How Your Venus Sign Plays A Part In You And Your Partners Compatibility

Most people know their astrological sun sign and may even know their "big three" — sun, moon, and rising placements. While these three signs can reveal a lot about you, anyone who has taken a bit of a deeper dive into the zodiac will be familiar with the importance of the "big six," which also includes where Mars, Mercury, and Venus were in the sky at the time of your birth. These are personal placements, and they illuminate who you are at your core (via

If you've been judging your romantic compatibility on sun signs, you may be relieved to learn there's more to it than that. While assessing the entire birth chart will reveal a lot about whether or not you'll vibe with someone, there's a placement that tells all when it comes to romance, relationships, and intimacy, and that's the planet of love, pleasure, and beauty: Venus.

Venus determines romantic needs and how you attract others

The astrological sign that Venus was in when you were born indicates how you're going to operate in a relationship. It tells how you express affection and what you desire from a partner. Your Venus placement also says a lot about what others may find attractive in you, as well as what brings you joy and pleasure (via Cosmopolitan). Whether you're dating or already in a long term committed relationship, understanding the dynamics of your Venus sign and your partner's Venus sign may pave the road for smoother communication and a more fulfilling romantic landscape.

"This is the zodiac sign that our goddess planet of love and beauty was in at our moments of birth," says astrologer Kyle Thomas, via Well + Good. "In astrology, this ties to love, relationships, and intimacy. It gives insight into what you value, your style, tastes, and how you show and seek affection."

Basically, Venus is your roadmap, and you should follow its directions if you aren't having luck in the realm of relationships.

Venus placements in each element

Understanding the nature of your Venus placement will not only show you who you are most compatible with, it'll help you understand areas of contention in your romantic relationship, like spending habits (via Cosmopolitan). Here's a look at Venus in each element of the zodiac.

If you have Venus in a fire element (Aries, Sagittarius, or Leo) you likely enjoy grand gestures of romance, excitement, and a lot of attention. These placements can veer into self-centeredness, but the passion will be far from boring.

Venus in Pisces, Scorpio, or Cancer are deeply sensitive in love. These water elements are skilled in predicting their lovers' needs and picking up on nonverbal communication. They can struggle with codependency, but their nurturing nature may be well worth it.

If you have Venus in an air sign (Gemini, Aquarius, or Libra) you need to connect intellectually with your partner above all else. You may have a great need for personal space and feeling suffocated in a relationship just won't cut it.

Lastly, Venus in Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo are reliable, practical, and stable lovers. You might say physical touch is their love language and they thrive in committed, long term relationships. Their love may seem impersonal at times, but their hearts are truly in it for the long haul (via Cafe Astrology).