Your Guide To Getting The Rom-Comcore Look

The incoming year is bringing big main character energy with it, drawing inspiration from the best romantic comedies of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Not only are their stories timeless, but as it turns out their fashion is as well. That's right; all those styles that used to be considered cringe-worthy are making a dramatic comeback in a movement cleverly known as "rom-comcore." 

According to their 2023 trend prediction report, Pinterest is seeing significant signs that Gen Z and Millennials are actively embracing every former fashion faux pas. Pinterest shared that there's been a 235% increase in searches on the platform for "2000s girl," a 150% increase in "Summer outfit vintage 90s," and a 145% increase in "pink mini skirt outfit" — a wardrobe staple featured heavily in many of our favorite rom-coms.

Speaking to Byrdie, Marta Topran, Fashion and Beauty Creator Lead at Pinterest, revealed that she expects 2023 will be the year "people upgrade everyday moments into meet-cure moments and make small habits, like trips to the coffee shop, feel like a scene from their favorite rom-com." Topran added that rom-comcore began with the Barbiecore trend, but it's gradually evolving as younger fashionistas make it their own.

For rom-comcore outfit inspiration, we're turning to the source of this trend and getting our style tips from the heroines of our favorite movies. 

Amélie is full of whimsical romance

There are two types of rom-comcore styles, one of which is heavily inspired by the whimsical romanticism of "Amélie." To get the titular star's look, we'd start with bright red lipstick like Charlotte Tilbury's Limitless Lucky Lips in Red Wishes. For the more adventurous, who want a complete makeover, a short bob with blunt bangs — or just blunt bangs regardless of the length of your hair — adds a girlish but still chic element to any overall look. No need for much else in terms of makeup since Amélie is pretty minimal when it comes to hers. 

Embrace main character energy by dressing like Amélie

Amélie's signature color is red. Besides simple t-shirts, you'll want to expand your skirt collection to copy her. Amélie wears a-line skirts in cotton, tulle, and floral, often pairing them with either Doc Marten boots, oxfords, or other similarly-styled shoes. Try pairing ModCloth's Just This Sway A-Line Skirt in Scarlet with The Air Scoop-Neck Tee in White with a pair of fun, floral oxfords like Shein's Floral Pattern Point Toe Lace-up Front Oxford Shoes

Use How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days as your rom-comcore outfit inspo

The other type of rom-comcore heroine is the career woman who takes herself seriously but is unafraid to ultra-feminize her officewear, like Andie from "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days." When she needs to turn on the charm, Andie breaks out her dresses, like the floral a-line similar to Anthropologie's 3-D Floral Dress. She also wears styles similar to Shein's Halter Neck Backless Bodycon Dress and the Dreamy Romance Mustard Yellow Backless Maxi Dress from Lulus, both of which we want to add to our wardrobes immediately. 

Copy Andie's casual, cool style from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

On normal work days, or even when she's just being herself, Andie jumps from scene to scene in "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" in effortlessly cool outfits. We love how she's unafraid to throw on her favorite jersey under a blazer or wear a simple white tank top with worn-in jeans. Try this out yourself with your favorite tee (or your partner's), or something like the Lace Trim Camisole from Banana Republic Factory with a pair of dark, fitted jeans and a black blazer. 

Wear this to dress like you're in My Best Friend's Wedding

Before Andie could run in her pencil skirt, Julia Roberts, as Jules Potter, walked through Heathrow Airport in her power suit during the iconic opening of "My Best Friend's Wedding." To copy Jules' androgynous writer style, get ready to embrace workplace prep with loafers, pearls, and collars everywhere. Invest in a suit, like Banana Republic's Lido Wide-Leg Wool Pant with the matching Lido Sculpted Wool Blazer. On casual days, you can wear an oversized blazer with jeans and loafers. 

How to recreate Jules' cropped sweater look from My Best Friend's Wedding

When Jules is at her most vulnerable, she's wearing a cropped sweater and wide-leg jeans ensemble that's still effortlessly cool, even all these years later. Try matching sweaters like the BDG Valeria Cropped V-Neck Sweater from Urban Outfitters with wide-leg jeans such as J. Crew's Denim trousers in the Wesly wash. If you've yet to discover your own signature color, don't stress; simply copy the pastel palette of this beloved rom-com by embracing pink, lavender, and mustard yellow. 

The key to dressing like Kat from 10 Things I Hate About You

There are actually two different rom-com heroines featured in 1999's Shakespearean reimagining, "10 Things I Hate About You." On the one hand, we have the brooding, artsy Kat who writes poetry and loves a good flip-flop/cargo pant combo. Cargo pants, like the Utility Cargo Pant from Banana Republic Factory, are what Kat often pairs with crop or tank tops. This includes that iconic blue camo which, while it isn't identical, is very similar to the Urban Renewal Vintage Camo Tank Top from Urban Outfitters.  

Channel Bianca from 10 Things I Hate About You with girlier looks

Kat's younger sister, Bianca, is her fun, whimsical counterpart with a wardrobe full of floral embellishments. Bianca's favored footwear is kitten heels or Mary Janes, and instead of cargo pants, Bianca typically dons midi dresses and white jeans. Francesa's Salma Tiered Floral Midi Dress is a great base layer that you can put the Vilja Station Crystal Layered Necklace and Jann Pointelle Button Front Cardigan over. For Bianca's showstopping party look, make sure you have something like the Flaunt It Red Bodycon Dress in Red from Lulus on hand. 

Dress like you're in Clueless even when it's not Halloween

Groups of friends may have been recreating the iconic plaid mini-skirt outfits worn by Cher and Dionne in "Clueless" for years now, but in 2023 expect to see the serious schoolgirl look coming back with a vengeance. Cher's wearing knee socks and a short argyle skirt, like H&M's Short Skirt, with an oversized oxford shirt and oversized blazer — similar to H&M's Oversized Double-breasted Jacket in Navy — and we're big fans of how the seriousness of the blazer is offset by the playful, feminine length of her mini-skirt. 

Build Clueless outfits on a budget by investing in a suit

Besides a french manicure and thigh-high knee socks, the key to dressing like you're from "Clueless," especially on a budget, is to invest in a good skirt suit. To keep your hemline as high as Cher and Dionne's, we love ASOS Design's Petite mix & match suit kilt in preppy plaid, with a matching blazer, and an oversized oxford shirt. Add a cropped sweater vest like Banana Republic's Baby Cashmere Sweater Vest to the outfit if you want to take this two-piece to a three-piece. 

Embrace Kathleen Kelly's sweet style from You've Got Mail

Besides wearing amazing pajamas, Kathleen Kelly — the heroine of "You've Got Mail" — has a wardrobe that walks the line between stylish and studious in its own unique way. To copy Kathleen's particular brand of preppy career woman, stock up on black turtlenecks and black tights immediately. Her wardrobe staples include clean layering pieces, like plain white t-shirts and jumpers. Kathleen wears a black mock turtleneck under a jumper similar to Shein's Zip Up Corduroy Overall Dress Without Sweater

Turtleneck dresses are an essential part of dressing like you're in You've Got Mail

Don't be afraid to embrace mock-neck or turtleneck dresses just like Kathleen does in "You've Got Mail." She wears a black dress with above-elbow sleeves similar to the Lexi Rib Mock Neck Sleeve Dress in Black, available from Marine Layer, that's perfect for dinner or a coffee date. For a daytime look or a more vulnerable, softer vibe, we suggest copying Kathleen's Central Park finale ensemble. Pair a dress like Eliza J's Bateau Neck Fit & Flare Dress, available from Nordstrom, with a cardigan and simple ballet flats. 

The best 13 Going on 30 outfit inspiration

From the iconic slip that Jenna wears at the beginning of the film to the babydoll cutout dress she dons while dancing to "Thriller," "13 Going on 30" is a movie whose looks we've wanted to recreate ever since it was first released. Jenna's wardrobe is overall very dress and skirt-heavy, and, as we get deeper into the movie, the details become softer and more feminine. One look we particularly loved was when she matched a pink skirt, similar to the Maya Tulle Midi Skirt, available from ASOS, with a boat neck t-shirt. 

How to recreate the slip-dress look from 13 Going on 30

We're super excited to jump back on the slip-dress trend, just like Jenna in "13 Going on 30." To put a 2023 spin on this idea, pair the FP One Adella Slip from Free People in Rose with the Rust Velvet Blazer, also available from Free People. The silver sequin Baguette bag, similar to Madden Girl's Sequin & Rhinestone Shoulder Bag, available from Nordstrom Rack, ties this outfit together perfectly.  

Dress like a lady to achieve the (500) Days of Summer look

If your style is more ethereal and quirky, you may want to turn to "(500) Days of Summer" for outfit inspiration. Like other romantic comedy heroines we've talked about, Summer has a signature color: blue. Blue skirts, cardigans, and tea dresses fill her closet. For a romantic trip to Ikea, she wears a sheer blue dress, not unlike the Felleni Midi Dress Blue Floral, available from Princess Polly. 

How to accessorize like (500) Days of Summer's titular heroine

Summer also loves layering, often opting for surprising contrasts, like pairing something like Lulu's lace-detailed Take Me To Brunch Shift Dress in Navy with a light blue blazer. We'd also recommend the River Island Open Front Blazer, available at Nordstrom. Accessorizing is the other key to styling yourself like Summer. Adding a brooch, headband, or ribbon to an outfit will be a breath of fresh air, especially if you've worn it before. 

Dress like Elle from Legally Blonde to make any situation your own

If there's any rom-com heroine with a signature color, it's definitely Elle Woods from "Legally Blonde." But there were two memorable moments when Elle wasn't wearing pink: On the first day of class, she dons knee-high leather boots, an oxford shirt, a pencil skirt, a purple argyle tie, and a green blazer cardigan. And, at the start of her internship, she chooses a sleek black suit, but with a feminine ruffled shirt that still highlights her fun personality. 

Try recreating Elle's first day of class look from Legally Blonde

As much as we love Elle's more serious looks in "Legally Blonde," they'd be even better in her confidence-boosting color palette. To get some of that Elle Woods confidence in your own life, pair J.Crew Factory's Schoolboy sweater-blazer in Heather Carnation with the Superpower Blush Suede Pencil Skirt from Lulus. Or, we'd match the blazer and skirt with the Clip-dot ruffle button-up shirt from J.Crew Factory. If Elle's courtroom energy is more your speed, throw on the Button-Front Blazer Sheath Dress from New York & Company in Vivid Pink with matching pumps. 

Channel Andrea from The Devil Wears Prada to nail the rom-comcore trend

If there's an older, cooler sister to "13 Going on 30," it's the hit movie "The Devil Wears Prada." Writers are the focus of a lot of romantic comedies, and, as Andy transitions through her fashion education, we see a lot of their styles repeated. Her post-makeover oxford shirt, off-the-sleeve elbow-length sweater, long necklaces, and tweed newsboy cap doesn't just scream Chanel — it's a more muted version of something Cher from "Clueless" would wear. 

How to copy Andy's outfit from the end of The Devil Wears Prada

What sets Andy apart from other rom-com heroines is how she dresses when she's finally being true to who she is. To copy Andy's most iconic outfit, we'd pair black skinny jeans or trousers, brown knee-high boots, like the Carmen Faux Leather Riding Boot from Michael Kors, with a black turtleneck, and a jacket like the Avec Les Filles Leather Biker Jacket from Anthropologie. Then and now, Hathaway's blunt bangs help to blur the line between sophisticated style and whimsical romance, if you want to commit fully to Andy's overall style.