What Does It Mean When You Dream About Ghosts?

Everyone dreams, and analyzing those dreams can be very interesting and even quite telling, too. Dreams are images and scenarios that play out in our minds while we sleep, and many people can have around four to six dreams each night. Of course, we don't always remember them. There are various types of dreams, and they can bring about a plethora of emotions (via WebMD). The most vivid dreams occur during the sleep state known as REM or rapid eye movement.

Lucid dreams, meanwhile, happen when the brain is at a midway point between being awake and falling into REM sleep. A lucid dream is when the dreamer knows and understands that they are having a dream. Some people who experience this are even able to guide their dreams and take control of situations within these visions. Meanwhile, nightmares are the worst kind of dream. They usually happen during periods of high emotion, stress, trauma, or conflict. 

Bad dreams can also be brought on by medication, drugs, or illness. They're typically quite jarring and scary for the dreamer, who may wake feeling anxious or worried as a result. While some dreams occur for no reason at all, others are a way to process emotions or solve problems, per The Sleep Doctor. Some even believe that dreams help us to form memories and keep the brain sharp and focused during waking hours. Interpreting dreams is slightly more complicated. So, what does it mean when we dream about ghosts? 

There are plenty of common dream interpretations

According to Psych Central, dreams can be a way for a person to learn more about themselves, as well as understand their mental health and emotional state. For those who want to analyze their dreams, keeping a notebook and pen by the bedside can be helpful. Writing down everything you can remember about the dream will be useful while trying to interpret it later. Talking to someone you trust about your dreams may also be a way to work through what they mean.

There are some themes that tend to be common in many people's dreams. Images of teeth falling out can translate to unfulfilled desire, for instance. Meanwhile, seeing a UFO in your dream could mean that someone or something may be invading your life, according to Oprah.com. Elsewhere, Mind Body Green contends that premonition dreams could be a sign that you have intuitive abilities, while dreams of being naked may mean you're feeling exposed and/or freed.

While some dreams leave us feeling happy when we wake up, others can be unsettling or even spooky. One such dream that some people may experience involves ghosts. Dreaming about a ghost is said to have several meanings. 

Dreaming of ghosts could mean you have unfinished business

Dreaming about the ghost of someone you knew or just spirits, in general, may be accompanied by an uneasy feeling. However, dreaming of ghosts actually has some very interesting interpretations. One main theme that accompanies ghost dreams is that of something left unfinished. "Dreaming about a ghost tends to refer to unfinished business you need to deal with because it is 'haunting' you,'" dream expert Theresa Cheung told Bustle. Cheung also argued that dreaming of a passed loved one can provide a sense of closure.

Meanwhile, Miller's Guild asserts that ghost dreams could mean you have unspoken fears that you're suppressing or even feelings of jealousy in your everyday life. For those suffering from illness, dreaming of ghosts could be their waking thoughts about death manifesting in their sleep. Another theme surrounding ghost dreams is uncertainty or confusion about decisions that need to be made. Regretting past decisions could also cause someone to dream of spirits. 

Learning Mind notes that dreaming of ghosts could also be someone's way of grieving a lost loved one or even being visited by that person's spirit. Looking for clues and symbols in your dreams may help you figure out exactly why you're dreaming of ghosts. According to Better Help, speaking with a dream and sleep expert could be beneficial if dreams of ghosts are causing you any worry or anxiety.