Kendall Jenner's Workout Is Easy To Replicate At Home

We live in the age of the at-home workout. With thousands of workout videos available on YouTube and virtual class memberships, it is easier now to workout at home than ever before, via Byrdie. But with such an assortment of options to choose from, it can be hard to figure out which workout might work best for you. And, depending on the limitations of your schedule, it might just be hard to find time to workout at all. Sometimes, we just want a short, simple sweat. No frills.

Thankfully, supermodel Kendall Jenner knows a thing or two about a tight schedule, and once graciously shared her quick, at-home ab routine on her personal app, which now no longer exists, per Byrdie. Before you begin, there might be quite a few myths you've been believing about ab workouts this whole time, for example, that you need special equipment. But the best way to make your ab workout much more effective comes down to proper form, per Shape.

Ab workouts alone might not be enough to transform your midsection (diet and genetics also factor in), per Healthline. But maintaining a strong core can work wonders for your overall health, per Everyday Health. This is how Jenner gets it done.

Planks kick off her workout

The first half of Kendall Jenner's workout consists of a plank or some variation of a plank, so your abs will feel the burn.

To do a regular plank, hoist yourself up onto your forearms and toes, and clench your abs together as you keep your form straight. After 30 seconds, you can rest. Because planks build core strength, planks also promote good posture, and a strong core often helps to mitigate back pain, per Real Simple.

Next comes a high plank. Just like the plank you did before, except this time, you're lifted onto your hands rather than your forearms. Remember, don't drop your hips too low, or lift them too high, as you will not properly target your abs, per Cosmopolitan. Hold for 30 seconds.

Then there's a side plank. You can either stay on your hands or drop down to your forearms if that feels more comfortable. Stacking one foot onto the other, keep your body straight as you hold either hip off of the ground. Hold for 15 seconds on each side.

Now, to make it tougher, add a crunch to the side plank. Raise your free arm over your head, and in one motion, bring your elbow and knee together. Repeat for 5 reps on each side. Side planks are phenomenal for your obliques, per Shape.

Crunches wrap it up

The second half of Kendall Jenner's workout focuses on another powerful core exercise: crunches, per Byrdie.

Start with 20 reps of basic crunches. With your feet hip-width apart, and hands behind your neck for support, lift your shoulders off the ground and crunch your abdominal muscles. Crunches isolate abs, making the move both effective and intense, per Healthline.

Next are bicycle crunches. On your back, lift your shoulders off the ground and touch the opposite elbow to the opposite knee. Then, switch, lengthening one leg as you lift the other. These add a twist to regular crunches, also working your obliques, per VeryWell Fit. Complete after 30 seconds.

Now, it's time to stretch your legs! Lift your legs straight up into the air. Then, lifting your shoulders up, touch your fingertips to your toes (or as high as you can reach without bending your legs). Known as vertical crunches, keep it up for 20 seconds.

Now, to work those lower abs, leg lifts are next, per Livestrong. With your legs straight out and your arms at your sides, raise your shoulders up and hold. Then lift one leg off of the ground at a time, and repeat, switching sides for a total of 15 raises per leg.

Should one exercise feel better than the others, feel free to mix and match what works best for you. As long as you stick to planks and crunches, we're sure you'll make Kendall Jenner proud.