Your New Year's Eve Underwear Could Affect Your Luck In 2023, According To Superstition

For many, the new year is all about a fresh start. So many of us set resolutions, create new goals for ourselves, and plan to do better as the calendar changes. However, for others, the new year is full of superstitions they believe can shape the following 12 months. Some interesting superstitions include taking your first step of the new year with your right foot, wearing polka dots for luck, and even doing seven laps around your home (via Cosmopolitan). Others believe that if you carry an empty suitcase around your home on New Year's Eve that more travel will come into your life for the year.

It's also said that keeping paper money in your wallet will help you usher in financial abundance for the year ahead. Some people like to open their doors at the stroke of midnight to clear the old year out and help usher in the new year. Crying on New Year's Day is also said to be bad luck, and could fill the following year with nothing but sadness, per Country Living.

Of course, the more well-known superstitions are kissing someone at midnight on New Year's Eve and eating pork and sauerkraut on New Year's Day, according to Reader's Digest. However, one superstition that many may not know about involves wearing very specific underwear on New Year's Eve.

The color of your New Year's underwear could make a huge difference

One of the most interesting New Year's superstitions includes wearing specific colors of underwear to help achieve what you want in the upcoming year. According to PopSugar, each color is associated with something you'll be hoping to bring into your life, so choose wisely. Red underwear is all about attracting love and romance. Meanwhile, pink will help you attack love of a different kind, such as friendship or familial bonds. So if you're looking to add people to your life in the new year, consider sporting the colors of love to celebrate the coming of a brand new year.

All the while, if you're looking for more peace and harmony in your life it may be a smart move to wear plain white underwear to your New Year's celebration. So go for classic white if you've been feeling stressed and are hoping for a more relaxed and tranquil 12 months. In addition, yellow underwear is said to help you attack money in the new year. So, investing in a pair of yellow panties may be the ticket to better cash flow — just make sure they're not cheap underwear — per InStyle. If money is your goal, rock the yellow undies for you on the final holiday of the year.

Of course, the other colors of the rainbow have significant meanings as well.

Choosing the right color of underwear

For those planning to build their New Year's resolutions around health and wellness, blue is your color. Blue underwear is said to help you focus on your health and wellness, especially where mental health is concerned, per PopSugar. Meanwhile, If you're looking to travel in the new year, be sure to sport a pair of green undies on New Year's Eve, as it will help you find adventure. In addition, green is also said to bring themes of renewed energy for those who have been feeling like they need to refuel and be refreshed in the coming year.

If your New Year's goals include becoming more successful or simply slaying all of your to-do's you'll want to rock black panties. Black is the color of power and success. It will also keep you organized so that you can achieve all of your goals in the new year and stay on top of all of your projects. It doesn't have to be career-related, but if you're looking to take back some of your power, black panties are for you on December 31 (via InStyle).

So, while you're planning your goals for the new year, also figure out what color of underwear you're going to wear on New Year's Eve. It may just help you find happiness in the months ahead.