How To Start A Kardashian-Approved Closet Archive

When people think of organizing their belongings, they oftentimes think of hours and hours of agonizing, sweaty, stressful decluttering. However, organizing closet space really doesn't need to be all that painful. 

So many celebrities have made it abundantly clear that organization in their homes has become a daily practice. Whether it be Oprah Winfrey's color-coded closet or Kim Kardashian's iconic closet archive (via Real Homes), there's a way to make it work for everyone. 

That being said, fitting all of your clothes into one singular space is a tricky task. So, channel your inner Kardashian and start a separate closet archive for the extra pieces that may not fit in your wardrobe year-round. After all: Decluttering your wardrobe is decluttering your mind. Here's how to do it

Wait, what's a closet archive?

Believe it or not, there are actually right and wrong ways to store your clothing, and there are people whose job is to help you with it. Professional fashion archivist Julie Ann Clauss shared her tips for storing clothing with Forbes. In simple terms, a closet archive is made by organizing your clothing and putting certain pieces away in storage until you need them for that specific season or occasion.

Empty your closet

It sounds scary, but it needs to be done. If you want to see everything you own, then throw all of your stuff on the floor or a bed,  per Poosh. Go on, do it! The mess will be worth the gorgeous outcome. While you empty your closet, remove all the hangers as well and wipe down the surfaces with some disinfectant wipes. You can never go wrong with keeping your closet space organized and clean. 

Decide what to keep vs. what to get rid of

Once all of your clothes are emptied out of the closet, it's time to sift through it all. Be real here: How often do you really wear that top? And those pants? You need to be realistic because your closet and archive should hold your most prized possessions, not some pants you know you'll never actually wear again. Once you make a pile of clothes you are keeping versus clothes you want to get rid of or donate, try separating items between what you definitely want to hang up compared to things you don't mind putting in storage. 

Hang up your most-worn pieces in your closet

Now, hanger time. The pieces you wear the most should be hung up and on display. Is something of amazing quality that should not be folded away? Then definitely hang it up. Jackets, jeans, and everyday staples for the season you're currently in should also be hung. But, at the end of the day, the closet archive options really are endless. You can even organize your closet by category, color, season, etc.

Organize the rest in archive boxes

Now the fun part: folding, color-coding, and putting clothes away in storage bins. When you decide what to put away in archive boxes, you want to keep in mind what you wear the most. For example, bras and underwear might be in organizational bins in your closet, but, when it comes to actual storage containers, you want to be focusing more on things that are out of season, such as sweaters and pants in the summer.

Take pictures of items in your archive

The final step, and the easiest, is to take photos of everything as you're putting it away in your new archive. It's a crucial step in staying organized in your closet archival process. Now that you have all of these photos, you can make an album on your phone full of pictures of everything in your storage. Instead of scrambling through everything physically, you can swipe through your camera roll to recall what's in there.