What It Really Means When You Dream About Having A Baby Girl

Have you ever chatted with a friend who always seems to have a vivid recollection of what they dreamt about the previous night and wondered why it is that you don't dream as much? Contrary to what you might think, all of us dream at night, per Sleep Health Foundation; it's just that those dreams tend to dim when we wake up, causing us to not remember them as much as we'd like to. 


Scholars and studiers of dreams have been divided about why we dream and if dreams mean anything at all, but this doesn't diminish the incredible phenomenon that is this bedtime activity. You rest your head on your pillow and enter deep sleep before your body goes through several actions as you dream

If you are pregnant and dream about having a baby girl, this could simply mean you are visualizing something you are anticipating fervently in your future, according to Symbolsage. But this dream can also be had by someone who isn't pregnant. Some possible explanations for such dreams could give you more clarity. 

These dreams signify happiness and positive change on the horizon

Girls are a symbol of innocence, positivity, virtue, bounty, and new opportunities in many cultures and religions, according to Millers Guild

One of positive meanings of this dream could be that you are about to receive a blessing (via Millers Guild). It could also mean that your life will take a new and positive direction that could be related to your career, finances, or relationships. Perhaps you've been persevering patiently down a course and now is the time you're going to reap the rewards, reports Find Your Mom Tribe. Dreaming about having a baby girl might be an indication that the challenges you've been facing are going to be lifted, per Check My Dream. This dream could also be your subconscious visualizing a healthy and nurturing relationship you've just embraced in your waking life or it could be your mind telling you that you must harness more feminine traits within you like tenderness, care, and benevolence (via Millers Guild). 


Dreaming about having a baby girl could also be a sign that you're about to experience unsullied, innocent joy, even if you have trials in your life, adds The Pleasant Dream. It could also mean that you have what it takes to remain peaceful and calm in any situation. 

These dreams could also mean your emotions need to be expressed

Dreams centered around having a baby girl could be a suggestion that you're repressing your true emotions in your waking life, according to Millers Guild. Perhaps you're someone who enjoys giving of yourself to others and, as a result, you have neglected yourself. Or maybe you're hiding your feelings because you're afraid of being vulnerable. Whatever the reason, now might be a good time to invest in yourself and let your feelings show. 


Your dreams reveal things about your health, too, and dreams about having a baby girl, whilst largely positive, could be telling you that you could benefit from tending to your mental health. 

This particular dream could also be telling you that it's okay to let go of a guilt you're unduly carrying on your shoulders, perhaps because you have not found a way to establish your innocence yet, per The Pleasant Dream. It could be an indicator that you're feeling helpless in a seemingly impossible situation. The key is to soldier on despite the challenges.