The Celebrity Baby Names Revealed In 2018

A new(ish) year is upon us, and with it, a whole new slew of celebrity baby names. In 2018, are celebrities following the path of uber-famous parents of the past who chose something unique and trend-setting for their little bub? Or is it now even cooler and more surprising to buck that pattern by choosing something super common? Here are the celebrity baby names that have been revealed in 2018.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott were inspired by the weather

The youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, 20-year-old Kylie, gave birth to a daughter on February 1 after almost a year of hiding from the public eye, while people speculated about whether or not she was preggo. Jenner finally announced the birth of her child with rapper Travis Scott on Instagram in a long note where she explained why she kept her pregnancy private, writing, "I knew for myself I needed to prepare for this role of a lifetime in the most positive, stress free, and healthy way I knew how." The post has more than 10 million likes, so yes, young people do still read.

Jenner then posted a video recapping her time while pregnant, followed by a close-up photo with the baby's name in the caption: Stormi Webster. While some had speculated she had named her baby Butterfly, especially after Jenner and Scott's new matching tattoos, that was just a rumor. Or perhaps a strategic diversion?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West broke their status quo

After the birth of two of the world's most preeminent babies, North West and Saint West, it seemed like parents Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had a certain style of preferred baby name: one-syllable, grandiose, unexpected. With the birth of their new daughter — born January 15 via surrogacy, and announced on Kim's app and in a vague tweet — the Kardashian-Wests went a different route. 

The new baby is named... Chicago. Yes, three whole syllables. Kardashian shared the name of the baby on her Instagram, and TMZ reports that the Kardashian-West siblings call their new little sis "Chi" (pronounced "Shy"), for short. While the family didn't rush to share any photos of the infant, little Chi was spotted in Kylie Jenner's video announcing the birth of her baby. Kardashian is holding Chicago while instructing then-pregnant Kylie, "I need to school you on what your vagina's about to feel like."

This Lady Antebellum singer named her twins so they could grow up to be country singers, too

Hillary Scott, singer in the country band Lady Antebellum, gave birth to identical twin daughters on January 29. These little babies have plenty of time to decide what they want to do with their lives, but if they decide to go into country music, they certainly have catchy names that would fit right in: Betsy Mack and Emory JoAnn. Perhaps they could start a Dixie Chicks-style girl group with older sister Eisele Kaye? 

Scott announced the birth and the baby names in an Instagram post. She shared a photo, taken by her husband Chris Tyrrell, of the two little ones "napping on Mama" and wrote, "Their favorite place to be, other than on me, is nose to nose and cheek to cheek."

Jamie-Lynn Sigler combined two traditional names

Jamie-Lynn Sigler, best known as Meadow on The Sopranos, had a second baby boy on January 15 with her husband, baseball player Cutter Dykstra. She shared a post-birth hospital photo on Instagram and wrote, "He's here. Jack Adam Dykstra we will talk about your tardiness eventually, but for now we've got a lot of love to give." 

Sigler, who is public about her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, told E! News in 2017 that she was hoping to expand her family and that being pregnant with her first child was "glorious and it's an amazing thing to happen for women living with MS. I welcome it and my doctors welcome it."

These TV actors went with something feminine and adorable

Actors Lyndsy Fonesca (the daughter from How I Met Your Mother) and Noah Bean (Damages) welcomed a new baby girl on February 2. Fonesca announced the birth and name on Instagram and wrote, "Our hearts are bursting." The Aquarius baby's name is Greta Lilia (yes, there are two i's in Lilia!). A sweet and floral name for a baby who can already really rock a headband.

CNN anchor Poppy Harlow honored Serbia and her father

CNN anchor Poppy Harlow and husband Sinisa Babcic welcomed their second child on February 6. The couple's reps explained the baby's name, Luca James, to People. Luca is a Serbian moniker that means "bringer of light," and was chosen because of Babcic's Serbian heritage. The middle name, James, is intended to honor Harlow's father. Harlow shared photos of the new baby on Instagram and wrote, "Welcome to the world baby Luca! We love all 9lbs, 22 inches of you to pieces! "

Jack Osbourne's daughter shares a name with a highly famous mouse

Jack Osbourne — son of rocker Ozzy, reality TV star of the early 2000s, and according his Instagram bio, producer — now has three daughters with wife Lisa Osbourne. Lisa shared an Instagram photo announcing the birth of their newest baby, Minnie Theodora, and wrote, "The final member of my little girl squad. Everyone, meet the angelic, miss Minnie." (The Marvelous Miss Minnie, maybe?) Jack echoed the girl power sentiment when he shared the same photo on his own Instagram and wrote that Minnie is "the newest member of my girls only squad."

Lin-Manuel Miranda brought the drama to his baby name announcement

Of course the creator of Hamilton used a little theatrical flair to announce the birth and name of his new baby. Miranda tweeted about the arrival of his second son with wife Vanessa Nadal in the form of a scene. He wrote:

"Int. Hospital Room. Night.

[The screams reach a delirious crescendo. FRANCISCO MIRANDA enters. He is 7 pounds and 13 ounces.]


He also shared a photo of the chubby-cheeked cutie — is it even possible that newborn is smiling? The world will never be the same.

Singer Christina Perri chose a name fit for a "principessa"

Christina Perri, singer/songwriter and the voice behind the song "A Thousand Years" from the fourth Twilight movie, recently had her first baby with husband Paul Costabile in January 2018. Costabile shared a hospital photo on his Instagram and wrote, "Mom and our little principessa are doing great." 

"Principessa" is the Italian word for princess, and the baby's name is definitely on-theme: Carmella Stanley Costabile.

Fetty Wap's preemie is doing just fine

In January, rapper Fetty Wap and Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood star Alexis Skyy's baby was born early. Skyy explained in an Instagram Live video that her water broke three months ahead of schedule. She said that their baby daughter would be in the hospital for a while, but assured, "She's okay, she's fine." The couple's new daughter is named Alaiya, as Skyy previously revealed on Instagram. Skyy shared that she and Fetty Wap were both preemies themselves, and that the baby's health is "all that matters" to her.