Brandon Beemer Teases His Biggest Days Of Our Lives Storyline In A Long Time

"Days of Our Lives" fans have watched the character of Shawn-Douglas Brady grow up before their eyes. As the son of iconic super couple Bo and Hope Brady, Shawn has been on the radar of fans since his birth (via Over the years, viewers have seen Shawn grow from a young boy into a teenager, played by Jason Cook, where the character really came into his own by falling in love with Belle Black and really showing his personality. Later, Shawn became a father and a husband as well as a police officer just like his parents before him, and is now portrayed by Brandon Beemer, per Soap Central.

When asked what Shawn's signature storyline on "Days of Our Lives" has been, Beemer told Soap Opera Digest that Shawn's storylines always seem to revolve around his strong love for Belle. "Probably fighting for Belle's love and their love story. That's been his main real storyline," the actor stated. "It's happened multiple times. Like when she got all that money from Sami and started doing her own thing, and Shawn saw her turning into someone who he knew was not her. He had to try to talk some sense into her and guide her back to him," he added.

However, Shawn is about to get another big storyline and Beemer is excited for fans to see it all play out.

Exciting storyline ahead for Shawn Brady

Recently, the "Days of Our Lives" cast gathered together for the special fan event known as "Day of Days." During the event, stars like Brandon Beemer and his on-screen wife, Martha Madison (Belle Black), revealed that there are some big things coming up for their characters, especially Shawn Brady. On the "Daytime Confidential" podcast, Melodie Aikels revealed that she spoke with the actor about his future on the Peacock soap opera, and he teased a huge storyline for his beloved character. Beemer told the podcast host that his upcoming scenes will be the biggest storyline that he's had in a long time, and Madison agreed.

Although the duo didn't reveal what the exciting new storyline entailed, fans can guess that it will have something to do with the fact that Shawn's father, Bo Brady (Peter Reckell), is alive and both of his parents are returning to Salem in early 2023, per Soap Central. Shawn will obviously be stunned by his father's return and there is sure to be some major drama that goes along with the Brady family having an epic reunion.

According to Soap Hub, Beemer also revealed that fans of Shawn and Belle will be happy to know that things are looking up for them as well. "The future is bright for Shawn and Belle," Beemer said during the fan event. It seems that viewers have a lot to look forward to when it comes to the character of Shawn.