25 Easy Claw Clip Hairstyles To Upgrade Your Casual Looks

First popularized in the 90s (per Vox), claw clips made a massive comeback a few years ago, along with several other 90s fashion trends that are finally coming back in style, and they have been seen on celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, and Bella Hadid (via Bustle). 

Claw clips are defined as a clip with two rows of "teeth" that clinch together to hold your hair in place. One of the benefits of claw clips is that they are, in general, more gentle on your hair than hair ties, as they place less strain on your scalp, are less of a hassle to twist, and can be used without the risk of pulling your hair out by accident when you want to take your style down. That is, if you know how to work with them.

For those who are inexperienced with claw clips, using one might seem a bit tricky. Claw clips can be large or small, they are suitable for all hair types and lengths, they come in all different shapes and colors, and they are super versatile when it comes to styling your hair. There are tons of cute hairstyles you can create with a claw clip, and there are plenty of stylistas to draw inspiration from to upgrade your casual looks. 

Double buns with claw clips

This messy bun is so cute, we're seeing double. Oh wait — this is a double messy-bun look, featuring two sweet, flower-shaped claw clips! 

This playful look by Instagram user @emmafearsmayo would be perfect for a day at the park, for picking up an iced tea, or for hanging with friends doing some crafts. The roundness of the flower shape complements the shape of the buns well, and we love the artistic color mismatch. 

While this style could work on anyone, those with thick hair might benefit from separating their strands into two sections to make two smaller, lighter buns, instead of one big one. You can find flower claw clips like these at Princess Polly.

A claw clip bun with a mod twist

Claw clips each definitely have their own personalities, so to speak, and are, as such, an excellent way to express your style sensibilities while also acting as a utility. This round, groovy claw clip in mustard yellow gives us mod vibes. 

Holding in place a simple, twisted low bun, Instagram user @hair.of.anna uses a clip that lies flat to accentuate the shape of the bun. This claw clip with heart-shaped cutouts from En Route has a similar vibe. 

The classic claw clip twist-and-tuck

For those with long hair who are in need of a simple styling solution, the classic twist-and-tuck claw clip style is a wonderful way to both effortlessly gather your hair and still make it look sophisticated. 

Using a large claw clip, twist your hair in the back and pull it upwards toward the top of your head. Then, fold it back down and clip the hair in place, tucking the hair into the clip. Instagram user @angel.bunkers uses a nude hair clip to complement the color of her hair. 

The high half-up, half-down claw clip

One of the simplest ways to use a claw clip is to take the front strands of your hair and gently clip them back behind your head. This style will not only keep your locks out of your face (perfect if you're growing out a layered cut), but it will also make your mane look more voluminous in the back. 

Instagram user @taaylor_xox has gathered her hair in a small fold and clipped it in place with a peach-colored clip for an effortless look. 

The low half-up, half-down claw clip

Another half-up, half-down look can be achieved by gathering the hair around the nape of the neck with a claw clip instead of high on the head. 

Instagram user @lifeofkkay pulls back the strands toward the front of her head, leaving a few face-framing strands loose at the front, and clips the hair back low on her head. This look is a great way to keep your hair pulled back without placing too much strain on your scalp. 

The half updo for shorter hair

Those with short crops like a bob haircut can still use small claw clips in their hair! TikTok user @hairbymattebery demonstrates how she does it. 

First, she ties her hair back with an elastic. Then, after creating an opening just above the tie, she tucks the tied hair through it from the bottom, thus hiding the tie underneath the hair. After, she clasps the hair in place with a claw clip, creating a little bun, and pulls out a few strands to add volume to the hair that peeks out from the clip. 

A classic messy bun with claw clips

Perhaps you've got a lot of hair, or, you can't get enough of cute claw clips! If you can relate, TikTok user @kaitcurnow has an essential hairdo for you. 

After first gathering her hair in a ponytail, she pulls the hair through to create a bun on the second twist. Then, wrapping the hair around the bun, she clips the hair at the top, letting her locks fall over. She then tucks pieces of the hair into the clip to touch up the look, and the result is a messy bun spilling over with beauty. 

The messy bun for added volume

To give the appearance of fuller hair, this claw clip style that TikTok user @alyssarayelee demonstrates in her video will do the trick. 

First, separate the hair into two sections; a top half, and a bottom half. Tie the top half of the hair into a loop bun, and do the same with the bottom half. Pull out some of the hair to make the buns appear larger. Then, clip the bottom bun in place with a claw clip so it appears as though the top bun is spilling over the top. And voila! Instantly voluminous hair, all thanks to a claw clip. 

Claw clip styling for curly hair

Claw clips in curly hair can aid in both emphasizing the hair's volume, and breaking it up that volume when the hair is thick. 

TikTok user @ashgabrielle__ shows how she uses a claw clip in her curly hair. First, she separates out her shorter front strands. Then, she twists her hair and pulls her ends so that they face upward. Next, she clamps a claw clip down on the bottom of the twist and lets her curls fall down over the clip. Talk about effortless styling! 

Claw clips for super curly hair

Next, TikTok user @osoprecious demonstrates how to incorporate a claw clip into natural type 4 hair (if you're not sure what type you are, here are all the different curl types explained). 

First, she sections her hair into two parts, carving out the bulk of her hair in the center, leaving some pieces to frame her head and face. She then ties the bulk of her hair in a bun. Next, she smooths down the front pieces of her hair behind her ears and ties them together with the loose section of her hair into another bun. After she adds the finishing touches to her edges and applies heat to her front strands, she then releases the top bun and ties it into a ponytail so the hair spills over. Then, using a claw clip, she twists the bottom bun up and clips it in place so it looks as though her ponytail is spilling out of the clip. 

Claw clip hacks for bangs

Styling bangs — especially in that awkward stage when they're growing out — can be tricky. But TikTok user @akwearsthings has a brilliant way to make your stands come together, both literally and figuratively, with this claw clip hairstyle. 

First, she puts her tresses in a low ponytail. Then, she pulls the hair through an opening she creates above the ponytail — but here's the trick, she only pulls it halfway through. As a final step, she pulls out any strands that she knows will not fit into the clip, and loosens the hair so it looks a bit more lived in. 

A classic claw clip ponytail

A ponytail is a classic hairstyle that can be tricky to upgrade on its own. As such, this casual look is ripe for an upgrade! 

This is where Instagram user @itshollylc comes in with her claw clip ponytail. First tying the hair into a ponytail, she then separates the ponytail into two sections, a top and bottom portion. She pulls the top section up across the top of her head, then clips it above the elastic with a claw clip. Afterward, she pulls the top section back over the claw clip and tucks it into place. Now the elastic is hidden, and the ponytail appears extra voluminous. 

Claw clip for locs

Claw clips can also be used on locs for a simple way to put hair up. Instagram user @moreofsi_ gathers her locs in a bun and secures it with a metal claw clip in the shape of a butterfly. 

Depending on the length and thickness of your locs, you may want to experiment with different-sized claw clips to find one that works best for you, as YouTuber @extraebony explains in her video. She also recommends bobby pins and hair ties for additional hold, and to get creative with your look. 

Rocking claw clips with short hair

While certain claw clip hair styles simply will not work for those with super short hair, using mini claw clips to add dimension to hair could be an ingenious way to add some interest to your casual looks. We love how Instagram user @xknifeplay uses a bunch of mini butterfly clips to style her hair — it looks as if they had landed right on her! 

Using the clips to gather certain pieces of hair can add both texture and depth to your short hairstyle, not to mention, it looks super cute. These adorable and inexpensive butterfly mini clips on Etsy are a great option.  

Claw clipping super long hair

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you have super long hair like Instagram user @dianadyanalonghair, finding a way to keep it all together can be a challenge. 

To make long hair more manageable, first twist the hair together. Then, gently loop the hair around and around in a large bun until you reach the end of your strands. Secure the loop with a large claw clip, and the result is a big, beautiful bun! 

The French twist

The French twist claw clip hairstyle might be on of the most popular, however, it requires a bit of finesse. TikTok user @miss_natasha_jade demonstrates how to properly achieve the look. 

First, gather the hair in a ponytail, then, at the top of the ponytail, twist the hair around two fingers so your ends face down. Then, clip the twist together. Should you want to touch up any loose strands, feel free to go in with some bobby pins as well. 

The modified French twist

For a creative version of the French twist claw clip look, Instagram user @ybbmaria lets the twist show rather than tucking it away. 

After twisting the hair as you would for a bun, fold it upward and lay the hair across the back of your head. Then, clip the twist in place in the middle of the head, and let the ends of your hair fold over at the top. This open-frame claw clip really adds to the look, it acts as a barely-there accessory to let the hairstyle shine. 

A claw clip twist bun

Sometimes, working with a claw clip comes down to what works best for you and your hair, and TikTok user @alysialoo has an inventive hair hack that could help your claw clip look become its own. 

First, she twists her hair into a ponytail and begins to pull the hair through on the third loop. However, instead of pulling the hair straight up, she twists it, and as she does so, keeps the hair together tightly. Holding the twist in place, she then pulls her ends up and clasps it all together with a claw clip. She tucks in any stray hair, and the result is a well-kept claw bun. 

A perfect claw clip messy bun

There is nothing we love more than a good, messy bun. And using a claw clip produces a beautiful bun each time. 

Instagram user @madzzy__ twists her hair to the side, then folds it over, finally laying it on the back of her head. She then flips the twist up and clips the hair in place. The abstract print on the clip adds a modern element to this timeless style, and this clip from Madewell has a similar feel. 

Try structured, geometric shapes

Another cool way to wear a hair clip is with an unexpected, geometric shape. In this case, Instagram user @lauren_wambolt uses a matte brown, open-frame claw clip to achieve this sophisticated, modern updo. After twisting and folding the hair, then tucking it into the clip, a square clip holds the look in place. 

Its clean lines and neutral shade add a polished element to an otherwise purposefully messy style, which makes it a wonderful addition to any casual outfit. To replicate the look, these square, matte claw clips from Etsy offer 10 different shade options. 

An elegant, pearly twist on the classic claw clip

To add a little luxury to a casual outfit, try wearing a beaded claw clip in your hair. Instagram user @sheebaamin pulls her hair back with a gorgeous white beaded claw clip that gives the appearance of tiny pearls. 

We love this claw clip from Willow Boutique with faux pearls all over, as well as this neutral, translucent claw clip from Target designed to look as though it is made from beads. 

A beautiful bow style

Perhaps you have medium-length hair and cannot seem to find the balance between short and long styles. TikTok user @kelly_beauti has come up with the perfect in-between hairstyle using a claw clip that looks as though you are folding your hair into a bow! 

First, tie your hair into a ponytail, and separate it into top and bottom sections. Next, fold the top and bottom sections in half so your ends meet in the middle. Then, clip the hair together with a claw clip. The result is a gorgeous style that looks like a bowtie from the side. 

The wraparound bun

To keep a messy bun intact, TikTok user @audreyvictoria_ offers an inventive hair hack. First, tie your hair into a ponytail. Then, secure the claw clip directly over the elastic, with the teeth facing the front. Next, fold the ponytail over the front, and wrap it around the hair clip. Once the hair has been completely wrapped, readjust the clip so that it gathers all of the hair in place, and this wraparound bun is not going anywhere! 

The wraparound top bun

Using a similar principle as the wraparound bun, TikTok user @mattloveshair creates this cute half-up, half-down bun look. 

After tying a top section of hair into a ponytail, wrap the hair completely around one side of the clip — not the ponytail itself — and clamp the clip down over the elastic. Next, take the wrapped hair and fold it over to the other side of the claw clip, and readjust the clip so it contains all of the hair. 

An upside down ponytail

This claw clip style is a play on the ponytail. TikTok user @kaittnnicolee first ties her hair in a regular ponytail. She then twists it upwards, and clips the bottom with a claw clip, letting the top spill over. She then pulls out some of the hair so it appears fuller. 

We love that this hairstyle can work on any length, and it's super easy to recreate at home.