The Best Fixer Upper Homes Ranked

It's an undeniable fact — "Fixer Upper" was one of the most successful shows to ever air on the HGTV network (via Country Living). From your average Magnolia-obsessed fan to superstar supporters like Blake Lively, America can't get enough of Chip and Joanna Gaines' beautiful renovation work in Texas. The "Gossip Girl" star went so far as to tell People, "I've practically looked into enrolling my kids in school in Waco."

In 2018, after five successful seasons, Chip and Joanna bid adieu to the original HGTV rendition of their show; however, they announced a triumphant return to television in 2021 with "Fixer Upper: Welcome Home," an expansion of their original show with bigger, better, and more challenging living spaces (via Good Housekeeping). "In a lot of ways, the show is going to pick up right where it left off," Chip explained on ahead of the premiere. "These years in between have taught us a lot about ourselves and how we operate best, so we're likely to do a few things a little differently this time around." The show, which first aired in July of that year, is part of the newly launched Magnolia Network, which is an addition to the Discovery+ streaming platform. 

As exciting as this new venture sounds, it's only natural for fans to crave some of what made the Magnolia brand so memorable and endearing at the beginning — good, old-fashioned, shiplap-filled home renovations. So, in celebration of "Fixer Upper: Welcome Home," let's take a trip down memory lane and remember some of the best original "Fixer Upper" houses and the stories that accompanied them.

The Three Little Pigs House

The beautiful blue home featured on Season 3 of "Fixer Upper" made headlines for all the wrong reasons in 2017 when a drunk driver crashed his car through the front exterior (via E! News). Chip and Joanna Gaines' clients, Ken and Kelly Downs, used the crash as an opportunity to voice their disappointments with the location of the house, telling the Waco Tribune-Herald, "It's like the Wild West here. There's been a lot of commotion coming from the bars and the store across the street."

However, fans will remember the "Three Little Pigs" house for being the 100-year-old home that Chip and Joanna brought back to life with a new steel apron sink and striking blue kitchen accents. The duo echoed the Downs' assessment during the original renovation, though, calling the house a "wild card" and hinting at the fact that whoever purchased the fixer-upper would indeed need to be brave (via Country Living). The Downs agreed to take on the challenge, purchasing the 1905 property for $35,000.

As of this writing, fans of the show can rent out the home for nightly stays or weekend trips to Waco, Texas — the epicenter of Chip and Jo's great Magnolia empire. In the Airbnb listing for the home, the host proudly informs prospective visitors about the wonders of the incredible master bedroom, which includes a large shower and bathtub, and the two studies. The owners further reveal, "This house has been touched from top to bottom by the amazing Magnolia style and is ready for you!" 

The All-American Farmhouse

When U.S. Marine Thomas "TJ" Brooks and Stephanie Lundy, a nonprofit founder who worked with Wounded Warriors, purchased an abandoned building in Waco, they likely had no idea it would become one of the most memorable renovations in "Fixer Upper" history. Stripping out the drafty walls and reconfiguring the floor plan, Chip and Joanna Gaines made it their mission to give these national heroes their dream home.

This large property and its beautiful views of Texas farmland were perfect for the couple. However, multiple renovation challenges greeted them along the way. The place needed some serious work. To make matters worse, the needed renovations would demand the couple go over their budget. Nevertheless, the couple's fans and the couple themselves were equally charmed by the stunning renovation. 

By the end of this episode, cast and crew were shocked as TJ began lowering himself down to one knee. Against the backdrop of his home's striking new exterior, fit with farmhouse columns and handmade porch swing, TJ christened the property by popping the question to the woman of his dreams.

Messy Midcentury Modern

The Season 2 house, which was dubbed "Messy Midcentury Modern," is one of Joanna's favorite renovations of all time. On an episode of the post-season Clip Show that aired during "Fixer Upper's" original run on HGTV, Jo describes how cultivating a home that met both of her clients' particular tastes was an exciting challenge. Never one to back down from a difficult design, Jo took on the project with gusto, eventually finding a way to blend his rustic roots with her more modern visions (via Country Living).

Where the Gaineses really excelled in this renovation is opening up the floor plan to create a clean, sun-filled living area. With their clients expecting a baby, Chip and Joanna also went to work designing a lovable nursery that also reflects the house's color story. In breaking down the project on the Magnolia blog, Jo explained that she is especially proud of the work on the master bedroom, where she included exposed brick on the walls to add a bit of texture to the design. 

The Barretts' pride in their home is on full display in a house tour they gave to House Beautiful in 2018. "We didn't know that they were going to do this brass and glass island sort of area as they opened up the kitchen," Jill revealed, "I thought that was such a cool feature." Jokingly referring to the kitchen's brass columns, Josh added, "It's the only fixer-upper with dance poles!" 

The Nut House

It's no surprise that producers chose this episode to launch Season 3 of the show, as "The Nut House," as Chip and Joanna christened this building, is one of the most stunning redesigns ever completed on the show. After a two-year period of abandonment, this neglected property was finally bought by Chip and Joanna's clients, Noah and Jessica Dansby (via Magnolia). 

According to Design Co., The Nut House dates back all the way to the mid-20th century and stands at 3,500 square feet. With such a dilapidated property, this building was the perfect canvas for Chip and Joanna to test just how far they could stretch their farmhouse aesthetic. With a 6-light rustic chandelier, dark wood chairs, and a classic farmhouse table, the Dansbys' new kitchen is far and away the most exceptional room in the house. 

Following the lead of their clients, the Gaineses used an aquamarine color scheme for the Dansbys' kitchen. Sensing that the couple was unafraid of bold colors, Jo and her team chose an interesting tile pattern called Lagoon Quartz for the kitchen countertops and laid a backsplash using a periwinkle subway-style tile, creating a room that sings with calming energy (via Design Co.).

Located in Hillsboro, Texas, this stunning renovation also included the addition of a personal library to suit the bookish Dansby family. This personal touch, paired with the unique color palette of the home, is the reason The Nut House makes our list of the best "Fixer Upper" homes. 

The Giraffe House

Featured on Season 4 of the show, The Giraffe House fascinated audiences who were intrigued to find out if Chip and Joanna could pull off a renovation so different from their usual style. Sporting intricate stonework on the exterior that resembles a giraffe pattern (hence the quirky name), this safari-inspired project was quite the radical shift away from Chip and Jo's usual modern Texan flair.

Leaning into the home's natural bungalow vibes, Jo managed to pull off a beautiful interior renovation with herringbone-patterned hardwood, floral brass light fixtures, and wide, European-style arched doorways (via Magnolia). The eclectic mixtures of textures throughout the house and the original pantry doors that were serendipitously found in the garage mid-construction give this house a truly Old World feel.The dining area turned out to be the star of this particular renovation. With a shiplap ceiling (oh so very Jo!) and other hyper-modern elements such as a jute rug and rattan dining chairs, the design of the dining room proved that not everything on "Fixer Upper" has to be farmhouse chic.

Like many of the beautiful homes from HGTV's "Fixer Upper," you can find the Giraffe House on Airbnb, with the listing describing it as "a comfortable and memorable vacation, get away, birthday trip, girl's trip or corporate stay."

The Lunar Lander

Dating all the way back to the 1930s, this cottage-style home possessed fairytale-like charm even before the Gaines couple got their hands on it. While Chip and Joanna are more used to dealing with sliding barn doors and rustic shiplap, this delicate building was calling for something a bit more European, not unlike the Giraffe House (via Magnolia).

While the Giraffe House called for more rough and ready textures, though, the Lunar Lander, as it was dubbed, possessed a softer quality, leading Chip and Joanna to do some of their best color work — combining deep blues and reds for an almost Snow White-inspired design. 

In naming the house, as the Gaineses do with all their properties, Chip takes inspiration from the half-moon design carved into the front door. "That moon is original!" Jo cries after finding the original blueprints of the house, "This is a big deal." And thus, the Lunar Lander was born. Young couple Matt and Samantha Hardy were ecstatic about the vintage home as well, and so Chip and Jo set to work transforming this Waco property into the starter home of their dreams. 

The property's beauty can be seen in the dark turquoise walls and sleek black kitchen. Pushing themselves beyond the boundaries of their signature style, the Gaineses wowed the Hardy family and "Fixer Upper" fans alike with this project. Samantha summed up our thoughts on reveal day, exclaiming, "I think we knew it would be beautiful, but it's almost surreal that we get to live here."

The Shotgun House

"Tiny House, Big Charm" was the perfect title for this Season 3 episode of "Fixer Upper," as it centers on the renovation of what was, according to the Waco Tribune-Herald, one of the last shotgun houses left standing in the Waco area.

For the uninitiated, a shotgun house is a small abode that dates back to the early 19th century. They were originally associated with African American populations in the Southern cities of New Orleans, Louisiana, Houston, Texas, and Charlotte, North Carolina. Architecturally, these unique buildings continue to draw people from all walks of life for their effective use of space and inexpensive price tag (via Country Living). 

When Chip and Joanna Gaines first stumbled upon this rare 720-square-foot shotgun house with their clients, Cameron and Jessie Bell, the interior was completely dilapidated. However, by the time Chip and Jo were finished with it, this uniquely vertical shotgun house had made HGTV history (via Magnolia). By the end of the project, the Bells couldn't have been more pleased with their one-of-a-kind home. From its historically accurate Southern charm to the modern pulley-operated loft staircase, this "Fixer Upper" renovation is truly unlike any other. And it's no surprise that when the Bells decided to sell in 2017, the renovated home was listed for nearly $1 million.

The Faceless Bunker

Situated in the Lake Waco area, this home is exactly what Chip and Joanna Gaines' clients were looking for — a modern beach home. Not a duo to disappoint, Chip and Joanna reconstructed the home in a way that embraced the surrounding landscape — building back doors that easily open out into the yard, a beautiful second-floor balcony, and a woodlands-inspired black tile fireplace to bring it all together (via Magnolia). 

What earns this renovation a spot on our list is Chip and Joanna's attention to structural and cosmetic detail (via Domino). As Florida transplants, it was crucial for Teresa and Steve Fuchs to feel at home in their new state of Texas, where beach-inspired designs are much harder to come by. Though the Gaines couple couldn't replicate Florida's saltwater scent or towering palm trees, they could bring a little bit of the beach to the Fuchs' new sanctuary. 

On reveal day, the Fuchs walked into their home to find beauty around every corner, including an aquatic-colored backsplash, large French doors, floating kitchen shelves, and sand-colored accent pieces. Transforming this formerly windowless property (hence, the name "Faceless Bunker") into the Fuchs' palatial forever home, Chip and Joanna prove once again why they're the best of the best in home renovation.

The Double Decker

Once again, Chip and Joanna proved that some of their best work comes when they venture outside of their countryside comfort zone. After meeting with Brett Swartz, the Gaineses decided to make this 1970s-era houseboat, dubbed "The Double Decker," a one-of-a-kind renovation project (via Country Living). The Double Decker's undeniable beauty paired with its unique location lands this property a spot at the top of our list.  

There's no denying that renovating a houseboat is a scary undertaking. Not only does it come with all the risks of renovating an average house, but there's also the aquatic element to contend with. The fact that Chip and Joanna were able to pull off not only a safe and secure houseboat that is capable of habitation but also one with as much aesthetic flair as the Double Decker is reason for HGTV to give them as many seasons and spin-offs as they like. 

Switching out the white exterior for some sleek black siding and adding floor-to-ceiling windows for 360 views of Lake Waco were the most impressive aspects of this renovation and made the Double Decker the perfect fit for Brett Swartz. The father of four told HGTV, "Chip and Joanna really captured just the simple, subtle, modern design that I wanted. I didn't want anything flashy. I didn't want anything shiny. I just wanted it simple and I feel like they really got it perfect."

The Barndominium

Contrary to what you may have heard, the "Barndominium" was not a Gaines invention. Long before "Fixer Upper," many became obsessed with the concept of transforming a working space, such as a barn or an outdoor workshop, into a living space. Yet, it was a popular concept among the home design community long before this Season 3 renovation.

Nevertheless, the barndo featured on Season 3 of "Fixer Upper" has become something of an ideal model for what the enterprising Texan's barndominium might look like. We've placed this property at the top of our list not only for its popularity among fans but also because it is genuinely a marvelous piece of home construction and interior design. 

A big part of the barndominium's fame among "Fixer Upper" fans derives from Chip's willingness to play with traditional blueprint conventions. Instead of placing the main living area and the kitchen on the first floor, he and his team shook up the status quo by situating the living room and kitchen on the second floor of the house, making for a unique and playful space from top to bottom. If that's not enough to convince you that this renovation deserves the top spot, let us remind you that this famous barndo also includes top-tier shiplap walls, ample amounts of natural light, and rolling barn entryways, not to mention the tranquil lakeside you can also encounter on the property (via House Beautiful).