Take A Time Machine Back To 1971 For A Very Special Days Of Our Lives Christmas First

"Days of Our Lives" takes the holiday season seriously. The soap opera is known for its heartwarming Christmas episodes, which feature many of the most beloved characters celebrating together. One of the sudser's most iconic holiday traditions is the Horton family Christmas party and tree-trimming. Each year, members of the Horton family gather together to hang their personalized ornaments on the tree at the house that once belonged to Tom and Alice Horton. Each family member, including their spouses and children, has their own beautiful bulbs (via Jason 47). These ornaments are displayed on the tree each year, whether the family member is in Salem, passed away, or is unable to attend the celebration.

Of course, the show's fans likely have their own favorite holiday moments from the soap. In addition, the "Days of Our Lives" cast members also have very special memories from the show's holiday episodes. To commemorate those scenes, the cast was asked to look back on past Christmas scenes and reveal their favorites.

Actress Deidre Hall revealed that the cast would be sharing those moments with fans via social media. "The holidays are right around the corner, and we've got a special treat planned just for you. We're calling it the 12 Days of Christmas," Hall revealed. Of course, the first day of Christmas was super special as it took fans back to the very first Horton family holiday episode.

Susan Seaforth Hayes shares an emotional message with fans

During the first day of Christmas memory, which was posted to the "Days of Our Lives" Peacock page, actress Susan Seaforth Hayes took fans back to the 1970s. Seaforth Hayes, who has played the role of Julie Williams on the show for decades, revealed that she is the only cast member that has appeared on the show in each decade that it's aired. This makes her the perfect person to kick off the holiday festivities online. The star reminisced over the 1971 episode, which first showed off the Horton holiday celebration and the iconic ornaments that trimmed their tree. This was also the episode where Doug Williams (Bill Hayes) was presented with his very own Horton family ornament.

Seaforth Hayes went on to tell fans that during those early years in Salem, she and her co-star Bill Hayes were falling in love in real life as well. She then confirmed that like Doug and Julie, they have had a long and happy marriage. The actress tearfully revealed that she and her husband have always considered their "Days of Our Lives" cast members part of their family and love story. She also reminded viewers that they were part of that family as well.

"What a great clip," one fan said via Twitter. "What a treat and what an icon Susan is," another said. Fans were obviously delighted by the flashback scenes, which likely helped put them in the holiday spirit.