If You're An Enneagram Type 4, You Should Consider Pursuing This Career

Talking about your career isn't a small discussion — it's literally life changing. But did you realize knowing your personality type can make all the difference when finding a career that truly fulfills your soul?

Like the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator, Enneagram tests break personalities up into several different types – 16 for Myers-Briggs and nine Enneagram types – based on how "people interpret the world and manage their emotions," according to Truity. It even comes with a funky little visual to help you dissect it all.

According to The Enneagram Institute, those who identify with Enneagram Type 4, known as The Individualist, have a unique personality that is unlike anyone they encounter. Sure, they want to connect with others but their creative, one-of-a-kind nature makes them feel apart from the rest of society. If the Enneagram Type 4 personality rings true to every part of your being, it's time to find a few careers to drive your passion for the creative and truly meet your need for authenticity.

Type 4s thrive as artists

If you're an Enneagram Type 4, creativity is your light. So, you'll find yourself drawn to careers in the world of creation. Excel in a career as a craft or fine artist. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, craft and fine artist careers can cover anything from drawing and sculpting to weaving and glassblowing.

Do your hands feel more at home on a keyboard? Take your love of art digital by becoming a digital animator, illustrator, or graphic designer. And let's not forget about the world of moving and performing arts. The world of art has many different facets for an Enneagram Type 4 to flourish.

Beginning a job in the arts typically requires a formal education, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many also seek additional training under a well-known artist in their field. Additionally, Life Goals Mag notes that jobs at new businesses and jobs with "clear expectations" are best for this personality type.

The life of a writer might also suit Type 4s

The flurry of your pen is the sword you wield on the world. While finding a writing position might have been a niche job at one time, the opportunities available online for Enneagram Type 4 in this career are abundant. Writers have a plethora of avenues open to them like creative writing, article writing, copywriting, screenwriting, and more. It just depends on what gets your creative juices flowing.

You can become a writer through further education and on-the-job training, per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. For example, you might start as a copywriter and work your way up to a journalist with time. You might also just start your writing career by penning that novel that's building in your mind.

Writers.com notes that "anyone who writes is a writer." If the written word is your passion and you have a niche, it's about building a portfolio and finding different jobs that meet your creative needs. All Enneagram Type 4s really need to do to lock down the perfect career is find that passion burning inside them and go for it.