Haircuts You'll Be Asking For In 2023

New year, new you, new hair! Sure, 2022 wasn't all bad — working from home has finally started to feel a bit normal and wearing sweatpants all day is undoubtedly comfy-cozy to the extreme — but that doesn't mean that your 2022 hairstyle needs to accompany you into the upcoming year. The new year is all about trying out fresh ideas and bold takes. While many turn their attention to the gym after the clock strikes midnight, revamping your hair might be a far more manageable (and dare we say fun) new year revitalization!

2022 was the year of revival in the world of hair — from Y2K antenna bangs to the 1970s shag. 2023 is on track to bring some of those beloved looks back but unlike its predecessor, the year is all about adding a modern twist. What's the point of replicating a look exactly how it's been worn before if you can switch it up and place your own spin on it? 

Take a look at the haircuts you'll definitely want to ask for when you sit in the salon chair come January.

A more modern shag

Thanks to modern rockers like Miley Cyrus and the renaissance that bands like Fleetwood Mac are enjoying in real time, 1970s-inspired hair has been all the rage — and the timeless styles aren't going anywhere in 2023. In particular, the shag — which has gotten a lot of attention in 2022 thanks to its easy maintenance and rocker renaissance — is here to stay, but the new year is adding a twist to rock 'n' roll 'do.

As Aveda global artist Antoinette Beenders told Byrdie, the shag is both reminiscent and modern — perfect for 2023 — and works for a variety of hair types. "This cut is great for most straight and wavy hair types," Beenders explained of the shag. "It's also brilliant for finer hair as the layering is minimal."

Focusing on the finer hair element is stylist Sally Hershberger, who told Allure of this trending cut, "This low-maintenance cut is great for thin hair because the choppy layers provide tons of movement and texture, creating the illusion that hair is more full." If you're set on bringing the shag into your life, Beenders suggested incorporating layers that frame your face and act as a separation from the rest of the haircut.

Lots and lots of layers

When the pandemic hit in 2020, many of us put going to the salon on the back burner. Cut and color simply went out the window and for those who didn't take to cutting their own hair, long hair became the norm. Now that salons have reopened and lockdown orders have ceased, it's time to take advantage of that newfound length you have at your disposal. In fact, long layers is one of the hottest hairstyles you can ask for in the new year.

Hairstylist Sunnie Brook told Allure that lots and lots of layers — specially cut in a V-shape — will be all the rage, as the look maintains the long locks you've been growing while also giving the hair lots of oomph. Well-maintained layers will also help bolster the health of your hair, as regular trims help revitalize the scalp and discard dead ends.

"[A layered V-shaped haircut] maintains length on long and medium hair while giving fullness to the ends and the illusion of shorter hair from the front depending on how arched the curve is," Brook explained. "[When cut] above the shoulders it's flattering if you have a narrow face or chin that you want to give more fullness to. I [also] love this cut for curly or wavy hair because it gives the corners of your hair more bounce and fullness."

Baby bangs

You can thank "Bridgerton" for this 2023 haircut, as the Netflix hit has brought a whole slew of fashion and hair trends to the forefront. Baby bangs are the hottest fringe trend that'll be everywhere in 2023. A twist on the fringe we all had when we were kids, these micro bangs are just that — short wisps that grace the top of the forehead without reaching down to the brow bone. Giving more insight into the trend is cut specialist Kelly Macedo, who told Ipsy just how to style this trendy haircut.

"[Baby bangs] can add so much style to your look as a whole and can be super chic if done right to flatter your facial features," Macedo explained. "I look at their face as a whole, not only at the shape of it. If they have great eyebrows, I highlight them by cutting bangs short enough to see them. If they have amazing cheekbones, I might suggest going a little longer on the sides of the bangs to accentuate them. If they wear their hair up often, I add in little pieces to enhance how it frames their face when their hair is pulled back."

So there you have it! Give baby bangs a try, and you might just pull in a duke of your own.

The collarbone chop

Mid-length hair is always a sure bet, and 2023 is no exception. However, more blunt mid-length chops are expected in the new year. If you're partial to hair that's neither too long nor too short, why not try out the collarbone chop, or "clavicut"? "The clavicut is a blunt haircut at the collarbone, straight around — not shorter in the back or longer — it is the same length all over," Edward Tricomi, hairstylist and co-founder of Warren Tricomi Salons, told Health. "Basically, the hair kisses the top of the collarbone. It is becoming popular because it is an elegant line — it is clean and simple. ... It can also be edgy and sophisticated all at the same time."

If you're looking to spice it up even more, pair your collarbone chop with the wet look. As noted by Harper's Bazaar, the wet look was all over the Spring 2023 runway shows. Designers such as Loewe brought the style to the runway in a big way, and collarbone-length hair became all the rage. Miu Miu took things one step further and applied the wet look to braided hair, diversifying the trend even more. 

Creating a wet look is easier than you might think — dampen your hair, apply some gel, comb it back, spray on some glossing spray, and spritz in a little hairspray for hold. Donning such a haircut at your company's New Year's party will have everyone green with envy.

Old Hollywood glam

There's just something about Old Hollywood glam that keeps us coming back for more. The golden age of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn has inspired decade after decade of hair and fashion looks, and 2023 is no different. While some of you may opt for angular, cool-girl cuts and daring shags that are reminiscent of the rock 'n' roll era, others may turn to the softer, decadent looks of the 1940s. And, in true 2023 form, the looks of yesterday have been amped up and given just a touch of modern flair.

As noted by Glamour UK, Old Hollywood glam looks were the talk of the town at the 2022 Emmy Awards. When looking at possible trends for the new year, award shows, red carpets, and runways are the first places to look, as stylists and celebrity hair experts often have their finger on the pulse of the latest trend.

Let's start with Elle Fanning, who styled her very short bob in classic Hollywood curls. She rounded out the look with a cute simple baret. Jung Ho-yeon, who starred in the Netflix hit "Squid Games," also brought old Hollywood glam to the carpet, similarly styling her hair in loose waves with an embellished hairpin and classic fringe. Other stars bringing old Hollywood back into the limelight included Christina Ricci and Rhea Seehorn, proving that this look is here to stay in 2023.

The boxy bob

The bob — it's a classic, and every year, it finds a way to trend in a new way. While 2022 was all about the grown-out bob, often referred to as a mom bob, 2023 will be all about the boxy, or box, bob — a one-length haircut that is fresh, sharp, and easy to maintain.

As noted by Allure, this particular bob was big on the runway, alluding to many replicated haircuts in the year to come. Hairstylist Michael Dueñas told Allure that this bob is the next big thing in hair. His estimation was bolstered by stylist Sunnie Brook, who broke down the cut when speaking with the publication. "The length hits at the bottom of the chin or shorter depending on your hairline, type, and texture," Brook told Allure.

Dueñas explained that getting rid of the heaviness at the ends of your hair is key to achieving this haircut. "This will allow for straight sleek looks, or rounder, fuller, and denser looks depending on your hair texture," Dueñas added. He further recommended requesting a cut as square as possible, as the look will frame the face beautifully.

Curtain bangs

If you've found yourself on hair TikTok, you know that curtain bangs are everywhere. We're here to confirm that curtain bangs are here to stay in 2023 — and it's easy to see why. As celebrity hairstylist Ashley Streicher told Bustle, curtain bangs achieve that fringe look without the huge commitment of a baby bang or a classic fringe. "Fringe textured bangs are a great winter look," Streicher told Bustle, before adding that the more texture you can incorporate into your hair look, the better off you'll be.

Achieving such a haircut might not even require you to head to the salon. You Probably Need A Haircut provides a step-by-step tutorial so you can replicate curtain bangs at home. The first thing you'll want to do is part your hair down the middle. Next, use the pointed end of your comb to section off a triangle-shaped section of hair, noting where you want your curtain bangs to end. Once you've separated the hair, decide how long you want your bangs to be. Then, cut a small piece to further guide your process. If you like how your test cut looks, go ahead and cut your curtain bangs (you can do it!). Once the big chop is done, simply perfect the ends and style.

If you don't quite trust yourself enough, you can always have your curtain bangs cut by a professional and then trim them yourself in between appointments.

The short Afro

The short Afro is going to be a huge trend in 2023. And what better way to pay respect to natural hair than rock this stunning short 'do? Hairstylist Starr Mason explained the projected 2023 trend to Allure, saying that clients with Afros in the medium to long ranges are looking for a change.

"Choosing a length that is around one inch will give the versatility to finger wave the cut for a touch of glamor, while still being able to wear a no muss, no fuss natural look when feeling carefree," Mason explained of the look to the publication, noting that the sky is the limit when it comes to putting your own personal touch on the short Afro. "When it comes to color, lighter and brighter shades create the illusion of expansion." She continued, adding, "Platinum is the perfect exclamation point for this statement look."

Angular cuts

This is a 2023 haircut trend that not only works for all hair lengths but is particularly friendly to those with fine hair. If you have hair on the thinner side, you may find it difficult to find a hairstyle that doesn't leave your locks looking even finer – cue the angular cut. This style will leave your head of hair looking healthy, thick, and ready for action.

This shaped cut is typically longer in the front and slightly shorter in the back. The locks toward the front of the face will act as a frame. The real key to this look is the way in which the hair is cut — don't opt for any feathering in this case, but rather razor-sharp, blunt strokes — your hair will thank you.

"The trend here is 'blunt,'" hairstylist Jasmine Burnside told Allure of the style, especially for folks with fine hair. "Finer hair is less dense, so the cutting technique for this type of texture is very important," she explained. Her words were bolstered by stylist Jill Buck, who explained that no matter the length you opt for with an angular cut, it's all about the blunt ends of the hair. "This gives the illusion of hair being thicker and healthy," Buck explained. "Now, just because it's blunt doesn't mean you can't have layers, but again, those strands need to remain blunt."

Deep side part

To say that Y2k had a moment in 2022 is an understatement. Much to the chagrin of Millennials, low-rise jeans and nostalgia for the Backstreet Boys suddenly was all the rage — the idea of a flip phone was suddenly cool, colorful beaded jewelry made a huge comeback, and the high-waisted pants that have saved many a 1990s baby were deemed "uncool." While some who lived through the original trends may hate the idea of the early aughts coming back, others see the trend as a golden opportunity to incorporate some hair trends. Cue the look that will make some shudder at the thought and others smile in delete — the deep side part.

Early 2000s queen Paris Hilton herself took to the Versace catwalk to close the spring 2023 collection donning a deep side part and sparkly pink dress. The icon made it clear that the era is making a huge comeback in 2023. In order to attempt such a look, it's important to part the hair and apply product to keep the hair looking voluminous.

Of the deep side part, stylist Sally Hershberger told Allure that mousse is key — especially on thinner hair. "Many people tend to think that mousse is only meant for curlier hair, but [I like to use it to] create beautiful, full-bodied blowouts on thinner hair," Hershberger explained. "The best part is that it's so lightweight that it won't weigh down thin strands."

The grown-out crop or bixie

If you decided right as the pandemic really took hold that you were simply going to grow out your super short haircut, we have good news for you — the grown-out crop is expected to trend in 2023. All you'll need to do is hit the salon for an end trim, a blowout, and just the right amount of layers to make your mid-length hair shine.

As stylist Todd Edwards told Byrdie, the grown-out crop is perfect for the winter months of 2022, heading into 2023. "Winter hair is a time of change, a time to reinvent yourself and your look," said Edwards, who works as a master artist at Atlanta's Purple Door Salon. "It is also a time to have fun with your hair and be a little more flirty with it, because we all know it's holiday season and you'll be attending lots of parties."

If you're not in the process of growing out your hair and want to cut your mid-length or longer hair shorter, you can opt for a look similar to the grown-out crop — the bixie. "The bixie is a combination of the pixie and the bob haircut," Jenna Spino, a hairstylist at Maxine Salon, told Byrdie. "Blending the two cuts gives the fullness of a short pixie while keeping the length and versatility of a bob."