The Zodiac Sign Most Likely To Be Unfaithful

A large number of the population consults their the zodiac sign and element when finding the perfect partner. It makes sense considering a survey conducted by YouGov found that over a quarter of Americans actually believe in astrology. In fact, 37% of people under 30 who were surveyed said they were passionate followers of astrology.

If you're like them and a follower of astrology, you've likely asked for the sign, if not the entire birth chart, of someone you are dating. Many believe that the success of a relationship can be seen in the stars. Certified Professional Consulting Astrologer Diana Brownstone told Vogue that her work has opened her clients' eyes. "I've had grown men start crying" she stated. "If people knew how much we could tell about them from just their birthdate, time, and place, they would freak out."

If astrology can tell you intimate details about yourself and your partner, it's possible your zodiac sign can help to improve your relationship and even tell you what to expect as well, right? Experts are now weighing in on which sign is most likely to cheat in a relationship.

Geminis are most likely to be unfaithful

Certain zodiac signs carry different stereotypes. Tauruses can be "bull-headed," overly stubborn, and difficult to reason with, while Cancers can be overly sensitive and moody (via Tarot). Every sign has negative attributes, but is one sign specifically more likely to cheat in a relationship? Some astrologers believe so.

All signs point to the Gemini as the most likely to cheat in a relationship. This comes from their belief that relationships are fluid, per the New York Post. "Ruled by communicative Mercury, Gemini folk are a curious lot that requires a lot of mental stimulation be it provocative nudes or illicit conversation," astrologer Reda Wigle wrote in the outlet. "Geminis are all about fluidity in relationships and flexibility when it comes to moral codes, they also spend a decent portion of their daily lives disassociating from their own wrongdoing. In this way, they employ selective amnesia and other questionable grounds to justify their indiscretions."

If you need any further proof, former President Donald Trump and Kanye West are famous Geminis who have also been caught in alleged cheating scandals. Of course, cheating can occur under any zodiac sign, but this expert states Gemini takes the cake when it comes to those most likely to cheat.