Is Washing Your Hair Upside Down Really Beneficial?

For most of us, jumping in the shower to wash our hair every few days is a no-brainer of an activity. Perhaps you rush through the exercise or maybe you consider the bathroom your meditative space where you reflect on the day to come or the one that's just happened as you stand under a water source, letting your hair and body be cleansed as your muscles (hopefully) relax.  

But, did you know that washing your hair can be done in more than one way? Trends such as reverse hair washing (via Hair) and upside-down hair washing have been gaining traction on social media in recent years, with enthusiastic followers of the techniques singing their praises. Experts have weighed in, while normal folks have tried and tested these methods and offered their opinions accordingly.

After starting out as a TikTok trend, per Suggest, the practice of washing your hair upside down has left numerous people intrigued about its supposed benefits. Is there anything more to this trend than just internet hype? Could it really be one of the many ways in which you can avoid ruining your hair? What are its benefits? 

This hair trend does have some benefits

The thought of bending over in the shower with water and shampoo gushing down your hair (and possibly making it into your eyes) can seem daunting at first, but washing your hair upside down could be beneficial, according to Jamie Wiley, the artistic director for haircare brand Pureology. The most obvious plus is that you get to tackle the dirt and grime in your hair strands and scalp from all angles, per Well and Good

As hair and makeup expert, Aaron Barry noted, "The back of the head is usually the area people rush through, and they tend to focus on the top — but the majority of our hair is at the back of the head." Upside-down hair washing is especially beneficial for people with denser hair who need more thorough cleansing. If you've got finer hair and would like more volume, you might also see some benefits from this trend, according to Suggest

Not to mention the plus for acne-prone skin — especially in the back and neck region. Washing your hair upside down ensures that both dirt and product flow away from sensitive skin, per Bright Side. Further, if you want to prevent hair damage from rubbing strands together too vigorously, washing your tresses upside down might be the way to go as Skin Veteran advises because it minimizes friction.  

How to wash your hair upside down correctly

If you're concerned about water running up your nose, Well and Good's senior beauty editor Zoë Weiner recommends starting the process off by wetting your hair thoroughly the usual way before flipping it upside down. If you're looking to add some extra shine, try oiling your hair before you hit the shower to help it retain moisture, as Skin Veteran suggests. Once your tresses are sufficiently wet, work in the shampoo and bring it to a lather, making sure to gently coat your hair and tackle your scalp from all angles. 

Next, turn on the water and rinse the shampoo out. It's crucial to avoid rubbing strands together because this can cause damage. Finish off with your usual conditioner and a final, meticulous rinse. According to Paris-based hair care expert and colorist Christophe Robin, detangling your hair before you wash it and towel drying your hair upside down are also useful tricks for great-looking hair. 

"Flip your head upside down and run a towel over it from both sides quickly," he told The New York Times. So, there you have it. Washing your hair upside down might take more effort and some patience in the shower but you may just walk away with cleaner and more voluminous tresses as a result.