Savannah Chrisley Makes Startling Claims About Her Ex-Boyfriend, NBA Star Luke Kennard

Savannah Chrisley, the star of "Chrisley Knows Best" and the spin-off series "Growing Up Chrisley," hasn't had the easiest time finding love. She was recently engaged to Nic Kerdiles, but the couple chose to part ways in September 2020.

"Nic and I, we're on good terms," Chrisley shared with Us Weekly. "We're both so young and ambitious, and you know, we're trying to find our way in life ... No decision is ever permanent, so you never know what can happen. We have the rest of our lives to figure things out."

Before her relationship with Kerdiles, Chrisley was dating NBA player Luke Kennard, via E! Online. The couple called it quits in 2017.

"The last 4 months I've been dating Luke have been great but as a young woman of faith I made the decision that with where Luke and I both are in our careers, it was best to part as friends rather than deal with the pressures of wondering if you are the only one. I was brought up to know my worth. I'm 20 now and so excited to live my life as beautifully as God intended," she shared. "I will forever love the Kennard family," Chrisley shared.

However, now she is sharing the real reason behind their split on her podcast.

She gave all the details behind the couple's break up

Savannah Chrisley opened up about the real reason behind her split from NBA player Luke Kennard on her "Unlocked with Savannah Chrisley" podcast.

"I dated this NBA player, and I went to the draft with him, and I will say that break up with him has probably been the hardest, which is weird because when we first started talking I wasn't over my ex. But then something switched and I was like 'I love this guy it's so easy ... he's hot as hell," she shared.

She stated that her dad wanted a video of Kennard dancing, so she used his phone. During the process, she saw Snapchats from another woman.

"I just remember being devastated ... it's the only time in my life I've seen Todd Chrisley speechless. He [Kennard] was asleep on the pool chair when I saw these messages, I took a picture of them from my phone, sat his phone back down, and went upstairs and packed up all his stuff. And my dad wakes him up and goes 'Hey buddy, s**** about to go down and you're in the center of it.' The next thing I know they both come walking into the condo and I was like 'Hey do you need the number for Delta, Southwest so you can get the hell out of here?' And dad, literally his mouth like dropped."

The couple ended things right there on that vacation.