Will Emma Samms Ever Bring Holly Back To General Hospital For Good?

Although she didn't know anything about Luke and Laura when she first started playing the character Holly Sutton on "General Hospital," actress Emma Samms has certainly become a fan favorite in the 40 years hence.

The producers of "General Hospital" have strict Covid guidelines in place — so strict that actors Ingo Rademacher and Steve Burton were fired for not complying with the show's vaccine mandate. The show's new health rules were good for Samms, who returned to the role that made her a soap star recently after dealing with long Covid (via People).

Per Michael Fairman TV, Holly has been forced to do the bidding of evildoer Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) because he's holding her son Ethan Lovett (Nathan Parsons) hostage. Victor already proved he was serious when he shot Holly's twin, Paloma, right before her eyes. 

Holly and Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) concocted a scheme whereby it would appear that she was so badly burned in a fire that she had to be transported halfway around the world, thereby making her no longer useful to Victor. Before exiting, Holly paid local mobster Selina Wu (Lydia Look) to put an unknown substance in Victor's drink, and Soap Opera Spy theorizes it might be the radioactive element polonium 210, which was previously used on Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary).

What exactly the substance is has yet to be revealed, but Samms discussed whether or not Holly will return to help take down Victor.

Emma Samms keeps the possibilities open

Actress Emma Samms has been dealing with the effects of long Covid, according to People, and was grateful that "General Hospital" has strict health policies and made working easy for her. 

"One of the things that makes me a lucky person...is that I've got employers who are willing to say, 'Your health is more important than anything,' and that's what I felt from Frank all along. I think that's very unusual," she told Soap Opera Digest. "Not many people would have a boss as good as he is, who genuinely made me feel that my health was more important than any show, even his show, and I'll always be incredibly grateful for that."

Samms enjoyed reuniting with Tristan Rogers (Robert Scorpio), too. "[Holly Sutton] and Robert have great empathy for each other and great affection and great love, without a doubt," she said. When asked about possibly returning to "General Hospital," Samms stated, "I think they've left it in a perfectly positioned place for me to come back at some point. I have not had any confirmation from them as to when or if I would be coming back." 

While the actress is open to coming back, it wouldn't be full-time since she lives in England. "But certainly, if they'll have me, I think that would be a marvelous thing!" An appreciative Samms added: "And it means a great deal to me that the fans would like to see that, as well."