The Untold Truth Of Becca Kufrin

Fans of The Bachelor franchise were left completely dumbfounded when Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. broke fiancé Becca Kufrin's heart only weeks after proposing to her by leaving her for runner-up Lauren Burnham. Perhaps the biggest shock of all came from seeing the raw, unedited footage of the emotional breakup on the three-hour season finale — a highly-anticipated episode, which usually has far more happy tears.

However shocked Bachelor-nation might have been, no one was more surprised (or devastated) than Becca Kufrin. The Minnesota-native touched the hearts of fans over the course of the 22nd season of The Bachelor with her sweet, Midwestern charm, fun-loving personality, and her vulnerability regarding the heart-wrenching experience of watching not one, but both of her parents struggle with cancer before her Bachelor days. 

Once poised to win Luyendyk Jr.'s heart, Kufrin has now won the hearts of Bachelor fans everywhere. Here's the untold story of the woman beloved by Bachelor nation.

She's no stranger to the media

There's no doubt that Becca Kufrin is going to be a familiar name in the media for weeks, months, even years to come after the controversial Bachelor finale. Though she was seemingly plucked out of obscurity — Prior Lake, Minnesota, to be exact — and thrust into the reality television spotlight, Kufrin is no stranger to the media. The limited information available in her contestant bio for The Bachelor says that Kufrin works as a publicist. However, as her LinkedIn page shows, she's an up-and-coming publicity powerhouse. 

According to her LinkiedIn page, Kufrin began working as an Account Executive at Skyya Communications, a Minneapolis-based PR firm, in September 2012. According to Skyya's website, the company offers "award-winning global PR and strategic communication services for pioneers." In 2017, listed Skyya among the top 18 public relations firms in Minnesota. Impressively, Kufrin's work experience shows she was promoted to Senior Account Executive at Skyya in January 2014 after less than two years of employment. Perhaps her former Bachelor beau should have taken some PR tips from her book.  

She's experienced her fair share of heartbreak

Getting your heart broken on national television is on the universal shortlist of "Absolute Worst Experiences Ever." To say that Kufrin was blindsided by her fiancé leaving her for another woman would be quite the understatement. However, if Kufrin can survive the heartbreak that comes with losing a beloved parent, it's safe to say she can survive her "embarrassing" Bachelor break-up.

Kufrin's father, Steve Karl Kufrin, passed away in September 2009 due to complications from a brain tumor when his daughter was only 19 years old. If Kufrin's Instagram is any indication, she was extremely close to her Air Force Veteran dad — and continues to be proud of the legacy he left behind. In October 2013, Kufrin posted a picture of her pops to Instagram, captioning it, "Happy birthday to my first and greatest love. October 24 is always beautiful because of you." 

Her last relationship lasted seven years

Becca Kufrin's relationship with Arie Luyendyk Jr. is most certainly the most memorable of her relationships, but it's pretty far from the longest. During a one-on-one date in Luyendyk Jr.'s season of The Bachelor, Kufrin revealed the details of her longest, most serious relationship. Of her most serious relationship, Kufrin explained they were "on and off for about seven years," adding, "I'm just ready to move on in my life and find that person again." 

Interested fans were treated to a glimpse of Kufrin's ex-boyfriend, Ross Jirgl, during the "Fantasy Suites" episode of Luyendyk Jr.'s season, when the Stanford football coach surprised both his former flame and her new beau on-location in Peru. "She's the love of my life. I want to marry her," Jirgl told a dumbfounded Luyendyk Jr. during a heated conversation. Unfortunately for Jirgl, Kufrin was crystal clear in her feelings — or lack thereof — for her former flame, saying his surprise appearance left her feeling "very, very shocked and very mad." 

She's a bit of a rule breaker

Whenever a new season of The Bachelor airs, the internet immediately dives into the social media accounts and public records of each contestant, hoping to find some dirt on their sordid pasts. Usually, these "sordid pasts" are little more than exes and maybe a few risqué photos. So reports surfaced that Becca Kufrin had been arrested, Bachelor fans were all ears. 

Kufrin, who easily made friends with her fellow contestants and even has a bible verse tattoo, definitely doesn't seem like the type to have an arrest record. What could she have possibly done?

The good news is that fans can breathe easy — Kufrin isn't a felon. She does, however, have a misdemeanor on her record (cue Missy Elliot). Court records from the State of Minnesota show that Kufrin was served a summons for underage drinking in January 2009. Nearly ten years removed from the incident, it's safe to say that The Bachelor finale left Kufrin needing a (legal) glass of wine. 

She was an early fan-favorite to win Arie's heart

Though she didn't receive the coveted first impression rose, Kufrin was sure to make a lasting first impression on both Luyendyk Jr. and Bachelor fans everywhere. Many of the show's contestants use their limo exit (or first meeting) with the lucky guy as an opportunity to make themselves stand out from the rest of the group. Kufrin's limo exit was certainly one for the books — the girl had Luyendyk Jr. proposing to her at first sight! 

Upon meeting Luyendyk Jr. for the first time, Kufrin prompted the Bachelor to get down on bended knee and ask her if she was "ready to do the damn thing." The one of a kind exit painted Kufrin as beautiful and charming, with an obvious sense of humor. Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, known for his Bachelor predictions at the start of each season, even pegged Kufrin to be the woman that would steal Luyendyk Jr.'s heart. 

Hey, he wasn't totally wrong.

She's not afraid to voice her opinions

When the raw, unedited footage from Luyendyk Jr.'s filmed break-up with Kufrin was aired on the After the Final Rose special in March 2018, Bachelor fans were understandably upset. The private moment between Kufrin and Luyendyk Jr. was uncomfortable to watch for may reasons: Kufrin thought the two were simply meeting to give the show an update on their relationship, she seemed completely unaware that her new fiancé intended to leave her for another woman, the cameras lingered on a visibly shaken Kufrin as she sobbed, etc. 

However, if there's one thing that the uncomfortable exchange taught fans about Kufrin, it's this — the girl is no shrinking violet. Though she was totally shocked and understandably devastated, Kufrin didn't beg for Luyendyk Jr. to change his mind. Instead, she held her ground and told him to leave — numerous times, in fact. The Twitter-sphere rooted for Kufrin from start to finish — even former hopefuls for Luyendyk Jr.'s heart applauded her grace under pressure. 

Her mom has struggled with breast cancer

While tragic, the death of a loved onecan also often bring a family closer together. The absence of Becca Kufrin's father during her hometown date with Luyendyk Jr. was certainly on the forefront of the 27 year old's mind, but as she introduced Luyendyk Jr. to her family, it was crystal clear just how close of a bond she shares them all. Bachelor fans could especially sense the bond between Kufrin and her mother, Jill. 

Like her husband, Jill Kufrin has experienced her own battle with cancer. In an October 2015 Instagram post from the former Bachelor contestant, Kufrin's mother is pictured sitting against a backdrop of colorful fall leaves, seemingly laughing and looking as beautiful and healthy as ever. "This beautiful soul never ceases to amaze me," Kufrin captioned the photo. "[She] has shown more strength, grace, and positivity than most people will ever have in an entire lifetime." Kufrin continued the tribute to her mother by noting that the picture was taken only two days after her mother's first surgery and adding a breast cancer awareness hashtag. It seems that strong women run in the family. 

The camera loves her

With her model-good looks, undeniable charm, and million dollar smile, it's hard to believe The Bachelor could be Becca Kufrin's first experience being in front of the camera — and it wasn't.

According to a November 2016 post on the fan-favorite's Instagram, Kufrin starred in a music video from Minnesota band SmithNThompson. The post, featuring a screenshot of Kufrin's music video appearance, is captioned, "My kind of #trouble. Treat yoself and get the album, my friends." 

The video for SmithNThompson's song, "Uh Oh," shows Kufrin laughing and goofing around with friends, helping to style her friend's hair, and snapping photos of the band. In a surprise to no one, she looks as stunning in the amateur music video as she does on broadcast television. It's really not hard to imagine a future for Kufrin in front of the camera now that this season of The Bachelor has wrapped. In fact...

Fans want a Bachelorette Becca...and they got it

Bachelorette Becca Kufrin has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Bachelor nation certainly seemed to think so. Reality Steve, the Bachelor franchise blogger famous for spoiling the results of Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons months before the final episodes air, predicted that Kufrin will be the titular Bachelorette. According to the reality television blogger, "The Bachelorette [is] Becca's as long as she wants it." 

Reality Steve isn't the only person who predicted that Kufrin would be the next Bachelorette. According to Trista Sutter, the original star of The Bachelorette, Kufrin would make be a perfect choice for the show. "I think she's got a good head on her shoulders," Sutter told Hollywood Life. "She's beautiful. She seems really classy." 

Lauren Bushnell, the winner of Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor, seemed to echo that sentiment in a tweet posted after witnessing the shocking footage of Luyendyk Jr. retracting his proposal. "Can't wait to watch Becca as the bachelorette," she wrote. 

Naturally, it didn't take ABC long to make things official: Becca Kufrin was officially announced as the star of season fourteen of The Bachelorette on March 6, 2018.

She's not the first Bachelor winner to be dumped on television

As shocking as both the season finale of The Bachelor and After the Final Rose were to Bachelor fans everywhere, Luyendyk Jr.'s controversial, televised breakup with his fiancé wasn't even the first time something like this has happened in the Bachelor franchise. Becca Kufrin isn't the first Bachelor winner to have her heart ripped open on national television — that honor belongs to Melissa Rycroft.

To refresh your memory: Rycroft was a contestant vying for Jason Mesnick's heart on season 13 of The Bachelor. Mesnick proposed to Rycroft in the season finale, sending home the devastated runner-up, Molly Malaney. When the After the Final Rose special aired, host Chris Harrison revealed that Mesnick had experienced a change of heart, and would be breaking up with Rycroft on live television before asking Malaney to take him back only a few moments later. It was a dramatic hour of television, to say the least — and, at that point, the most shocking thing to happen in all of Bachelor history. Rycroft certainly seems to be doing just fine these days. Hopefully, we'll soon be able to say the same thing for Kufrin.

She doesn't shy away from politics

Kufrin is a woman with a seemingly endless amount of admirable qualities that helped her to win over America's heart and secure her rightful place on the Bachelorette throne. Among these enviable traits is Kufrin's fearlessness in making her presence known and her voice heard. This gal isn't one to mince words or shy away from difficult conversations — a point of contention between Kufrin and notoriously quiet and reserved runner-up/bride-to-be, Burnham. 

Though Burnham's shy demeanor may have ultimately won over Luyendyk Jr., Kufrin's distinct ability to say what she means and mean what she says won over — well, everyone else. And as her Instagram confirms, Kufrin was speaking up and making waves long before her Bachelor days. 

Unsurprisingly, the woman who handled herself like a champ while being dumped on-camera knows how to approach tough topics like politics with tact, grace, and a little humor, of course. In a November 2016 post, Kufrin showcases the sticker she received for voting in the 2016 primary election, captioning it, "You didn't vote unless you post your #ivoted sticker selfie, right?" A January 2017 post shows Kufrin standing outside in the snow and holding a sign that reads, "Keep your politics away from my lady bits." 

Whether she's exercising her right to vote or braving freezing temps to march in the historic Women's March, Kufrin knows how to make herself heard. 

She's pretty much a comedian

There's no doubt that Kufrin is certainly one of the most beloved contestants — and bachelorettes — in the history of the Bachelor franchise. As Chris Harrison told her on the infamous After the Final Rose special (via Twin Cities Pioneer Press), "I've never seen such an outpouring of love and support for one person on our show like I have for you." 

It's true — her blindsiding heartbreak tugged on the heartstrings of Bachelor fans everywhere, quickly taking Kufrin from jilted ex-lover to America's Sweetheart. Don't let her tears fool you, though — Kufrin is much more than Luyendyk Jr.'s crying ex-fiancé. This girl has jokes that could give professional comedians a run for their money. 

Kufrin treated followers to a taste of her impeccable sense of humor during the course of Luyendyk Jr.'s season by live-tweeting some seriously funny one-liners. It's no secret now that Kufrin was in the thick of a broken engagement while delivering these bits of comedic gold, totally redefining what it means to be a good sport. 

However, her willingness to play along should come as no surprise to Bachelor fans who witnessed Kufrin (nearly) baring it all on a group date to the Moulin Rouge. If she managed to laugh through that painfully embarrassing date, it's safe to say the girl can laugh through anything. 

She has a heart for volunteering

Though she was only 27 while filming The Bachelor, Kufrin had already made some pretty serious moves in her career as a publicist. Even more impressive than her professional accomplishments, however, is her history as a volunteer. 

According to her LinkedIn page, before beginning work with Skyya, Kufrin served as an intern and volunteer at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in Bloomington, Minnesota. The description of her time spent at the CFF says Kufrin "helped coordinate and execute multiple Foundation events and fundraisers," for three months, among other duties. 

Kufrin clearly has a heart for giving back and helping others, as evidenced by her response to the monetary support she received from Bachelor fans in the wake of the controversial final episode. When asked what she planned to do with the $6,000 of "beer money" sent to her by supportive fans, Kufrin said (via E! News) she planned to donate the money to an organization undoubtedly close to her heart –  Stand Up To Cancer. Talk about finding the silver lining in any situation!

She has the cutest furry friends

Here's a question: The Puppy Bowl exists, so why doesn't the Puppy Bachelor? As fun as it is to watch so-cute-you-could-cry pups chase after a ball in lieu of watching the actual Super Bowl, can you imagine the fun you'd have watching a group of women compete for the slobbery kisses and puppy love of one furry, four-legged, adorable dude? 

Luyendyk Jr. might have left Kufrin for another woman, but it's safe to say the new Bachelorette is the apple (or starfish) of one handsome fellow's eye. That fellow? Max Kupjoooce the Corgi — otherwise known as the lovable ball of fluff featured throughout Kufrin's Instagram. Contrary to what Kufrin's many Max pictures would have you believe, the cute Corgi belongs to her sister. However, Max and Kufrin clearly share an unbreakable (and adorable) bond. 

Kufrin has her own lovable ball of fluff to cuddle — her cat! In a January 2018 screenshot obtained by Reality Steve, a photo posted to her Instagram story shows the recently-dumped Kufrin nuzzling noses with her cat. The text on the photo reads, "At least she still loves me." Obviously, Kufrin's next beau will need to get the seal of approval from her four-legged loves. 

She's a total foodie

Kufrin may have the body of a Sports Illustrated model, but you can rest assured in the fact that this gal loves to throw down in the kitchen and at the table. Bachelor contestants — they're just like you! 

For example, Kufrin loves a good olive bar as much as the next person (and digs a solid "olive you" pun). She appreciates the beauty and convenience of a food truck. She's a total Martha Stewart fan girl and even has a cookbook signed by the queen herself. And, of course, she loves a pizza pie

Embarrassing break-up aside, Kufrin's Bachelor experience most likely took a major toll on her happiness. Why? According to Refinery29, The Bachelor might be the place to be if you're looking for love — but it's certainly not the place to be if you're looking to pig out. 

According to Jaclyn Swartz, a contestant from Ben Flajnik's Bachelor season, the delicious dinners you see on those extravagant dates barely get touched. "No one wants to watch people stuffing their face on a date," Swartz said. Instead, Swartz revealed contestants eat before the dates, as they are getting ready. "The producers will bring room service to your room, or a plate of food to where you're getting ready in the house," she revealed. Here's hoping Kufrin packs some good snacks for her Bachelorette journey.

She's close with her fellow contestants

Kufrin may not have found everlasting love on The Bachelor, but she didn't walk away without a relationship. In fact, the new face of The Bachelorette found herself several relationships richer after her Bachelor journey ended, all thanks to her fellow contestants. 

As pictures posted to her Instagram show, the love Kufrin has for the women who loved and lost alongside her is palpable. She isn't alone in her feelings of adoration, either. Kufrin's "name twin," Bekah Martinez, has been incredibly outspoken in her support for Kufrin, even writing a touching tribute to her brokenhearted friend and now Bachelorette, "Becca, I've never met someone like you. You are truly wonderful. You deserve this journey more than anyone I know." 

In an interview with Vulture, contestant Kendall Long (Luyendyk Jr.'s third pick) described the group of contestants as a "woman tribe," detailing how even the show's producers admitted that Luyendyk Jr.'s group of women was different than other groups of contestants. "You saw [that tribe] at the end of the After the Final Rose ceremony when we ran up and sat with Becca," Long said. Girl power. 

Just call her Becca Bookworm

According to Kufrin's ABC bio, one of her "biggest date fears" is that she and her date will "run out of things to talk about." It's certainly hard to imagine this outspoken and funny lady to ever be at a loss for words — especially since Kufrin is a bit of a bookworm. 

While her ABC bio doesn't list her favorite book, one look at Kufrin's Instagram is all it takes to see just how much this gal appreciates a good book, cozy blanket, and maybe even a glass of wine. However, according to former contestant Sharleen Joynt, Bachelor producers think of books as possible distractions from the task at hand — creating primetime television-worthy drama. 

"They definitely want to keep you focused on [the Bachelor] all the time. So, no music, no books, no anything that could possibly keep you sane," Joynt told The Huffington Post. Take it from Kufrin herself — "A well-read woman is a dangerous creature."