This Is What Gal Gadot Really Eats In A Day

It's impossible to miss Gal Gadot these days, as she was the star of the 2017 hit superhero movie Wonder Woman. The Amazonian actress originally hails from Israel, where she not only served in the Israeli Defense Force, but also won the Miss Israel competition (in 2004), according to The New York Times. She enrolled in law school after that, but left to pursue acting — clearly, that decision was the right one to make. Now she's a household name in the United States and beyond.

Obviously Gadot had quite the training regimen to prepare for Wonder Woman, including martial arts exercises. And when she's not prepping for a film, she enjoys paddle boarding and TRX, so clearly she works out. But what is it that she eats that allows her to stay so slender and have such glowing skin? Does she do crazy diets, or have salad for every meal? The answers may surprise you. This is what Gal Gadot really eats in a day. 

Eggs are excellent in the morning

Superheroes don't skip breakfast, and Gal Gadot is no different. During a morning interview with The New York Times, she enthusiastically scarfed down eggs and fruit, saying that she's "starving all the time!" That's not surprising, given how much training and work she had to do for Wonder Woman — while pregnant. One can only imagine how ravenous she got!

Some mornings, she'll go a bit of a different route, according to Marie Claire, especially when she's with her family. "I need to set a healthy example for my daughter. I want [her] to know that what she feeds her body does her good," she said.  How does she do that? "We make smoothies in the morning with parsley, celery, green apples and ginger — basically, we throw in whatever we have," she shared. 

So for Gadot, breakfast is always going to be served, and it's probably going to be healthy most of the time.

30-40 percent veggies

Gal Gadot has a few rules that she abides by when it comes to her diet, and it's not just because she wants to be thin. In fact, as she told Marie Claire, "I don't want to be skinny but I do want to know that I'm only putting quality fuel into my body." 

What does that quality fuel consist of? "I eat a lot of fish and chicken, and I make sure that around 30-40 percent of our family diet is made of cooked or raw vegetables," she revealed. That way, she's getting lean protein and plenty of produce on the reg.

Gadot has fangirled out a few times over good fruit and vegetable stands, too. She shared a photo of some bomb tropical produce on her Instagram, saying, "I want to buy everything." She also gave some praise to tomatoes and strawberries in another photo, noting that she loves, "going to the market and finding all the delicious goods."

No restrictions

Wonder Woman appreciates all kinds of food and drink. As she told Harper's Bazaar, "I'm a foodie and I love to experience food." And Gadot doesn't believe in depriving herself, either. "I don't restrict myself," she continued. "I can eat everything. It's all a matter of measurements and quantity of the food; just enjoy your food and don't eat while you drive and don't eat when you talk on the phone." In a nutshell, she believes in respecting food, and respecting yourself enough to truly enjoy the act of eating. 

Additionally, Gadot told E News! that she strives for a balanced approach. "I try to eat healthy," she shared. "But sometimes though, I eat cheeseburgers. That's good for the soul. I make sure to balance everything out." She added that she also drinks a lot of water.

Gadot's outlook on food sounds a lot like the mindful eating approach recommended by some doctors, dietitians, and nutritionists.

Coffee, please

Like many of us, Gal Gadot appreciates a good cup of joe, and she drinks it regularly. Notably, during an interview with GQ, she enjoyed a cup of coffee with "extra sugar syrup." Chances are, then, that she doesn't rely on sugar substitutes to satisfy her sweet tooth.

Gadot has also posted several times about her devotion to coffee-based beverages on Instagram. For example, she relied on coffee when she had a three month-old baby with colic to help her wake up, according to one Instagram post (accompanied by a ridiculously gorgeous makeup-free photo of herself). She also noted that she's fond of coffee cortado in another post, especially when her husband makes it for her.

In some ways, Gadot is just as human as the rest of us, despite her on-screen super powers. For example, she has depended on a latte and a pastry to get her through a Monday, according to a post she made on Instagram. So you're definitely not alone.

Ketchup and mayo with her burgers and fries

When she's not on a movie set or training to be a total badass, Gal Gadot kicks back just like anyone else. In an interview with Glamour, she admitted to vegging out on the couch while watching television on occasion. "I love watching cooking shows, I can watch them for hours; I'm a good cook," she said. Nothing like a Chopped marathon to make you want to get in the kitchen.

When asked what would be on the menu in her dining room, she responded, "A cheeseburger, French fries with a lot of ketchup and mayo! It's like the burger and the fries are just the excuse for the ketchup and mayo." How relatable is that?

That's not the only time that Gadot has shared her love of burgers with the world. She mentioned them in interviews with both Marie Claire and Harper's Bazaar, showing that she's a dedicated fan of America's signature sandwich.

No wasabi! No soy sauce!

Apparently Amazons appreciate marine cuisine, as Gal Gadot has proven time and time again that she's super into sushi. During an interview with Elle, Gadot brought her interviewer to an authentic sushi restaurant in Los Angeles, making her promise not to reveal its name and location to readers. 

The restaurant, which is an unassuming "strip-mall-hole-in-the-wall," doesn't serve wasabi, soy sauce, California rolls, or other popular Americanized dishes. The staff at the restaurant were emphatic about that, informing them several times what to expect.

For lunch, Gadot ordered a beer and the omakase (chef's choice), telling the waiter, "No salmon eggs, no sea urchin, no clams." That still left plenty of options for her to enjoy, and she was delighted with her meal. 

According to the Elle interview, it was also dining over sushi that Gadot first met with Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins in Atlanta back in 2015 to discuss the role. It's clear Gadot's love of of sushi runs deep, as she also posted about her devotion on Instagram, where she referred to it as her "lunch treat."

Her favorite Chinese dish

Sushi isn't the only Asian cuisine that Gal Gadot is fond of. Turns out she's also a fan of Chinese food as well, as she mentioned in an Instagram post while on the way to China to get ready for the Justice League press tour and, as she said, "eating my favorite Chinese dish — Dim Sum." 

If you haven't had Dim Sum or don't know what it is, you're missing out. It's a wide variety of fried, steamed, and even baked small-plate dishes served with a variety of proteins and textures, usually for brunch. Who knows what other kinds of food she had when she was abroad in China, but it's likely that she got to sample a wide variety of delectables. 

Gadot apparently enjoys more Americanized Chinese food as well, as is evidenced by a post she made on Instagram showing her fortune cookie. "Good luck is coming your way!" she captioned.

French food helped light the flame

It sounds crazy, but Gal Gadot met her husband on a desert retreat, a place she went to heal after being dumped repeatedly by older men, according to an interview with Elle magazine. Their loss, obviously.

Food had a major role in bringing she and her husband together — bad food, in fact. "The food was so bad there, like super not-attractive food. So Jaron drove to this French restaurant an hour and a half from there, and he bought the entire menu and brought it back to everyone," she shared. That's certainly one way to save the day.

Sparks flew as the evening went on. Gadot continued, "So we were sitting in a circle, and I'm like Mama Goose serving food for everyone and bringing them the plate; and he's sitting next to me, and I just put my hand on his thigh, and that was it for him." After that, they talked all night until the sun came up, and the rest is history. It doesn't get more romantic than that.

She has her cake and eats it too

Not one to ignore her sweet tooth, Gal Gadot goes all in, eating cake and other sweets when the mood strikes her. During an interview with W magazine, she revealed that she enjoys the art of cake decoration, for one. 

She took her interviewer to Duff's CakeMix in Los Angeles, where she selected decorations, rolled fondant, and decorated a cake during their interview. On that particular day, she had a penchant for blue cake, purple icing, and gold balls.

That's not the first time Gadot showed her love for cake during an interview. A star-struck waiter served her a slice of carrot cake and coffee during an interview she gave to Glamour magazine, too. Additionally, she's posted evidence of her appreciation for dessert on her Instagram before, including a photo with the remains of something seriously chocolaty, and a shout-out to her local bakery with a photo of some delicious-looking doughnut holes.

Snacking is a yes

Gal Gadot's snack game runs the gamut, but it's always on point and always looks delicious. In particular, this delectable photo of avocado toast served with sliced tomatoes, bell peppers, and celery that she shared on Instagram looks amazing, showcasing her ability to plate a beautiful dish with bright colors and fresh ingredients. She slapped a #vegan hashtag on there too, even though she's a documented omnivore whose love of burgers is well-established. 

She's also posted a selfie on Instagram featuring fresh fruit, this time a ripe strawberry. "Quick snack," she wrote, showing her eating while on the go.

Gadot doesn't just have healthy snacks either. In fact, this decadent photo of a whipped cream-covered dessert topped with rainbow sprinkles on her Instagram page looks like the perfect way to splurge. "Night snack," she wrote, showing that she doesn't worry about late-night snacks contributing to weight gain. She's clearly committed to living her best life.

Burek is best

Gal Gadot has shared her love of burek (also spelled borek), a pastry found in the Middle East and beyond, with the world on her Instagram page on several occasions. 

In one post, she shared a photo of burek served with eggs, olives, and a variety of condiments with the caption, "Burekas makes a girl happy." In another post, she wrote, "My Morning Plus all the things that I like, the sea, Burek, and good vibes," and shared a photo of her dining by the beach in Israel. On her plate are burek, poached eggs, sliced tomatoes, and herbs, accompanied by a bottle of water and what look to be olive pits on her napkin.

Burek can have a variety of fillings such as cheese, spinach, or minced meat, so it's not clear what kind of burek that Gadot favors the most. It's possible that she eats and enjoys it in all of its forms.