Royal Experts Believe Harry And Meghan's Docuseries Fired Direct Shots At William And Kate

Netflix has finally given us "Harry & Meghan," the docuseries that peeks inside the lives of the royal couple we all want to know more about. Since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's relationship with the rest of the royal family is often under scrutiny, it's no surprise that some folks are already commenting on what the series says about the pair's views of Harry's brother, Prince William, and his wife, Kate Middleton, the Prince and Princess of Wales.

On the most recent episode of "Palace Confidential," Richard Eden, the diary editor at the Daily Mail, talked about his dismay with the way the series speaks about the royal family. "It's lucky Queen Elizabeth wasn't alive to see this — she would have been horrified," he said. "Anyone who loves the royal family or respects the royal family, don't watch this... It's just offensive on every level, really. It's great PR for Harry and Meghan, they come off brilliantly, it's a sort of hagiography of them." 

Eden certainly isn't alone in this opinion, and many think that the Sussexes' perspective in the series isn't just unfair to the royal family as a whole but that the pair specifically turned against William and Kate.

Prince Harry's perceived attack on Prince William

Charlotte Griffiths, the editor at Large for the Daily Mail, also appeared on "Palace Confidential" and opined that Prince Harry was unfair to Prince William in "Harry & Meghan."

"What [Harry's] saying is, William got married to somebody who fitted the mold, somebody who's perfect and not someone he's madly in love with, and that's an incredibly unfair accusation to make," Griffiths said. "Actually, Kate didn't fit the mold and had a really hard time, because she was too 'middle class'... She had her fair share of bad press... that's a direct attack on his brother and his sister-in-law as far as I can tell."

Roya Nikkhah, royal editor for The Sunday Times, appeared on CBS Mornings and shared similar sentiments. "The things that stood out for me were there were really pointed jabs at William," she said. "Harry mentioned he felt his experience was men in the family marry women who fit the mold rather than whom they were destined to be with... and Meghan had a much harder time than Kate." 

Fans of the royal family or Netflix's "The Crown" know that the issue of marrying for love or status has certainly been longstanding and highly publicized in The Firm. Whether this applies to William and Kate Middleton's marriage seems up for debate. Regardless of which side you're on, though, we'll all be tuning in when the second half of "Harry & Meghan" drops on Netflix on Dec. 15 (via Marie Claire).