The Best Resistance Bands For Every Budget

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If you're looking for a versatile and fun fitness equipment addition to your home gym, resistance bands are the perfect items to purchase. They can be used for strength training, warming up for a big run, or even as tools for physical therapy exercises, via Gaiam. Adding tension to your workouts with resistance bands is recommended by the CDC, as it helps engage more muscles.

Personal trainer Jen Skym told Live Science, "Resistance bands recruit the 'stabilizer' muscles — this muscle group is significant because it supports our larger muscles and joints when we move, and helps reduce the risk of injury. So, they are a safe and low-impact option for older people, and are often used for rehabilitation."

She continued, "You can loop them around your legs or arms, and they come in all different shapes and sizes. Like weights, they have different resistances to make your workout easier or harder."

If you are looking to add resistance bands to your workout routine, we recommend you check out these.

Best budget buy

Resistance bands are perfect for a cost-effective workout, via Gaiam. They can be used for just about any strength training workout and can be purchased online or in-stores at a great deal.

Whether you're new to using resistance bands and want to test them out for a good price before buying a more expensive set, we recommend checking out the Insonder mini bands set. This pack of resistance bands are perfect for building your glutes. At $7.99 for a pack of four resistance bands ranging in low to high resistance, you can't beat this deal! Plus, they're available in a lot of cute colors!

Purchasers of these bands on Amazon left reviews about how they are both cost-effective and high quality. "These resistance bands came as described and look just like in the picture. I like that each band comes with its resistance level marked on it, which makes it easier to identify the resistance level you want for your workout rather than guessing. The color progression on the bands helps with this too," one reviewer wrote. "The first time I used them I was a bit afraid that they would break or roll on my legs during my workouts, but it didn't happen. The bands stayed in place and I was able to complete two full-leg day workouts without any issues ... I totally recommend these bands. Good quality."

Best bang for your buck

If you are more experienced with resistance bands and not afraid to drop a little extra cash on a good set, we recommend the GoFit Extreme Pro Gym Set. This set features a range of resistance tubes. Compared to the loop bands, these are more suited for upper body workouts, via Set For Set.

The GoFit set includes a range of resistance levels from low to heavy, attachable handles perfect for tricep extensions and bicep curls, as well as an ankle strap to hit your glutes and hamstrings! While this set is a bit more pricey at $60, you're getting a good deal for a full addition to your home gym.

Amazon customers love them, too. "I have several sets of resistance, then tubes from different companies. This has to be my favorite. You are paying a little bit more money but you are getting a better quality product," one reviewer wrote. Another added, "I've tried a few brands, and this is the best. It lasts 3x longer than any other product I've had."

Best small shops

If you're looking to add some resistance bands to your workout routine but are looking for something more aesthetically pleasing, look no further than Bicah by Chloe. Not only are these bands adorable, but purchasing from them is also supporting a small business.

Bicah by Chloe features a wide variety of glute and long loop bands, perfect for any home workout. They have the cutest peach-printed glute bands and floral long bands with several other patterns that will keep you motivated for working out each day.

Rather than plastic material like the others on this list, these are made of resistant fabric. They're durable and high quality.

If these designs aren't speaking to you, there is another small business that specializes in cute resistance bands, SuzieB Fitness. This company also has a wide range of loop bands in different designs and resistance. They also sell bundle boxes, perfect for building your home gym.