The YouTube Channels You Should Follow If You're Into Gardening

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Getting down in the dirt, planting a seed you lovingly sought out, and nurturing a plant until it grows and yields fruit or blossom can be a very satisfying exercise. The sense of accomplishment you get from gardening is unparalleled. 

When COVID-19-induced lockdowns set in back in 2020, one activity that seemed to spike as much as the virus itself was gardening, according to The Conversation. Offering a much-needed escape from being constantly stuck indoors listening to the news, gardening became a solace many turned to for physical activity and as a boost to mental health. Gardening is known to be a great stress reliever whilst also helping you stay fit. In fact, when compared to walking for one hour, gardening for the same amount of time can help you burn more calories, reports Good Housekeeping

Whether your intention is to stay healthy while gardening or find a means of escape into nature for a few hours every week, you should follow these YouTube channels about gardening to keep you inspired.  

For inspiration on flower gardens, follow Northlawn Flower Farm

Curated by Penn State master gardener and cut flower grower Danielle, the YouTube channel Northlawn Flower Farm is the perfect place to go if you want informative tutorials provided in a relaxed ambiance. With over 67,000 subscribers, the channel is a great source for gardeners looking to spruce up their knowledge when it comes to flower gardens, caring for their plants, and even floral arrangements, per Backyard Garden Lover. You might just come away with some gardening hacks you wish you'd known sooner. Danielle's most popular videos include May Garden Tour of Northlawn Flower Farm and My Passion for Amaryllis — Planting, Care, Reblooming, and Creative Ideas for Amaryllis Bulbs

Learn clever gardening hacks with Garden Answer

As the name implies, you're going to come away with a lot of answers for those all-important questions that crop up when you take on gardening as a hobby with Garden Answer. The YouTube channel is gardening enthusiast Laura LeBoutillier's project, which she only started in 2014, but it's garnered an impressive number of followers already — 1.65 million, to be exact. The advice is stylishly presented, and LeBoutillier's expertise is a testament to her younger days growing up in her family garden in Ontario, Oregon, surrounded by nature and the family enterprise, Andrew's Seed Co. In addition to general gardening know-how, you'll also find clever DIY projects you can try in your own space. You can find everything from how to plant a succulent treehouse fairy garden to how to turn a laundry basket into a strawberry planter

For all things flowers, visit Kelly Lehman's YouTube channel

Kelly Lehman's flower-centric gardening channel is a treat to follow. If your interest is mainly in growing blossoms that add beauty and serenity to your garden space, this is the YouTube channel for you. Based in New Jersey, Lehman shares weekly videos for her "flower tribes," offering interesting tips on planting, design, and care when it comes to flowers. Lehman, who runs a floral bouquet company, lives on a flower farm with her partner and four children, per Amazon. With over 100,000 subscribers, it's not difficult to see the appeal in her informative and well-structured videos. Her most popular videos include How to Get More Blooms From Your Hydrangea and How to Plant, Grow, and Harvest Sunflowers in Your Garden.

Get practical gardening advice from the Garden Ninja

Coming to you from Northwest England, garden designer Lee Burkhill is the mastermind behind the YouTube channel Garden Ninja. Burkhill's channel was born out of a desire to live sustainably and use less plastic in his garden, per Thompson & Morgan, and has now garnered nearly 50,000 subscribers. The videos are presented in a fun and educational way, and you can find everything from how to kill weeds easily with a weed burner without chemicals to how to use a turf cutter. Burkhill is the recipient of BBC and RHS Feel Good Gardens awards, and is also a presenter and blogger. 

Follow Suburban Homestead for gardening tips shared in an artistic way

Presented in a visually engaging and wholesome template, the YouTube channel Suburban Homestead is a definite gem if you're into learning about growing vegetables and perhaps even become self-sufficient food-wise. The man behind the channel is Siloé Oliveira from São Paulo, Brazil. Oliveira has a background in fine art painting, which likely explains the beautiful way in which he edits his videos, adding sketches to his tapes to make them more engaging and informative. You might avoid a lot of newbie gardening mistakes you're probably making by following Oliveira on YouTube. From inspiration for the perfect cottage garden design to the best way to grow carrots, you're going to find a lot of practical know-how to help you along your gardening journey.