Princess Catherine Steps Out In Romantic Tiara For The First Time In Years

There's no denying that Kate Middleton is a fashion icon (via Us Weekly). Her style has evolved over her years in the public eye as the wife of William, Prince of Wales. While she has stayed true to her signature style since her college days, life in the royal family has allowed her to play around with some incredible wardrobe and jewelry pieces.


It's through fashion that Kate pays tribute to the late members of the royal family, according to People. She has been seen wearing jewelry that belonged to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, often. She recently wore diamond earrings that once belonged to Diana in a beautiful tribute on Remembrance Day.

While Kate is often wearing beautiful jewels, she rarely steps out in a tiara. There are secret rules for wearing them in the royal family, so it's not as simple as throwing on a pair of diamond earrings (per Marie Claire Australia). However, Kate recently was photographed wearing a tiara and left us all stunned!

Kate wore this special tiara for the first time since 2015

Believe it or not, wearing a tiara is not an inherent trait you acquire when marrying into the royal family. There are special rules to follow when wearing a tiara, Marie Claire Australia reported. Even Catherine, Princess of Wales has to follow these strict guidelines.


Tiaras are a big part of royal weddings and Kate Middleton was recently seen wearing one she received as a wedding gift while attending a Diplomatic Reception at Buckingham Palace (per Page Six). She paired the Lotus Flower Tiara, which she last wore in 2015 when she was at a banquet celebrating Chinese President Xi Jinping. She had worn it once before in 2013.

Along with the tiara, Kate was seen wearing a pair of earrings that once belonged to the late Queen Elizabeth II. Her whole ensemble for the Diplomatic Reception was filled with special pieces from her expanding royal jewelry collection.