The Untold Truth Of Audrey Roloff

She's young, she's beautiful, she's a new mom, and she's a star of one of the most popular reality shows on television. No, not Kylie Jenner. This gal's name is Audrey Roloff, and if you haven't heard of her, it's possible you're not a fan of TLC's hit reality series Little People, Big World. For her part, Roloff makes up some of the "big world" surrounding the show's central couple, Matt and Amy Roloff, each live with different forms of dwarfism. 

Though Matt and Amy's divorce was finalized in May 2016, Audrey Roloff's marriage to their son, Jeremy, is still going strong. Married in September 2014, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff have captured the attention of audiences due to their unique, ultra religious approach to marriage, upcoming book, and their adorable baby girl, Ember. Here's the untold truth of the captivating redhead whose marriage into the Roloff family has catapulted her to fame. 

She's been known to dish a little too much information about her love life

Love is a beautiful thing. Marriage, if you're into that, is also a beautiful thing. Audrey Roloff is certainly into marriage, and the girl has no qualms about letting fans in on the juicy details of what happens behind her and husband Jeremy's closed bedroom doors.

On Audrey and Jeremy's now-defunct shared marriage blog, Beating 50 Percent, Audrey dished on her, well, kind of unusual honeymoon experience with her husband. Honeymoons, of course, are notorious for being a steamy, intimate night for newlywed couples. The newlywed Roloffs definitely had an intimate experience, though probably not what most people would consider "steamy."

In the September 2016 blog post titled "The Most Intimate Thing You'll Ever Do," Audrey wrote, "On our honeymoon, I had this crazy idea ... 'What if we read our vows to each other while having sex?'" Sure — reading wedding vows during sex isn't everyone's cup of tea, and it seems that, while Mrs. Roloff is aware of this, she doesn't mind one bit. "[This is] the most intimate thing I've ever done, but you might think it's super weird," the reality star prefaced the blog post.

She has a covenant marriage with Jeremy

You've definitely heard of marriage, but perhaps you haven't heard the term "covenant marriage" — a term that refers to a deeply religious union where God is at the center. Jeremy and Audrey Roloff strive to uphold this definition and Beating 50 Percent was a testament to just how much the couple values religion in their marriage. "Here you will find videos, photos, and writings that inspire covenant marriages," the site read. "Marriages that are undividedly devoted, completely committed, persistently selfless, value-centered, joy-filled, and love-based."

Adding a dose of TLC-sized drama, Jeremy's younger brother Jacob's religious views couldn't be farther from those of his brother and sister-in-law. The youngest Roloff penned an extensive blog post in April 2017 detailing his own experiences and issues with Christianity, writing: "After coming to know Christianity through leaving it, I wish more than ever that I could call myself one, but alas I cannot, and I feel no rush to choose a replacement," Jacob wrote . 

She allegedly has beef with her brother-in-law

Here's the alleged scoop: In January 2016, Jacob Roloff — Audrey's husband's younger brother — effectively quit Little People, Big World. In a now-deleted Instagram post from 2016 (via The Hollywood Gossip), Jacob said he had seen storylines for the reality show "drawn up" for the sake of television, and that the family seen on the show is not his family. Instead of hanging around his family's farm in Oregon, Jacob hit the road to have few years of adventure with his girlfriend, Isabel Sofia. When Jacob and Isabel announced their engagement in January 2018, it seemed that Audrey was less than thrilled to hear the news. 

In a January 2018 Instagram post, Audrey posted a cute picture of Jeremy and herself, captioning it with a wall of advice on dating "from a Christian perspective," presenting a hypothetical "bad" situation eerily similar to that of her brother-in-law. "Let's just say you hurried into a relationship, dabbled with sexual intimacy. [...] Your friends and family may raise concerns about the person you're dating, but you won't be able to rationalize with them because all you will see is perfection," she wrote. No word on if Jacob saw the post, as he doesn't seem to follow his sister-in-law on Instagram. 

She gets a ton of hate for her conservative beliefs

As any celebrity can tell you, fame comes with a price. The same is true for even reality television stars like Audrey Roloff, who has been subject to the court of pubic opinion for her openly conservative viewpoints. 

In 2016, the Little People, Big World star came under fire for allegedly dissing her LGBTQ fans, according to Spirits Wander (via Radar Online). According to the reports, Audrey Roloff allegedly commented a reply to a fan on Spirits Wander, admitting that she and her husband Jeremy don't believe that their LGBTQ fans have rights to marriage equality. "We are not claiming to be a resource for same-sex marriages," Roloff allegedly commented. "It's not something we agree with." Instead, Roloff said that she and her husband "are for opposite-sex marriages that are striving to ... center their marriage around Christ." After receiving backlash from fans of the show, Roloff's comments appear to have been removed from the website. 

She was all sweaty and inappropriately dressed when she met her husband on a blind date

In these modern times, a true "blind date" is somewhat of a rarity. All you need is someone's first and last name and voilà — you suddenly know where their ex's sister's best friend's cousin vacationed in July 2008. Blind dates may be a dying breed, but that didn't stop Audrey and Jeremy Roloff from giving it a good ol' fashioned try. 

While the couple may be happily married now, it was definitely not love at first sight. "The first time I met Audrey [...] she had just gotten done with a run, and she was wearing just her sports bra and running buns," Jeremy Roloff recalled to The Wrap, joking that she showed up to their first date "all sweaty and inappropriately dressed." 

"I thought he was cute when he walked through the door, but I wasn't, like, seeing a future in that moment," Audrey retorted. Considering these two have been going strong as husband and wife since September 2014, it's safe to say that love really does appear when you least expect it — like just after a run, for example. 

She's on a mission to prevent divorce

Blogging isn't simply this girl's hobby — it's her lifestyle! Along with her husband, Jeremy, Audrey Roloff was part owner/operator of the now-defunct website Beating 50 Percent. Contrary to her other blog, AujPoj, which Roloff has described as a hodgepodge of her life, Beating 50 Percent has a much more targeted focus — helping covenant marriages succeed. 

According to the website, Beating 50 Percent's mission was "to inspire covenant marriages to beat average, to encourage husbands and wives to give more than 50% to their spouse, and to revive marriages that are indispensable — marked by fixing instead of throwing away." 

The Beating 50 Percent blog featured two sections — one for "him," one for "her," — chock full of articles written by Audrey and Jeremy with titles like "30 Love Texts to Send Your Husband," and "3 Steps for Every Husband to Build Trust." There's even a Beating 50 Percent shop, though the merch is pretty sparse. But, hey, if you're in the market for a marriage journal, the Roloffs have just the thing for you! 

Breastfeeding was as painful for her as unmedicated labor contractions

The "baby blues" are a real thing. So many women experience inexplicable and intense emotions after giving birth, such as hopelessness, inadequacy, and just plain ol' sadness. No woman is immune, and it's difficult to discern exactly who will be susceptible to the serious struggle bus that is postpartum depression. Unfortunately, Audrey Roloff can add her name to the list of women who, from no fault of their own, found being a new mom to be incredibly more difficult and stressful than they had imagined. 

In a September 2017 Instagram post, Roloff got real with followers about her personal postpartum struggles. "While I am overflowing with love for my daughter and husband, I won't sugar coat it ... these past two weeks have been HARD," Roloff captioned a photo of her two-week-old baby girl, Ember. She went on to detail her struggles with breastfeeding her baby, comparing the pain she'd personally experienced while nursing to that of "unmedicated labor contractions." She continued with a painfully relatable confession: "[All] of this has left me feeling like I am failing my baby." 

That hair? Au naturel, baby

It's always interesting to learn the first thing people notice upon meeting you. Maybe it's your eyes, maybe it's your smile, maybe it's the tiny piece of spinach stuck in your teeth that your "friends" failed to tell you about. Whatever it is, the answer will likely vary depending on who you ask. But in the case of Audrey Roloff, it's safe to assume that her striking red hair is first on the list of her most memorable physical traits. 

In fact, Roloff's long, red locks are so popular, they even get a shoutout in AujPoj's Frequently Asked Questions section. According to Roloff herself, she's never once dyed or permed her hair — and she never will. "Redheads always stay true," she writes on her website. "And these curls have always been unruly." 

While you may never achieve Roloff's exact level of hair-fection, you can get pretty darn close. The reality star's go-to hair tutorial is available on her YouTube channel for your viewing (and curling) pleasure. 

I worked from 3:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

She may be living the life of a bonafide reality television star now, but Audrey Roloff wasn't born into the spotlight with a silver spoon in her mouth. The 26-year-old is no stranger to hard work — a virtue she continues to cultivate in her entrepreneurial efforts outside of her appearances on Little People, Big World.

In an interview with The School of Styling, Roloff dished about life after college, detailing the long hours and crazy schedules she braved before finally making the leap to blogging full-time. Though she originally had plans to work within the Brand Running department at Nike upon graduation, Roloff says she started interviewing for "gateway corporate [jobs] in SoCal" as her fiancé's (now husband) job opportunities were largely based in the Southern California area. Eventually, she landed a job as an account manager at Gallo Wine Company in Los Angeles, California. "We lived in West Hollywood, so I commuted to work every day," Roloff says. "I worked from 3:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. [...] After working all night [and] morning, I spent my afternoon [and] evening working on my blog." 

Luckily, Roloff's hard work paid off and she'll likely never have to stock shelves with wine ever again. Now raise your hand if you need a glass of wine just thinking about those crazy hours. 

She has Goop-level blogging skills

Move over, Gwyneth Paltrow! Audrey Roloff is coming through! 

Blogging is a popular pastime among celebrities these days, likely because it's the easiest way to combine every social media account, keep fans updated on life's happenings, and showcase a creative side fans might not know about. Lauren Conrad, Beyoncé, and every single one of the Kardashians are famous for blogging regularly — and Roloff's name belongs up there with the best of them. Her blog, which can be found at her website, Auj Poj, is as stylish and enviable as Goop — and just a touch more, err, relatable. 

It's obvious that the main objective of Roloff's blog is to spread some much needed love. In a May 2017 post titled "Beauty is not measured by your hair and skin, it's measured by your heart and soul," Roloff urges her fans to focus more on their inner beauty than their looks — a lesson we should all take to heart. 

She could give you a run for your money -- literally

Run, Audrey, run!

A little encouragement is always nice, but it's safe to say that this gal doesn't need any help from the sidelines. Audrey Roloff is an avid runner, but she's not just a light-jog-around-the-neighborhood kind of gal. No, Roloff runs for sport – and she's super dedicated to it, too. In a January 2016 post on her blog, Roloff outlined her best tips and tricks for running in the winter months. Among the tips were to layer up, don't wear cotton, run on roads instead of trails, and soak in a hot tub for ten minutes before running. A little cold isn't going to slow this gal down. 

If you're a bit intimidated by the idea of running anywhere at all, don't worry — Roloff totally understands. The lifestyle blogger and reality television star shares her running adventures and struggles in an effort to inspire, not to shame or judge. Ideally, her fans might become a little more open to the idea of running 13.1 miles. 

She has her own fashion line

It's no secret that many folks are inclined to believe that reality stars are famous for being famous. Probably the most notable of these "famous-for-nothing-stars" are the Kardashian family. Non-fans of the show are entirely too quick to dismiss the sisters' fame, blatantly ignoring their entrepreneurial accomplishments outside the show within the beauty and fashion industries. 

Audrey Roloff is certainly not a Kardashian — but don't write her off as just another reality television star relying on the silver screen for success. While Roloff's claim to fame may be her role on TLC's Little People, Big World, the reality star hasn't done too shabby for herself outside of the show. In June 2016, Roloff announced her clothing line, Always More. "The heart of this shop is to encourage and inspire women to ALWAYS believe in the MORE that is within them through Christ," the shop's homepage reads. This gal is making some serious entrepreneur moves already — what else will she do with her newfound fame? 

She's super close to her family -- in more ways than one

Everyone knows you can't choose your family, but Audrey Roloff certainly seems to be one of those people who totally lucked out in that department. Born Audrey Mirabella Botti, the Little People, Big World star often takes to her social media to sing the praises of her parents, Dan and Cendi Botti, and her siblings, Margo and Jack. On Father's Fay 2017, Roloff posted a picture of herself with her smiling fam, captioned, "So blessed to call this my family." 

Roloff might have left the nest for good when she and Jeremy wed in September 2014, but she can easily return anytime she likes — because the nest seems to have moved with her. "Just before my wedding, my parents moved from the suburbs to the country," Roloff writes on AujPoj.  "Now they live on a farm one mile up the road from my husband's family." Located in Helvetia, Oregon, both sets of the Roloffs' parents live only a 30 minute drive from Portland, Oregon — the city where Jeremy and Audrey bought their first home and are raising their daughter, Ember. 

She waited how long to say I love you?!

All it takes is one look at Audrey Roloff's Instagram account or personal blog (AujPoj) to see that this girl is totally head-over-heels in love with her husband, Jeremy Roloff. And, while it's easy for onlookers to assume that the cute couple has always been crazy in love, that's simply not the case — at least, for Audrey. 

Shortly after the Roloff couple wrapped up a widely-publicized social media break, Audrey Roloff took to her personal Instagram to post an adorable picture of herself and her husband standing in front of a quaint-looking chapel. Instead of captioning the photo with a run-of-the-mill inspirational quote, Audrey used the opportunity to dish some details on her marriage. 

The caption, titled "5 things you wouldn't know about us from following us on social media," is both insightful and surprising. The first item on the list? Jeremy was the first to say "I love you," to his future bride — and she took a whole year to say it back! "Needless to say, I had some walls up," the caption reads. Sounds like it!

She keeps her bod in tip-top shape

When Audrey and Jeremy Roloff set off for Maui with little Ember in tow in April 2018, the internet started buzzing over the cute, vacay-loving family. And while Ember is undoubtedly adorable and super photogenic, it was Mama Roloff who folks couldn't stop admiring. 

In an Instagram photoset from April 28, 2018 posted to Audrey's personal Instagram page, the new mom showed off her adorable little family, gorgeous beachside views from Maui, and the cutest photo featuring baby Ember wearing a pair of too-big sunglasses. But that's not all — this mama also showed of her rockin' post-baby body!

Since she's known to be an avid runner, it's not a super-shocker that Roloff is in crazy good shape. What is shocking, however, is that her body looks this flawless only seven months after giving birth to Ember! Perhaps Roloff's running habits got her back into pre-baby shape, or maybe the new mom has Barre3 to credit for that flat tummy! Whatever Roloff is doing, it's definitely working. You go, girl!