatomy - Exclusive

When we last saw Japril on "Grey's Anatomy," they were sharing a sweet kiss in the elevator of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. It was a surprise for fans to see them together in the 400th episode of the series — and it wasn't the first time actress Sarah Drew's character has returned for an episode over the years.

In Season 17, April Kepner reunited with Jackson Avery during his last recurring episode of the series. There, they gave fans everywhere hope that their characters may get back together.

Now, after the two locked lips earlier this year, it's clear their story isn't over just yet. While Drew has yet to be asked to return for a guest role on "Grey's Anatomy," she would definitely be excited to return to the hospital halls. "I always love popping back in there and saying hello," the actress said during an exclusive interview with The List. "It's always really, really good to see everybody."

Will we ever see Sarah Drew in a spin-off series?

While fans may be eager to see if April Kepner will ever be returning to "Grey's Anatomy," another thing they've been wanting to see is a spin-off series about her relationship with Jackson. "Jesse [Williams, who plays Jackson] and I have both spoken at various different times about how cool we think that series would be and how much fun it would be to do something like that," Drew told The List.

At this time, the fate of Japril rests in the hands of the show's writers. Fans everywhere have their fingers crossed, and the actress is among those who is hoping to one day return to her medical drama roots — whether that be in the original series or her own spin-off. For now, "it's up to the powers that be," Drew told us. "Jesse and I love working together too, so it would be really fun to do it if it worked out."

Until then, you can catch Sarah Drew starring in the holiday film "Reindeer Games Homecoming" on Lifetime.