What The Original Storage Wars Cast Looks Like Today

A&E's proclivity for reality television about more mundane professions saw the creation of its biggest show, "Storage Wars." It revolved around shedding light on the lost art of auctioneering. The show followed professional buyers as they traveled to storage facilities in California, where lockers filled with abandoned items were up for grabs. The competitive nature of "Storage Wars" made for great television as the show went on to become a massive hit. From its debut in 2010, the show went on to draw 5.1 million viewers for its second season premiere. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this solidified their spot as the most successful season premiere on A&E.

The network sought to ensure the shelf-life of "Storage Wars" by recapturing its magic through several spinoffs. However, their 12-season run ended with the announcement of an indefinite hiatus — which left longtime viewers confused as to whether or not their favorite reality show was over. Luckily, the show made its long-awaited return in 2021, with most of its core members coming back to feed their televised treasure-hunting passions. Its brief hiatus saw many of its stars either leave the world of auctioning altogether or piggyback on the success they've garnered on the show to reinforce their careers. The original cast, nonetheless, is alive and well. In addition to some of their latest ventures, here is what our beloved treasure hunters are looking like today.

Dan and Laura Dotson experienced several health scares

In an interview with HuffPost, Laura described her first encounter with Dan as love at first sight. From meeting at an auction in 1996, the two went on to become lovers and lifelong business partners (per American Auctioneers). Their success together ultimately led to their involvement in "Storage Wars" — which they were a part of from its early conception. Although the show became immensely successful after its debut in 2010, our favorite power couple would depart from the show in Season 10 due to A&E's budget issues.

Their departure from "Storage Wars" saw them go back to running their company, American Auctioneers, full-time. That is, until the show made its return in 2021 — resulting in the duo returning to their on-screen ventures. Their success, however, was met with several health scares they're still cognizant of to this day. In addition to Dan suffering a double brain aneurysm and nearly losing a finger from a dog fight, Dan and Laura almost lost their son, Garrett, to gun violence in 2020 (per TMZ). Dan took to Facebook on September 13, 2022, to pen a statement: "Laura and I are so thankful God spared our son this day, two years ago. The shooter was caught, found guilty, and sentenced to 10.5 years." Nowadays, the two seemingly remain as optimistic and driven as they were before their newfound fame.

Barry Weiss is a 'born-again bidder'

From successful wholesale business owner to a professional bidder, Barry Weiss would find his way onto "Storage Wars" the same year it debuted. "The Collector" himself would use the popularity he garnered over the show to star in a spinoff titled "Barry'd Treasure." The show, however, would be taken off the air the same year it premiered due to poor performance. Weiss would ultimately leave the world of reality shows to get back to his job as a "world-class slacker" (via YouTube).

2019 was a challenging year for the ex-reality star, as he would get involved in a motorcycle accident that left him with injuries that required several surgeries to fix (per TMZ). It seems that Weiss has been taking it slow since his accident. With "Storage Wars" returning in 2021, fans questioned whether or not we'd see our favorite treasure collector back on the big screen again. Fortunately, our wildest dreams came to fruition as Weiss returned on the show's Season 14 premiere (via The Sun). After a lengthy rehabilitation period, Weiss appeared to be in good spirits, stating that he was ready to get back into his antique hunting routine. "In the last seven years, a lot of stuff has changed with me," he said. "I've been working with a bidding coach. I completely cut out arugula. I feel like a completely born-again bidder."

Dave Hester's spending time away from reality television

Although the reality show prides itself on showing the competitive nature of local buyers, fans and co-stars alike could agree that Dave Hester was the main antagonist of "Storage Wars." Despite having the show's most notable catchphrase (which you can see on his hat above), he's been known to ruffle the feathers of anyone he is around. His three-year stint culminated in a courtroom showdown where he accused A&E of faking the show's drama (via Los Angeles Times). Although reports said he'd been fired, the treasure hunter found his way back onto the roster for Season 5. Then, in 2018, Hester would suffer a stroke that would land him in the hospital for days (via TMZ). This near-death experience resulted in Hester having to relearn basic human functions such as walking and showering.

While he was able to return for Season 12, the show's brief hiatus influenced Hester to shift his focus from reality TV to his auctioning business. Since Hester was absent for the recent seasons of "Storage Wars," many have assumed that he left the world of storage auctions altogether. According to his Twitter, however, Hester is still very active in his local auctioning community, often promoting his appearances at auctions in California. It seems that Hester has happily stepped away from the life of a reality TV star to indulge in his passion on his own terms.

Ivy Calvin still runs a thrift store in California

Coming from a background of mixed martial arts and arena football, Ivy Calvin brought an edge to the competitive nature of "Storage Wars" in Season 3 (per History). Before his full-time gig as a televised treasure hunter, the king of Palmdale would develop a passion for secondhand storage items that would see him travel from state to state in hopes of attaining rare merchandise for his California-based thrift store, Grandma's Attic. His involvement in "Storage Wars" would bring attention to his business, allowing him to earn a steady paycheck outside of reality TV. Co-stars Rene and Casey Nezhoda even visited his thrift store in 2020, when they stumbled upon vintage toys, sphere radios, straight razors, and more (via YouTube).

The show's hiatus in 2019 would leave Calvin to operate his business full-time. His break from "Storage Wars" also gave him more time to spend with his wife and two sons (per Distractify). Aside from his business, much isn't known about the life he leads outside of auctioning. Despite this, the no-nonsense buyer himself appears to be active on Instagram, promoting his thrift store and showing off his latest finds ranging from Pokémon cards to prime Michael Kors handbags.

Darrell Sheets is enjoying his retired life

A life filled with risk and reward is a life Darrell Sheets knows too well. With an illustrious treasure-hunting career under his belt, "the Gambler" took interest in showcasing his strokes of luck on "Storage Wars." From his collection of comic books to coming across Frank Gutierrez works worth $300,000, Sheets has made it known that he is a master at his craft. Unfortunately, the highs he would experience wouldn't prepare him for the lows he would face in 2019. That year, Sheets announced via social media that he'd had a heart attack (per People). According to his Instagram, the severity of the health issue required Sheets to undergo heart surgery. "Thank you for all the well wishes," he stated in the Instagram post. "I am going to give this 100% and regenerate this good old heart. I will not give up. I've come too far, and I have had an incredibly wonderful life, no regrets."

Ever since his health scares, Darrell Sheets has appeared to be enjoying his life as a retired buyer. Residing in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, Sheets remains active on Instagram, penning sentimental posts about his granddaughter, Zoie, and longtime partner, Kimber. Despite this, Sheets would make his return on-screen for Seasons 13 and 14 of "Storage Wars." Although his cameos on the show remain limited, Sheets seems to be in good spirits about the life he leads now.

Brandon Sheets transitioned into a family man

Notably known as "Sidebet" — and son of fellow cast member Darrell Sheets — Brandon Sheets found his way onto the main cast of "Storage Wars" from its debut all the way to Season 9 (per Instagram). His departure from the show saw many fans speculate whether or not he was on good terms with its creators. With A&E facing financial issues, the company decided to make some pay cuts since they couldn't fund the cast the same way they did in the seasons prior. This ultimately led to Brandon's termination. He expressed his bitterness about this on his now-deleted Twitter (per TV Shows Ace).

Although his relationship with A&E has soured, Brandon Sheets was able to adapt to the sudden change of direction. According to his Facebook, "Sidebet" himself became a licensed real estate agent in Arizona. This appeared to be short-lived, however, as his Facebook profile states that he's no longer providing real estate services. According to his Instagram, Brandon has since transitioned into a UPS driver and a "family man." While "Storage Wars" found its way back on the air in 2021, Brandon seemingly left that part of his life in the past. With his absence being felt throughout the show, it may be for the better, since Brandon appears to be satisfied living as a working father and loving husband.

Kenny Crossley is on a weight-loss journey

Kenny Crossley wouldn't find reality TV success until Season 3 of "Storage Wars." As jovial as he was, this praline king had a career in law enforcement well before his job as a storage facility manager (via A&E). His involvement in the world of auctions would find him meeting with successful business owner, Barry Weiss, with whom he would form a strong bond.

Although Kenny Crossley was a late addition to "Storage Wars," he quickly made his way into our hearts with his sharp-witted catchphrases and genuine personality. Since the show's brief hiatus in 2019, fans have been keen to see how many interests Crossley actually has. With the amount of time the pandemic left in his hands, Crossley used that time to indulge in his creative passions such as uploading beats under the name "Dualpersona" and creating a YouTube channel where he expresses his love for everyday cuisines. His passion for food, however, would later be the catalyst for a big change. On August 31, 2022, Crossley revealed that he is embarking on his own weight-loss journey in an Instagram video. He stated, "I think it's that time ... it's that time to change the way I'm eating and everything and give myself a gift." We can't help but cheer Crossley on, as this is an incredible feat.

Mary Padian promotes businesses she believes in

A&E's attempt to capitalize on the popularity of "Storage Wars" saw them curate several spinoffs that were based in different states other than California. One saw them follow local treasure hunters in Texas, which resulted in a new cast member who would later join the original crew of buyers. Nicknamed "the Junkster," Mary Padian's ability to refurbish rare finds caught the attention of the producers of the show — culminating in her inclusion in Season 5.

Considering her history as a reality star, Mary Padian is all too familiar with transitioning after a show's failure. With "Storage Wars" going off the air in 2019, Padian went back to the life she led before her on-screen obligations. Thanks to her involvement in "Storage Wars," she was able to find success with her store, "Mary's Finds." From vintage home décor to philanthropic bracelets, Padian has since been updating her online catalog to cater to her fanbase. In 2022, however, it appears that she's focused on using her platform to promote companies she believes in, such as environmentally friendly and women-owned brands (via Instagram). Though it is unclear as to why she was absent for Season 14 of "Storage Wars," it seems that our favorite bright-eyed "Junkster" is living her best life outside of reality television.

Jarrod Schulz has moved on from Brandi Passante

The weekly episodic airing of "Storage Wars" would be home to our favorite quarreling couple, Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante. From meeting at a carpet-cleaning company in 1999 to attending auctions together, the unlikely pair quickly became fan favorites (per The Orange County Register). This ultimately drove A&E to capitalize on their popularity by giving them their own show, "Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job."

Fans thought the return of "Storage Wars" in 2021 meant that we would see the quick-witted couple pursue their televised treasure-hunting passions together. This wouldn't be the case, however, as Passante revealed in a confessional that the two broke up in 2018 (via People). Nonetheless, Schulz was certain that their separation wouldn't affect their on-screen pursuits, stating, "Just because me and Brandi aren't together anymore doesn't mean we can't go to an auction — but separately." As for his business ventures, the "Young Gun" owned a clothing company, Outlaw Apparel, and currently has a restaurant, The Rush Bar and Grill. Despite Schulz moving on, an altercation with Passante would result in a domestic violence charge against him (via TMZ). Although the incident took place in 2021, this may have been the reason for his absence in Season 14 of "Storage Wars."

Brandi Passante co-hosts a podcast

Brandi Passante's departure from "Storage Wars" in 2014 was followed by a short-lived spinoff series titled "Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job." Since the show was met with underwhelming ratings, A&E decided to pull the plug after only one season, leaving Passante to revert to her life outside of reality television and return to "Storage Wars." Her relationship with Jarrod Schulz would grow sour over the next few years, resulting in their split in 2018 (per People). Their joint venture, the Now and Then Second Hand Store, is no longer operating (per MSN).

While this may seem bleak for the no-nonsense buyer herself, Passante was able to find success outside of her full-time gig as a treasure hunter. In 2021, it was revealed that she would make regular appearances on the "Happening Now with Hammer" podcast with Hammer Brunch. Due to their great rapport, Brunch offered Passante a permanent spot on the podcast. Passante seemingly took advantage of this opportunity as she appeared in almost every weekly episode since. In 2022, Passante even brought her co-stars on the podcast to share stories about how they were all chosen for "Storage Wars" (per "Happening Now with Hammer").

Rene and Casey Nezhoda occasionally stumble upon celebrity items

Beginning in Season 4 of "Storage Wars," Rene and Casey Nezhoda joined the cast of buyers. Forming a love for secondhand bargains at the age of 11, Rene went on to own Bargain Hunters Thrift Store, which he shared with his wife (via A&E). This ultimately led to their rise as televised treasure hunters, as the two seemingly made a great team among the other buyers on the show. As their popularity grew, the two capitalized on their ever-growing fame by creating a YouTube channel.

Their off-screen pursuits led to them purchasing storage units containing vintage souvenirs from well-known celebrities like Farrah Fawcett (per YouTube). At one point they obtained items worn by Kobe Bryant (per Bleacher Report). On December 27, 2022, Rene took to Instagram to announce that he would be selling the last pieces of what he had from Bryant's storage unit on Whatnot, an online marketplace for secondhand merchandise. Outside of their passion for reselling, Rene and Casey Nezhoda regularly update their Instagram to either show off their latest finds, promote their YouTube channel, or give their followers some insight into their family life. Since the show's return, Rene and Casey have reprised their role as our favorite treasure-hunting duo.

Edwina Registre and Shana Dahan founded Throw It in the Cart LV

Las Vegas pals Edwina Registre and Shana Dahan were late additions to "Storage Wars," beginning in Season 11 (per Facebook). The inseparable pair quickly blended in with the original team of buyers. From high-school friends to insurance brokers, the two sought out a career in chasing rare collectibles, often attending auctions together whenever they had the chance (per A&E).

Their off-screen pursuits have seemingly kept them busy during their time off the show. As passionate up-cyclers, the two run a YouTube channel called Thrifters Anonymous where they share their latest finds with their subscribers. Alongside their vlogging careers, the two founded Throw it in the Cart LV in 2021, per their Instagram. It seems that the two are working up enough inventory so that they can unveil their latest finds on the website. This didn't stop them from finding other work, however, as they were able to collaborate with a local Salvation Army store in Nevada, having their own personal section of clothing pieces available to the public. With the return of "Storage Wars" in 2021, the Vegas Ladies have not made their return to the main cast of buyers. Though they've never publicly stated why this is the case, the two seem primarily focused on their ventures outside of "Storage Wars."