Why Taking A Cooking Class Is One Of The Best Ways To Spend Your Vacation Abroad

Did you know that harmony between flavors and a desire to decorate food are important elements in Chinese cuisine, or that the culinary identity of the U.S. lies in its vast diversity?

A lot can be learned about a country by sampling its food. Whether you're a food enthusiast or not, planning and experiencing a vacation abroad usually includes the essential activity of trying out the local cuisine. While eating at recommended restaurants is one way to fully immerse yourself in a different culture, there is something to be said about actually getting involved in the preparation of those dishes.

According to a 2017 AAA Newsroom survey, not only are food-based vacations gaining immense popularity, but four out of five travelers shared that they have participated in activities revolving around food when on vacation, one such activity being cooking classes. It seems brain health is not the only bonus of cooking meals. Here's why a vacation abroad is greatly enhanced by taking a cooking class while there.

A cooking class offers a lot of unique experiences in one

Taking a cooking class while on vacation abroad is one of the most meaningful ways to learn about a country's culture. Given that a country's cuisine is often influenced by factors like weather, geography, and what's been passed down to the locals from the generations before them, it can open your eyes to a whole new way of life. There are also interesting origin stories behind dishes that are often missed when we eat out at restaurants as opposed to when we engage with tutors at cooking classes. Your guide or instructor would most probably be native to the place you're taking your class. As a result, they'll likely come equipped with inside knowledge that you may not get anywhere else, according to Matador Network. You might also get a chance to visit the local markets to source the ingredients as part of your class, which is another great way to learn about the country's food.

Spending an afternoon or two engaging with a local chef and fellow travelers is also a great way to make connections with people that you'll treasure long after your vacation abroad ends. Cooking classes unite kindred spirits on a similar journey as you.

If you're passionate about learning new cooking skills, tips, and tricks, taking a cooking class while on vacation might be a surprisingly unique way to get your fill. Plus, you will leave with more than just a few new recipes to try back at home. 

Some things to keep in mind before booking a cooking class

Language might become a barrier to really getting what you are after with a cooking class abroad, so it might be best to look into that before you book. If you like to plan ahead before landing in your country of choice, you could try searching for cooking classes close to where you're staying either on Tripadvisor or Cookly.

Most cooking classes also take into account specific meal requirements like vegan, gluten-free, etc. Just make sure you let them know before you turn up at the venue. Since you will be spending your time working with sharp utensils while attending and participating in your cooking class, it might be wise to get yourself travel-related medical insurance. You can also seek out cooking classes that best fit your level of knowledge when it comes to cooking, as many courses will have an offering for beginners or more advanced chefs. There is bound to be something for everyone.

Participating in a cooking class while on a vacation abroad is one of the best ways to make sure you leave for home with a lasting souvenir. You might find out about life-changing ways to cook with coconut oil, or simply wow your friends and family back home with your newfound skills.