The Best Baby Names For Every Zodiac Sign

Choosing the perfect name for your perfect new baby is never easy. It has to be unique enough to reflect the personality of your child, but not so unique that you can't pronounce it!

If you're interested in astrology, however, there may be an easier answer. Why not look to the ancient Zodiac to find that perfect baby name? Let's look at the traits of each of the twelve signs, and run down the perfect names for a child born under each star.

Great Aquarius names any water bearer can bear

Regarded as one of the true intellects of the Zodiac, the air sign Aquarius is thought to be as free-spirited as it is intelligent. For the Aquarian baby boy, why not try Karan? It's an Indian name meaning "clever" or "skillful." And for the intelligent little girl, there's Alima, an Arabic name meaning "learned scholar."

Aquarians are also regarded as being original and often eccentric, which makes Dwennon, an English name meaning "one of originality," perfect for an Aquarian baby boy. As for the little girls, there's the beautiful sounding Saoirse –- pronounced "SEER-sha" –- an Irish Gaelic name that means "freedom."

Despite the fact that Aquarius is an air sign, it's known as the water bearer. Why not tap into these watery roots with the Scottish name Douglas for a boy, which means "dark river"? There's also Mira, a pretty Indian name meaning "sea" or "ocean," for a little girl.

Take a swim with these Pisces names

The water sign Pisces is thought to be warm and loving, so why not choose Kevin, an English name meaning "kind, gentle and handsome" for a Pisces boy? And for a little girl, there's Mildred, an Old English name meaning "gentle strength," which can also be shortened to Millie for a cute nickname.

Pisces are known as the fishes, and said to be great friends, so if you want a name to reflect friendship, consider Edwin, an Old English name meaning "rich friend" for a baby boy. Or try Dakota, a Native American name which means "ally" or "friend," for a Pisces girl.

Pisces are also thought to be clever and wise, with intuitive senses and a selfless attitude towards humanity. With that in mind, the boy's name Jasper, a name of Persian origin that means "treasurer," fits perfectly, especially as Jasper is said to be the name of one of the Biblical Wise Men from the New Testament. And for a clever little girl, try Dana, another Persian-derived name which simply means "wise."

Perfect names for headstrong Aries

The Zodiac's ram, Aries is a fire sign associated with the brave and the passionate among us, so try Bernard, a name with Germanic origins which means "brave bear" for a baby boy. And how about the unusual name Chanda for a girl? The Hindi name means "fierce, hot," and "passionate."

While Aries can be headstrong, their passion also makes them strong friends to those who earn their trust, which makes the Germanic name Hartwin perfect for an Aries boy, as it means "brave friend." And for the Aries girl try the Greek name Philomena, which means "strong friend."

Finally, why not stoke the burning fires of Aries by naming your baby boy Basil, a name which means "brave" and "valiant" in Arabic? And for your baby girl there's Clara, a name with Latin roots which means "clear, bright and famous."

Trust in these Taurus names

Children born under Taurus, the earth sign of the bull, are thought to be down to earth, patient people. These attributes fit perfectly with the boy's name Ami, a Hebrew name which means "trustworthy" and "reliable," or the girl's name Patience, an English name which comes from the Latin "to suffer" and literally means, well, "patience."

The earthy Taurus is well-suited to practical work due to their sensual natures, as they love interacting with the tactile senses of smell and touch. George, an English name taken from the Greek meaning "farmer" or "earthworker", is perfect for a Taurus boy. And for a Taurus girl, why not try Ila, an Indian name that simply means "earth"?

But though the down to earth Taurus is thought to be one of the most responsible of the signs, it doesn't mean they aren't also kind and caring. The practical earth sign is described as being devoted to those it loves. So the name David, an English name with Hebrew origins meaning "beloved," is perfect for a Taurus boy, while you could try Faith, also an English name, for a Taurus girl, as it means "to trust."

A couple of Gemini names for your consideration

The air sign Gemini, the twins, is one of the most beloved of the Zodiac with their affectionate and fun-loving natures. In keeping with this, try Asher, a Hebrew name meaning "happy" and "blessed" for a Gemini boy. And for the equally loved Gemini girl, why not Thandiwe or Thandie, a South African name meaning "loving one" or "to love"?

The beloved Gemini is also well known for being a gentle friend, which makes the English name Clement perfect for a baby boy, as it comes from the Latin meaning "merciful" and "gentle." Another English name that fits the Gemini baby perfectly is Linda for a baby girl, a Germanic name meaning "soft" and "tender."

But Gemini is also thought to be a curious and restless sign, always in search of something new and exciting to see or do. So why not try the German name Ferdinand, which means "journey," for a baby boy? And for the Gemini girl what about Sheridan, an Irish name that means "searcher" in Gaelic.

Some good Cancer names in a pinch

Cancer the crab is a water sign, and Cancers are typically hard-shelled with soft insides. If you have a Cancer as a friend, you're truly blessed, as they're said to be both brave and sympathetic friends who care deeply about others. For a Cancer boy try Ari, an Armenian name meaning "brave." For a girl why not Cordelia, a Celtic name associated with loyalty that can also be shortened to Delia?

Due to Cancer's deep love for others, they themselves are loved in turn, which makes Dwyn, the Celtic god of love, a perfect choice for a baby boy. And for the Cancer girl try Amanda, an English name meaning "lovable" and "worthy of love."

For something a little different, why not nod to the water dwelling Crab and its ruling heavenly body the Moon by naming your baby boy Dylan, a Welsh name meaning "great tide," or Aysu, a Turkish name meaning "moon water" for a little girl.

We're not lion about these great Leo names

Fire sign Leo the lion is one of the boldest, most dramatic signs in the Zodiac, so the Polish name Jarek is a perfect fit as it means "fierce" and "strong." But as fierce as Leos are, they are also said to be extremely good-natured and in possession of bold personalities. So why not try Tímea, a Hungarian name meaning "good spirits" and "cheerfulness", for a Leo girl?

Leos will always stand up for what's right, so for a Leo boy the English name Alexander is a perfect fit, as it means "defender." And for an interesting name for a Leo girl, why not try Nina, a Native American name which simply means "fire"?

And of course there's always the classic nod to the lion itself. Try Leonard or Leonardo, a Germanic name which means "brave lion" for a boy, or Ariel, a Hebrew name which means "lion of god" for a girl.

Some wise choices for Virgo names

Like their sister sign Taurus, the earth sign Virgo the virgin is thought to be a practical and hardworking member of the Zodiac. But Virgos are also said to be extremely logical, which makes them excellent leaders. For a Virgo boy, Frederick, an English name meaning "peaceful ruler," is a perfect fit. The Greek name Athena, meaning "sharp praise" and named for the Goddess of Wisdom, would also well suit a Virgo girl.

Another quality that makes Virgos excellent leaders is their deep love for humanity, so to reflect this maybe go Norse and try Sigurd for a baby boy, an ancient name from Norse mythology that means "guardian." And for a little baby girl, the French name Adelaide fits perfectly, as it means "noble" and "kind." Adelaide can also be shortened simply to Ada.

For a more earthy touch, Adam is a classic choice for Virgo boys. It's the Hebrew word for "man," and represents the Biblical first man Adam, born of the Earth. And for a girl, the Italian name Silvia is a beautiful choice, as it means "wood" or "forest."

Carefully weigh these Libra baby names

Like Virgos, the airy Libras are also thought to be excellent leaders. They are said to be diplomatic and peaceful, with the symbol of this air sign being the scales. A lovely choice for a Libra boy then would be the Scottish name Domhnall – pronounced "DO-nahl" – which means "ruler of the world." For a Libra girl, you could try Irene, an English version of a Greek name meaning "peace" or "goddess of peace."

Continuing this theme, the English name Richard is also a good pick for a Libra, as it means "brave power." And for a girl, the Sumerian name Inanna is a pretty and unusual choice, as it means "lady of the heavens."

Because their symbol takes the form of scales, Libras are always working in pursuit of justice. As such the Irish name Fionn works well for a Libra boy, as it means "fair" and was the name of a wise hero from Irish legend. And for a Libra girl, what about the Welsh name Gwen, which also means "fair" and "peaceful"?

These Scorpio names won't sting

Like their namesake the scorpion, the water sign Scorpio can have a bit of a sting in its tail — the Zodiac sign is often associated with stubborn and passionate people. For a Scorpio boy, the unusual English name Terrell is a nice choice, as it means "to pull." And for a baby girl, why not try the Norse name Nanna, which means "daring" and "brave"?

Despite their stubborn natures, Scorpios are great friends when earned. So the English name Baldwin is a perfect choice for a baby boy, as it means "bold friend." And for a girl, why not try Alethea, a Greek name meaning "truth," which reflects Scorpios stubborn sense of truthfulness and morality?

Finally, the Scottish name Irving reflects Scorpio's Water nature for a baby boy, as it means "green water." Similarly the Native American name Iara for a little girl is a nice choice, as it means "lady of the water."

Taking aim at Sagittarius names

Sagittarius the archer is an enthusiastic fire sign, and is said to be extremely generous. For a little Sagittarius boy, the Arabic name Karim would be a nice choice, as it means "generous" and "noble." Equally for a Sagittarius girl, the English name Charity is an excellent fit, as it means "generous love."

Those born under the Sagittarius sign are described as extroverted travelers. Why not try Sterling, an English name meaning "little star" for a baby boy, or Asra, an Arabic name meaning "travel at night," for a baby girl?

A bright burning fire sign, you could also name your Sagittarius boy Albert, an English name meaning "noble" and "bright." And for a girl's name on the same theme, how about Niamhpronounced "NEE-yuv" – an Irish name that means "bright"?

Nothing corny about these Capricorn names

The most serious of the earth signs in the Zodiac, Capricorns are responsible, self-controlled, and hard-working, represented by their symbol the Mountain Goat. So the English name Ethan for a boy is a winning choice, as it means "enduring" and "firm." And for a Capricorn girl what about Ida, a Germanic name meaning "work" and "labor"?

Strong, silent types tend to be Capricorn, which makes Ernest, an English name meaning "serious," a solid choice for a baby boy. Similarly, Millicent is a nice choice for a girl — it's an English name that means "strong," and it can also be shortened to Millie for a less traditional approach.

Finally you could nod to the earth sign by naming your baby boy Kerr, a Scottish name that means "rough ground," or your baby girl Rhea, a Greek name that's related to the flow of the Earth.