Fixer Upper Bloopers That Make Us Love Chip And Joanna Even More

You may have first tuned into Fixer Upper to satisfy your standard HGTV craving, but every fan knows the real draw is the husband-and-wife hosting duo: Chip and Joanna Gaines. Between Chip's bull-in-a-china-shop construction style and Joanna's impeccable farmhouse-chic aesthetic (bring on all the shiplap), the couple could not be more endearing. Or, could they? 

People instantly become more relatable and likable when you realize they're real humans who make mistakes, miss their marks, and sometimes drive each other a little crazy. The edited version of Chip and Joanna as fans see on the final cut of the show hints at just how authentic the talented team-of-two is. But if you truly want to kick your obsession with the couple into overdrive, grab a cuppa something hot and get cozy  the binge-watching of bloopers is about to commence. 

From Joanna flubbing her lines to Chip being, well, a little too much, these behind-the-scenes peeks prove the pair is even more adorable (and relatable!) than you even thought possible. 

Let's just say the romance is still alive

It's the mark of a true talent when a person can somehow make mundane household objects like a measuring tape seem sexually suggestive. As juvenile as it may be, you've got to admit it's pretty comical when ol' Chipper's handheld tool (minds out of the gutter, people) rises to the occasion in the midst of Joanna's onscreen interview. Naughty Chip!

Yet another day, Chip jokes about his wife's panties, saying, "Remember when we were on our honeymoon and you shot those on me, and I felt like I'd gotten captured in a parachute? I was like, 'Whew, I'm in hog heaven. C'mon! Bring it on, girl!'" Understandably, Joanna alternates between blushing and struggling to keep her composure through laughter. 

As silly as Chip's bedroom innuendo can be, it's also nice to see the longtime couple still has that lighthearted spark. Judging by all of the playful banter and blushing going on here, it's clear the romance hasn't died after decades together and soon-to-be-five children later. 

They don't yell cut — they yell uppercut

This may be a quick snippet, but it says a lot about the typical work rhythm between Chip and Joanna. She starts by trying to tell the viewers the current status of the renovation. "When the Harrises walked up to the lopsided ranch, I really feel like they started to, like..." Joanna then trails off as she catches a glimpse of Chip. Or, to be more accurate, Chip's face. Is it a grin? A smirk? Why is his chin lifted at that weird angle? Chip is obviously not taking the shot nearly as seriously as his wife. Jo responds by pretending to punch her husband's uplifted chin and saying, "Uppercut!" 

Therein lies the magic of these home mavens. They quite literally roll with the punches... especially Joanna. Whenever they hit a snag in the process or Chip wrecks yet another take with his funny shenanigans, the couple smiles (or more often than not laughs) and keeps on trucking. 

Joanna is literally a saint

Sometimes you've just got to call it like you see it, so here goes: Joanna Gaines must have been a saint in another life, and the lion's share of that saintly patience transferred to this life. 'Cause even though Chip is really gosh darn cute, he seems like he'd be a lot to handle some days. 

On one such day, Joanna tries in vain to speak to the camera. However, she barely gets one line out ("But he's just creating a mess") before she realizes her mission is in vain. Chip is making a popping noise with his mouth while Joanna talks. As soon as she pauses, he seizes the moment to ask, "Can you hear this?" Of course she can hear it, ya goof! Everyone can hear it. And while Joanna appears visibly annoyed, she still doesn't lose her cool. It's easy, in that moment, to imagine that the ever-patient Joanna probably soldiers through a lot of "popping noises" every single day.

She thinks he's the bee's knees... or should that be elbows?

If you ever want to find out what happened to the mother-in-law suite Joanna briefly mentions in this clip, you'll have to track down the actual episode. Before she can finish the thought, Chip gets distracted by something. That something, it would turn out, are his own elbows. (Insert facepalm emoji here). 

"Did you see my little... my little pads?" he asks Joanna, pointing toward the circular brown patches sewn to his shirt. "I like those pads," she responds, and convincingly sounds like she truly does. There isn't a shadow of a doubt that Joanna loves her husband because even though Chip interrupted her original thought with a random fashion musing  she clearly thinks it is cute as can be when he starts pretending to swim through the air with his brown-patched elbows. 

She even sweetly suggests that the reason he likes the patches so much is because they remind him of the sports coats his dad used to wear in the '70s. All of this instead of rolling her eyes, which one could wager would be the typical spousal response to such tomfoolery. That's what true love looks like, kiddos. 

Chip's parenting style is exactly how you'd imagine

Chip Gaines looks like a super-fun dad. He's the kind of dad that his kids probably love to hang around, because he's always taking them on new adventures and letting them play with reckless abandon. However, every mother who watches Fixer Upper likely thinks the same thing at some point or another: Bless Jo's heart for trusting her husband with those babies. 

To be clear, mothers are inherently protective and, okay, a bit paranoid. It's not uncommon to have those fears about your own partner (*raises hand*), so it's easy to be wary of a stranger on TV  even when that stranger is as awesome as Chip Gaines. His own wife admits he can play it fast-and-loose with their children. 

"Having Chip is like having a whole set of triplets," Joanna says in this blooper. "And the I've got four kids. Because you think when he's out there with the kids, he's telling them what not to do, but he's encouraging them to shoot at the house... at a wasp nest." 

Chip claims he's just an "encourager" in general, which is great. But he also admitted to People in 2016 that he forgot his then six-weeks-old son Drake at home. TWICE. So....

They can't stop talking about his man boobs

If there's one thing Chip and Joanna discuss more than shiplap, it might just be Chip's "man boobs." In one blooper, Joanna describes how much she loves her husband for his sometimes inexplicable self-confidence. As she pats him on the chest, though, she starts to giggle and adds, "Man boobs and all." 

Their proclivity for man-boob-talk re-surfaces in another blooper, when Chip talks about how his physique led to a disastrous round of catch with Jo. "You take away the man boobs and the new spare tire" he said as he rubbed his belly, "and that slight modification took that fast ball in the mid-80s all the way down into the strike zone." He explained that his man-boobs threw off his pitch "just a smidge," and his aim was ever-so-slightly off, causing him to "plunk [Joanna] right in the neck-hole." You need to watch the video to get the full effect with his hand gestures.

As for Jo, she doesn't appear too upset about the neck injury or the man boobs, for that matter. Pitching accuracy be damned, she sure seems to dig Chip's dad bod. 

She's crazy about him – even when he has "windshield" face

If you watch Fixer Upper for any amount of time, you realize that Chip can be a bit vain about his hair. Saying so isn't disparaging. He owns his hair vanity like a champ. This means that in addition to the myriad other reasons he interrupts takes Chip frequently fusses over his coif. It's rare for Joanna to stop a scene on account of her husband's mop but, as this blooper proves, it does happen. 

In a refreshing change of pace, Joanna (for once) interrupts Chip while he is speaking to the camera. In true Jo fashion, though, it's to look out for her husband. "You're not gonna be happy about your hair," she says through laughter, placing her palm over his bare wind-blown forehead, as if to block viewers from seeing the atrocity.

The fact that she can't even keep a straight face makes the entire exchange hysterical even more so when Chip likens his hair to Donald Trump's comb-over, saying, "I feel like the raccoon's just barely hangin' on," and Joanna tells him, "It just looks like you hit a windshield or something ugly." Ultimately, Joanna saves it in the end by complimenting Chip's eyes. Of course, it doesn't hurt that she's so obviously smitten with her wild-haired hubby. 

Sometimes Chip can't keep his vanity in check

"Hey, when I stand like this, do I look really strong, or do I look kind of fat? Because I was just standing here, and I can feel the buttons sort of bulging open." Chip Gaines, ladies and gentleman! Remember that aforementioned vanity this half of the Fixer Upper duo is prone to? Consider this comical clip Exhibit A. 

Chip and Joanna stand in the living room of a potential fixer upper with the couple who is presumably thinking about buying it. But, while the other three are probably focused on things like layout and fixtures, Chip can't stop worrying about how he might look on camera. Even though Joanna suggests his button-bulge is Superman-esque, Chip needs more reassurance. "But that's what I'm saying. Is it like, 'Wow, look at that guy, he kinda looks jacked. Or are you thinking, 'That guy's a little chunky to be standing that way.'" 

Jacked, Chip. Of course. The answer to that question will always be jacked. 

Can tiny troll hands make it rain?

Joanna might be a total pro when it comes to filming the show, but she does have a weakness. As evidenced by this blooper, her kryptonite is Chip's tiny troll hands. Why, yes, this does necessitate more info. 

While a sweaty Chip tries to describe rotting wood beneath a toilet, he makes the laughable choice to gesticulate in a rubbing-together-fashion with his fingers. He calls it the Johnny Manziel move Joanna claims it's less Manziel and more in keeping with the hand movements of a tiny troll. And because Chip always takes it one step too far (in the best way possible), he then uses his hands to "make it rain."

It's at this precise moment, every fan wishes they could be a fly on the wall in the Gaines household for this kind of everyday hilarity. If this is what their conversations are like on camera, can you imagine what it must be like when the cameras aren't rolling? 

She knows when he needs to let it all out

A sign of a really solid relationship is when the couple can interpret each other's needs. They might finish each other's sentences. They likely know when the other person is acting out of sorts. Or, in the case of Joanna and Chip, one can tell when the other is holding something back. 

Chip and Joanna stand side-by-side, preparing to speak to the camera. But before they even launch into their on-camera moment, Chip notices Joanna is laughing. "What's funny?" he asks her, to which she doesn't skip a beat in responding, "Do you need to burp?" The subsequent belch and beating of his chest serves as an affirmation, and Chip admits "that thing was kind of packing in there, and I couldn't really breathe good." 

The fact that Joanna could sense Chip needed to let it out? #RelationshipGoals. But, seriously, as hilarious as this clip is, it speaks to the space Chip and Joanna hold for each other's needs. Although it was shocking to fans when they announced in late 2017 that they were ending Fixer Upper, you've got to respect the fact the couple knew as they told People they both needed to "catch their breath for a bit." 

"There is something wrong with you"

Word of warning: what you are about to see may make your skin crawl. On the other hand, it may also make you wonder if Chip has mastered slight of hand and, if not, whether a trip to his friendly neighborhood ENT is in order. 

In this clip, Chip interrupts Joanna while she talks to the camera. Because, you know, Chip. But also because he wants his wife to see how far he can stick a nail up his nose. Because, again, Chip. Considering it's an impressively large nail (and a nail period) no one can blame Joanna for being squeamish, especially when Chip appears to stick the nail up his nostril, saying, "This could hurt. Ow. Oh gosh. Baby, it's to my brain." Go ahead; gag if you need to. You'll find no judgment here. 

Kudos to Joanna for not hurling, and for keeping it together when her husband asks her to "slow-mo" pull the nail out of his nose. Also, praise the powers that be the nail fell out and spared Joanna from even having to consider that request. 

His shoulder has ESP(N)

Remember that scene in the movie Mean Girls when ditsy Karen (Amanda Seyfried) claims she has a "fifth sense"? You know, it's the scene when she tells Cady (Lindsay Lohan), "It's like I have ESPN or something my breasts can always tell when it's going to rain." Yeah, this Fixer Upper blooper clip is kind of like that. The fact that Joanna is wearing a pink shirt in the scene ("On Wednesdays, we wear pink") makes it all the more perfect. 

"Babe, I know you always get sick of me telling you about my old glory days, but did you know that back when I played junior varsity football I dislocated my shoulder real bad? And anytime it starts acting up, I can tell it's about to rain," Chip tells his now-laughing wife, noting with emphasis, "And it's go'n rain."

If Chip ever decides to get out of the home construction and renovation business, he and his shoulder apparently have a fallback career in weather reporting. So, there's that. 

Holes in the floor may be further than they appear

In the spirit of saving the best for last, prepare yourself this blooper will make you laugh until your belly hurts. In the unused Fixer Upper footage, Chip and a crew member pull up a hatch on the floor to reveal the home's crawl space. "This is definitely where you keep the dead people," Chip jokes, mere moments before telling Joanna he wants to tempt death by plunging his body into the dark hole. Ignoring Jo's pleas on behalf of his weak ankles, Chip promises her the depth of the hole is "an optical illusion" and hops in. 

After a brief silence, groans come from the hole and Chip admits, "I'm okay; that was further than it looked." Later, in the camera confessional, he elaborated, "And, man, I fell and landed like a ton of bricks, and then there was a little hill underneath the house and I rolled down that." 

As for what else happened when he was down in that hole (he was like a "little pig in mud," as Joanna said), well, watch and enjoy. Wait until Chip describes how he injured both his pinkies — just try not to pull a muscle from cracking up too hard.