The Kardashian Sisters' Best Maternity Styles

You have to admit that 2017 was a blessed year, gifting us with more than one Kardashian pregnancy. And with these pregnancies came some truly jaw-dropping outfit choices, from form-fitting dresses to high-end athleisure wear and everything in between. The Kardashian-Jenner sisters may be known for their extravagance but when it comes to pregnancy fashion, nobody does it better.

It isn't limited just to 2017, either. Over the years, these women have turned dressing while gestating into a fine art. Kim may have started out simply trying to turn her regular look into her pregnant look, but under the tutelage of fashion designer hubby Kanye West, she's blossomed into a high-fashion butterfly who just happens to have a bulging belly. 

In her pregnancies, Kourtney was her same stubborn, low-key, effortless self. Khloe, meanwhile, was capital-H high fashion from the very first announcement. For her part, Kylie kept everything about her pregnancy hidden until the very end before blowing everyone away with how effortless she made it look. 

This is the best of the best of the Kardashian sisters' most iconic pregnancy style moments over the years. 

Glowing goddess

Kourtney, first out the gate as a Kardashian mommy (er, apart from Kris, of course), debuted this stunning, goddess-like look back in February 2012. She was pregnant at the time with her second child, daughter Penelope, who was born that summer.

Wearing a perfectly white Raoul gown with a gold neckline, and minimalist, matching gold jewelry, Kourtney positively glowed. She was attending the 20th Annual Elton Johns AIDS Foundation Academy Award Viewing Party in Beverly Hills at the time, and didn't scrimp on glamour for the night. Her minimalist look is the perfect accompaniment to a simple, flowing, floor-length gown that flatters her blossoming pregnant figure.

As for hair, Kourtney pulled her raven locks back into a tight, but not severe up-do, to show off those gold earrings as well as the detailing on the dress. The result is relaxed yet considered. A go-to gold clutch doesn't steal any attention away from the focal point of the look: that dress. Kourtney's glowing, gorgeously happy smile (with L.A. pearly whites, of course) tops things off perfectly. 

Super-sexy in lace

As Kourtney was the very first Kardashian sister to get pregnant, she's the originator of much of their chic with-baby style go-tos. White was clearly a maternity theme for her, too. At the 2014 Women's Health Party Under the Stars in Bridgehampton, New York, on August 9, Kourtney, then 35, opted for this super-sexy look. 

Wearing a cream, Made For Pearl's Baron lace romper with a plunging neckline, Kourtney looked glowing and healthy. Her minimalist, mostly nude makeup let the outfit do the talking, while her tousled, beach-y hair was ideal for the waterside setting. 

Kourtney attended the event with then-partner, and father of her three children, Scott Disick. The two had just wrapped a summer of filming spin-off reality show Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons at the time. Disappointingly, Disick did not match Kardashian and instead opted for a laid-back flannel shirt and jeans for the event. Kardashian and Disick's third child, son Reign Ashton Disick, was born just a couple months later, on December 14. 

Rewriting the rules

Nobody expected Kim Kardashian to tone it down while pregnant, but this particular outfit really pushed boundaries. Before she was really showing too much, Kim made a showstopping public appearance in a skintight, curve-hugging latex creation by her latex designer of choice, Atsuko Kudo. Thankfully, though, this time Rita Ora didn't show up wearing the same dress

Kardashian-West was attending the Hype Energy Drinks U.S. launch party in Nashville alongside husband Kanye when this capital-M moment happened. Heralded for her bravery in showcasing her burgeoning bump in unforgiving latex, Kim showcased one of her all-time minimalist looks with on-trend slicked back hair, barely-there make-up and nude heels. There aren't even any massive jewels sparkling on her fingers. 

Kim and Kanye's second pregnancy was a major plot point on hit reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians, forming the basis for a mid-season finale tease. The expectant parents held off confirming the news for as long as possible, to ensure nothing went wrong with Kim's health, but were sure to let daughter North West know ahead of time. 

Sophisticated chic

As daring as the pink latex dress was, it took a while for Kim to find her pregnancy style groove. Try as she did in the beginning, while pregnant with first child North West, to adapt her usual style to her blossoming bump, it wasn't until Kanye stepped in that Kim really started to shine. 

As with this stunning, caped Valentino gown, which she donned further along during her second pregnancy for the InStyle Awards in Los Angeles, in 2015. The fact Kim chose a tight-fitting, pure white gown is even more impressive given how difficult her second pregnancy was. Kardashian-West has been vocal about how hard both of her pregnancies were, following complications with first child North. 

She even admitted to feeling "like a f***ing whale" while pregnant with Saint, making her outfit choice for the InStyle event even braver. Kim wasn't too far off giving birth at this stage, so there was a significant chance the gown could've been ruined, but thankfully little Saint held off until Christmastime.  

Risqué and revealing

Also while pregnant with Saint in 2015, Kim went even further with the sex appeal element, stepping out in this attention-grabbing Givenchy number. Kardashian-West was attending the fashion house's first-ever New York Fashion Week show, and was spotted in the FROW alongside the likes of Nicki Minaj, who wore a pink, full-length leopard print fitted dress for the occasion. It was unlikely anybody was about to upstage Kim, though, who proudly displayed her growing baby bump, cradling it protectively in many of the photos from the event. 

Half sister Kendall Jenner took to the runway for the show, marking her fourth appearance for Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci since taking the stage for him the previous year. Kendall was so popular with the designer she even appeared in his Men's Fashion Week runway show, alongside Naomi Campbell. At this particular event, though, all eyes were on Kim in this eye-catching mixture of sex appeal and elegant design ideal for the pregnant woman looking for a bit of an edge. Kanye surely approved. 

Nearly nude

Kim outdid herself later in 2015 when she appeared in Givenchy yet again, this time at the LACMA Art + Film Gala. In a lace number that would give even the fittest, slimmest woman pause, Kim proudly displayed her about-to-pop self for all to see. Accessorizing with an achingly cool plum lip, slicked back hair, and minimal jewels from designer Lorraine Schwartz, Kim let the super-risqué outfit do the talking — and everybody did. 

Kardashian-West tweeted earlier in the night to show off her "dates" for the evening, supermodel Naomi Campbell, and Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci. Fans were given just a glimpse of what was to come, but the full outfit in all its glory did not disappoint. 

It was one of the biggest style moments of Kim's second pregnancy, equal parts shocking and stylish. It regularly tops Best Of lists as the exact antithesis to Kim's ill-advised floral dress at the Met Gala (which, to be fair, Tisci himself defended). 

Doing it in her Calvins

Khloe's lengthy battle to get pregnant was another plot-point on KUWTK, so the big reveal was, naturally, saved for the show. But that didn't make the Instagram announcement from Khloe and her partner Tristan Thompson any less of a showstopper. 

Known for whipping her body into shape (Khloe had been known for years, unfairly, as the "fat Kardashian sister"), and presenting makeover show Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian, the youngest Kardashian sister knew she couldn't discount her healthy lifestyle in revealing the big news. 

As such, Khloe posed with her blossoming bump cradled by both her hands and Thompson's in her classic Calvins. It's also worth noting that those hard-earned abs are still visible in spite of the bump, marking out Khloe as a fit mommy in training. 

She even found herself under fire for working out while pregnant. But given how hard Khloe has worked to get her body in shape over the years, it shouldn't be any surprise she's keeping the fit train running while pregnant. Those abs didn't come easily. 

Turning it up

When the time came to make her first public appearance after announcing her pregnancy, Khloe made sure to look the part. For her appearance on Ellen in January 2017, Khloe wowed in a stunning Cushnie Et Ochs dress and matching, long jacket from August Getty Atelier. 

A fun, half-up, half-down hairstyle captured the essence of the Kardashian's biggest prankster (and originator of the infamous Todd Kraines bit), while her makeup was reliably eye-catching and sophisticated. Cradling her bump and sticking her tongue out in the accompanying Insta shot, Khloe was the picture-perfect ideal of pregnancy. 

Her appearance on the talk show, meanwhile, was characterized by host Ellen's needling her over half-sister Kylie's then still unconfirmed pregnancy. Khloe also opened up about how long she'd been wishing and hoping to get pregnant, as well as continuing to eat right, and taking things slow with partner Thompson following the sad dissolution of her previous marriage to Lamar Odom. 

Sexy disco-ball

The Kardashian Christmas party is the event of the year if you're a Kardashian, or adjacent to a Kardashian. Khloe didn't go low key for her first year as a pregnant, bump-bearing lady either, choosing a showstopping, custom bejeweled Yousef Al Jasmi jumpsuit for the occasion. 

A fur coat, high pony, and a few cleverly-placed jewels completed the look, which was like a sexy disco-ball come to life. It was an unforgettable look that anybody would replicate for party season if given half the chance (or Kardashian money, for that matter). 

A Snapchat from sister Kim, taken at the party, paid careful attention to Khloe's burgeoning bump, noting, "I know what you guys all really want to see." Earlier that day, Khloe showcased the bump herself in some workout Snapchats. She later posed with half-sister Kendall Jenner, and mother Kris Jenner, next to the Christmas tree, proudly pushing her bump out to accentuate it even further. 

Hollywood vixen

Khloe glammed it up even further for a guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wearing a blue satin Cushnie Et Tochs dress and a Galvan London coat, with hair by go-to stylist Andrew Fitzsimsons and an iconic red lip to finish the whole thing off, Khloe is the picture of Hollywood glamour. 

The look is courtesy of her stylist Dani Michelle, and showcases Khloe's swollen tum without taking anything away from her, stylistically speaking. The inspiration for the wavy hair was Veronice Lake, a sexy 1940s starlet. 

When asked about why he reckons fans are so captivated by the Kardashians on an ongoing basis, Fitzsimons said it's because, "they come up with so many looks" over the course of even a single week. "Plus, they all have different personal styles, so there's a lot of inspiration to draw from," he added, which must have at least something to do with Khloe, who's the biggest risk-taker of them all (even while heavily pregnant).

Pajama party

Kylie Jenner, the youngest sibling overall, only confirmed her pregnancy in early February 2018 after months of speculation and a near-blackout on social media for the better part of a year. As a result, the only real glimpses we got at her pregnancy style were via an 11-minute YouTube video lovingly entitled "To Our Daughter." 

The video showcases Kylie's entire pregnancy, with the 20-year-old model and makeup mogul posing in front of the mirror, showing off her bump for the first time in form-fitting body-con dresses, lounging with friends and celebrating the occasion with family. 

One of the key sequences in the video was shot at Kylie's baby shower, which was a super-girly, pink-covered, pajama party themed event complete with massive rose wall for effect. Everybody present, from Kris, to Kim, to Khloe, to Kourtney wore silky, unbelievably fancy pajamas. 

Kylie, in particular, is wearing Corey Lynn Calter Sienna Silk Cocktail pajamas in palest pink, which retail at a few hundred dollars apiece. But hey, who can blame her for wanting to be comfortable, particularly towards the end?   

Impromptu photo-shoot

Another big moment in Kylie's pregnancy video comes when sister Kendall stages a makeshift photo-shoot in the desert with her. For this, Kylie is wearing a House of CB London Tomlin black midi length fitted dress. 

This, as with the footage of Kylie hanging out and eating food with friends and partner Travis Scott, shows how little her style changed over the course of her pregnancy. As usual, Kylie wore form-fitting casual dresses and athleisure wear for the most part, usually accessorized with big, attention-grabbing jewels. 

Given how secretive she was about the pregnancy itself, staying almost completely out of the limelight for the entire nine months, it stands to reason Kylie continued dressing as she normally did. If she'd suddenly turned up looking super demure, even more questions would have been asked. The 20-year-old was already dealing with enough at that stage, trying to ensure her pregnancy was healthy and safe. Her main concern was comfort and staying true to herself.