What It Really Means When You Dream About Opossums

It's hard to predict what you'll dream about once your head hits the pillow, but you may often find yourself in situations involving animals. According to dream expert Lauri Loewenberg, the most common animals to dream about are cats, dogs, snakes, horses, and spiders. One creature that doesn't make the cut is the elusive opossum, most likely because they are only found in the Americas. But for those who encounter them daily, there's more of a likelihood they'll sneak into your dreams.

Opossums are cat-sized marsupials who are known for their ability to play dead when threatened by predators, humans, or even traffic (via Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies). They're also known for their classification as a marsupial — an animal that carries their babies in a pouch. Opossums are very interesting and often misunderstood creatures, but not the sort you'd typically think would carry any significant meaning on the off-chance they show up in your dreams. But dreaming about opossums can carry some surprisingly important meanings.

Dreaming of an opossum could be your subconscious telling you to be more defensive

Take an opossum's ability to play dead, for example. According to the blog Cool Astro, when you dream about opossums, it can be a way of "teaching you how to survive in stressful situations" and help you "prepare a strategy to become successful in life." If you're dealing with stressful instances in your waking life, dreaming of an opossum can also be a sign to step away from the situation and "let the dust settle," according to the website What Is My Spirit Animal. In a way, you're mimicking an opossum's way to process danger and react to it — just not by playing dead.

In keeping with the defensive theme, dreams of opossums can be a way for your subconscious to help you "develop a powerful defensive mechanism in your life" so you can "get rid of bad memories." This may also help you take stock of your relationships in waking life so you can figure out which ones aren't beneficial to your mental health.

Dreaming of opossums can also be a signal of good health

Another ability that opossums possess is their immunity to some of nature's most dangerous animals and diseases (via the Wildlife Habitat Council). These creatures rarely catch rabies due to their low body temperature and are immune to bee and scorpion stings, snake venom, and botulism toxin caused by a bacteria known as Clostridium botulinum (via the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). An opossum's remarkable immunity to some of nature's most deadly toxins and venoms can translate itself into dreams, according to the website What Is My Spirit Animal. In this way, your dream may reveal something about your health. For example, it could be telling you that you won't catch common illnesses affecting those around you, or that "you won't fall victim to the venom" of those in your life that may have a penchant for "gossip or slander."

Dream interpretation website ThePleasantDream says dreaming of a "healthy possum" can also be a sign that you're "feeling low due to your current state of life" and that it's a signal to contact friends or loved ones who "have the physical and mental strength" to help and support you.