If You're An Enneagram Type 1, This Is The TV Show You Should Watch

You may have heard of the Enneagram, but you may not know what your Enneagram number actually means. Like the Myers Briggs test, the Enneagram categorizes your traits and places you into one of nine "Enneagram Types." If you're an Enneagram Type 1, you may find that your personality consistently pulls you toward idealistic and perfectionist tendencies. According to the Enneagram Institute, Enneagram Type 1s are known as "Reformers." Enneagram Type 1s are motivated by the desire to have integrity and avoid being "defective." While these perfectionists strive for excellence and are constantly teaching others the right way, it's important for them to take the time they need to wind down and relax, too.


And what better way to unwind than to find a good TV show to watch? If you're an Enneagram Type 1 looking for a new TV series to tune into in your free time, you're in luck. Plenty of shows feature Reformers like you.

With so many royals as Type 1s, The Crown is the show for you

Some of the most influential and well-known royals and British politicians have been categorized as Enneagram Type 1s. According to Truity, Kate Middleton is an Enneagram Type 1. Though Kate Middleton hasn't yet been featured in this Netflix jaw-dropping series, "The Crown" is the best show for Enneagram Type 1s. Other British figures featured on the show are Enneagram Type 1s, including Prince Charles and Margaret Thatcher (via Enneagram Institute).


According to the Enneagram Institute, Type 1s at their best are "extraordinarily wise and discerning," traits that are necessary for royals and politicians. However, some of the faults of these governing figures can be found in Type 1s, too. Whether you're the average Type 1 or heir to a throne, steer clear of being too punitive and self-righteous. "The Crown" features royal Type 1s figuring out how to balance their convictions with the turmoil of leading a country.

Why Type 1 traits can be great for royals

"The Crown" holds no punches when it comes to portraying the most iconic and tragic moments of modern British royal history. With a fear of doing wrong or being bad, Enneagram Type 1s stay motivated by trying to be their best selves and avoid making mistakes, per Enneagram Explained. For royals, the stakes are incredibly high, so mistakes need to be few and far between.


Another positive trait of Type 1s is their commitment to being ethical. According to Enneagram Explained, Type 1s have a strong conscious and sense of what is right or wrong. This is a must for any leader, especially the leader of a country. As a Type 1 yourself, you can dissect the ethical dilemmas the British royal family faced in "The Crown." In addition to "The Crown," you can watch the loads of documentaries and interviews featuring the British royal family to unwind.