What It Really Means When You Dream About Ice

You slip off your slippers, settle into bed, and become drowsy. A few minutes later, you drift off to sleep. This simple activity we indulge in every day has become the subject of a lot of studies, mainly because of what happens in our brains when we're asleep. A lot of the curiosity is actually centered on dreams. 

Known as the "scientific study of dreams" (via Dreams and Myths), oneirology has kept researchers occupied over the years. Although we've come a long way with the help of technology in getting some answers, we're far from having any concrete facts yet, per TED-Ed. Sigmund Freud is one scholar who was interested in studying dreams. He drew parallels between our conscious lives and our unconscious mind; he saw dreams as a window into our primitive desires and fears which if addressed, could lead us on a path to healing. His claims were, of course, challenged by scholars who came after him, according to Crash Course. As psychology professor Micah Sadigh, told Now At Northrop Grumman, "As a culture, we pay little attention to our dreams, which is unfortunate because they can help us with problem solving." 

Do you believe in the meaning behind dreams? If you do, you're probably more prone to paying attention to them. There are common dreams that we've all probably heard of and then there are the unique ones, like dreaming about ice. What does a dream about ice mean?

The negative connotations behind a dream about ice

A dream about ice can take many forms according to popular interpretations. It could signal good things coming your way or changes you ought to be making. A dream about ice could be a sign that you're frozen in relation to a particular area of your waking life (via Aunty Flo).

If your dream was about falling through ice, this could be a call to tend to your emotional needs, reports Spirit Animal Dreams, yet if you saw yourself creating ice in your dream, this might be a message to let people in more. After all, our dreams do tell us a lot about our overall health. Another dream that is indicative of your relationships with those around you is one about being in an ice rink. Maybe you've become withdrawn and it's time for you to show some love. If the road ahead of you is filled with ice, you might want to work on your patience.

If you saw yourself taking a bath in ice, your subconscious might be alerting you to some form of instability that is yet to materialize, reports Dream Astro Meanings. Perhaps you're doing the difficult task of climbing up an ice mountain in your dream — this could be a sign to make wise choices while weighing all the options. If the ice around you is breaking, it could be a message that you've made space for damaging feelings in your life. 

The positive side of things

Melting ice in a dream might be a sign that your hard work is finally coming to fruition, per Spirit Animal Dreams, and skating in ice is telling you that you have what it takes to make a positive impact in the lives of those around you. If you're simply standing outside with snow falling around you, this is a signal that good things are coming your way and you just have to hold on. Similarly, walking on strong ice could be a testament to your strength as well. You might want to prepare for recognition and leadership if you see yourself buying ice, and you may want to get ready to reap the benefits of your hard work if you see yourself sitting on ice. It's a sign that life is going to be favorable at long last. 

If you see a lot of ice in your dream and also feel the cool chill in your bones, this might be indicative of some future spiritual shift, and a dream about melting ice on mountaintops means you might be welcoming new companions into your life (via Dream Meaning).

A sweet tinge to the dreams related to ice would be if you dream of ice candy. It's an index for novel and exciting things to come in your romantic relationship.