The Best Way To Make A DIY Face Mask, According To TikTok

The best part about an at-home spa day is that every single detail is entirely customizable, tailored to fit your tastes and desires alone. Mani or pedi? Chocolate chip or snickerdoodle? "Pride & Prejudice (2005)" or "Little Women"? Does it really matter when you can choose it all?

Down to the most minute elements, you have control over what you want. Yet when it comes to an integral part of a self-care routine, a face mask, the amount of control decreases. For those with sensitive skin or people who are just generally picky about what goes on their face, getting the right face mask for your skin can be difficult.

Maybe you like the rose extract or vitamin C in a mask, but you're allergic to the honey in it. Or perhaps it has all the perfect ingredients, but the fragrance in the mask makes your skin red and blotchy.

Hunting down a mask that's absolutely perfect for your skin is hard, but if you make your own, searching is not always necessary.

How to create a DIY face mask

This TikTok video may seem like absolute witchcraft, but not only is it very real, the machine is also surprisingly affordable. The BioFace Facial Mask Machine, available at Walmart, allows you to create a customized face mask using fruits, vegetables, or other ingredients that you have at home.

The user adds mashed-up watermelon (a natural exfoliator and hydrator according to Be Beautiful), micellar water, and a collagen tablet. Within a few minutes, those three ingredients are transformed into a hydrating sheet mask.

The BioFace Facial Mask Machine comes with a beaker that has the correct amount to fill the machine with, six tablets of collagen, a spatula to pick the mask up, and a brush to clean it when you're done.

To create a mask, add the recommended amount of water and ingredients to the machine (the amount is the instruction manual the machine comes with). Put in the collagen pill and then start it up. After about five minutes, place the mask into the tray and smooth it out with the spatula. Let it sit for about five to eight minutes, and then voilĂ ! A DIY customized mask.

Recipes to create a DIY mask

For a bit of gentle exfoliation, try a papaya and cucumber mask. Papaya is rich with vitamins A, B, and C, and it's amazing for reducing acne, treating melasma, and decreasing wrinkles and fine lines, explains Healthline. Cucumbers, on the other hand, have high water content, moisturizing and soothing the skin (via Kiehl's).

An avocado, honey, and green tea mask is the perfect recipe for moisture, redness, and inflammation. Anti-bacterial and high in antioxidants, honey and green tea are known to be amazing for irritation and acne (via Byrdie). With the addition of avocado, a soothing, moisturizing quality is brought to the mask.

For hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone, try an aloe vera mask. While the leaf is typically known for its soothing, moisturizing benefits, it's actually quite effective when it comes to evening out the skin, reports Insider. If you don't have sensitive skin, consider adding a bit of turmeric, which has been used amongst South Asians for years thanks to its ability to decrease acne, hyperpigmentation, and dark circles (via MBG Lifestyle).