Revisiting Josslyn Jacks' Young Love Life On General Hospital

Josslyn Jacks' life on "General Hospital" has been far from conventional. From the moment fans witnessed her traumatic birth years ago to her recent flirtation with the mob, Josslyn has had a wild upbringing. Josslyn required a kidney transplant when she was little, which would haunt her later when the unwilling donor came seeking revenge (via Soap Central). Plus, as someone with a former stepfather engrossed in organized crime, she's been the target of multiple shootings and attacks from his enemies.

However, like her mother, Carly Spencer (Laura Wright), Josslyn — now played by Eden McCoy — has also had a tumultuous romantic life. Despite only being a young college student in the present, Josslyn's love life seems like it belongs to someone much older because of the heartache she's already faced: from her first love that was cut short because of an unknown illness, to navigating becoming sexually active for the first time, to wanting a guy that exhibits several red flags.

Josslyn's first brush with romance and her definition of true love came in the form of Oscar Nero (Garren Lake). Unfortunately for Josslyn though, they were doomed from the start, thanks to an ailment kept secret by his mother, Kim Nero (Tamara Braun). Although they didn't have long together, Oscar's impact was long-lasting and worth revisiting (via Soaps In Depth).

Josslyn and Oscar's love was halted by an illness

Josslyn Jacks' first foray into the dating world came after a house party, Where she met Oscar Nero (via Soap Central). Her mother wasn't keen on the two dating, but, like typical teenagers, they were determined to find a way to see each other. Once their relationship began, they didn't have much time to settle into first-love bliss as the drama wasn't too far behind.

Josslyn and Oscar continued to fall more in love while simultaneously getting involved in social activism causes. After one of their peers at school was mistreated because of the education establishment's regulations on gender-specific clothing, the couple planned their own alternative dance in lieu of the school's official one. 

Sadly, an earth-shattering natural disaster rocked Port Charles, and Oscar ended up locked in a freezer, where he nearly died. His recovery process was painfully slow, opening the door to many questions regarding his physical health. For weeks it was apparent that something was gravely wrong with Oscar. Eventually, his mother, Kim Nero, revealed the truth that Oscar was suffering from a terminal brain tumor. Even though there was a promising experimental treatment for him to try, his death was inevitable (via Michael Fairman TV). Unfortunately, Oscar didn't want Josslyn to know, and he started pulling away to make his eventual death easier on her.

Joss was by Oscar's side when he passed away

Josslyn Jacks was in the dark throughout the early days of Oscar Nero's diagnosis. She was completely caught off guard when he ended things with her because he couldn't give a genuine explanation for why it occurred. Josslyn's longtime friend Cameron Webber (William Lipton) knew about Oscar's diagnosis, but he agreed to keep things a secret from her until he couldn't take it anymore and blurted it out (via Soap Central).

Once Josslyn knew the truth about Oscar's condition, he finally agreed to have the experimental surgery, but it didn't do enough to save his life. Oscar was able to buy himself additional time, and Joss and his friends did their best to make the most of his remaining days by crossing things off his bucket list. However, the reality of Oscar's illness ultimately caught up with him when his tumor grew even larger, and his death was a foregone conclusion.

In a romantic twist of fate, it was Josslyn who was the final person with Oscar when he died (via Michael Fairman TV). They had been working on a song together for the annual General Hospital Nurse's Ball, but his death forced her to perform their song alone. However, Oscar's ghost was shown attending the event in spirit, watching Josslyn sing the song they wrote together.

Josslyn found love again with longtime friend Cameron

Once Josslyn Jacks began healing from Oscar Nero's passing, she and her longtime friend Cameron Webber finally gave in to their feelings and started dating. However, it was never a surefire bet that they would end up together because, at one point, Cameron shared a kiss with their mutual best friend, Trina Robinson (then Sydney Mikayla), per Soaps In Depth. Another hurdle preventing them from fully embracing a relationship together was Josslyn's house guest and "cousin," Dev Corbin (Ashton Arbab). Dev tricked Cameron into believing that Josslyn thought Cameron wasn't a good kisser as a way to get Joss for himself (via Soap Opera Spy).

Josslyn didn't learn about what actually happened until after Dev died in an explosion, and once she discovered the truth, she and Cam shared a kiss. It wasn't long after the kiss that things finally became official between the two. Everything was going well between them, and any weirdness between the friend trio involving Trina had dissipated. However, the return of their friend Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Chavez) from boarding school, along with his questionable girlfriend Esme Prince (Avery Pohl), soon turned everything upside down.

Esme wasn't a fan of Spencer's connection to Trina, so in an attempt to set Trina up for the perfect crime, she terrorized Cam and Joss in the process (via Daytime Confidential). Something that was supposed to be the most precious and intimate moment of their relationship was turned into embarrassment and shame because of Esme's thirst for revenge. In fact, Joss and Cam never truly recovered from evil Esme's crimes.

Josslyn and Cameron's first time was exposed by Esme

Josslyn Jacks and Cameron Webber had finally agreed to take their relationship to the next level, but their special night together was anything but (via Celebrating the Soaps). Josslyn, Cameron, Trina Robinson, Spencer Cassadine, and Esme Prince gathered at a cabin for a fun weekend getaway. Unknown to the rest of the group, Esme had ill intentions for their evening and set in motion a series of events that the group is still recovering from.

Esme was desperate to wreak havoc in the lives of the entire friend group, so she drugged Trina and secretly recorded Josslyn and Cameron having sex for the first time. Not only did she frame Trina for the recording, but she took things even further by sending the revenge porn video to their entire college campus (via Soaps In Depth). Joss and Cam were emotionally wrecked by what happened to them, and their relationship remained turbulent in the months that followed.

Things were slowly getting on the right page between the couple, but the revelation that Cameron was withholding secrets from Josslyn leading up to and during Trina's trial for the sex tape scandal, caused them to drift further apart (via Soaps). Eventually, they had sex again, hoping that would reignite the spark they once had. However, despite Cameron believing things were improving, Josslyn's heart was drifting in an entirely different, more dangerous, direction.

Joss broke things off with Cam after sleeping with Dex

Once it became clear that Josslyn Jacks and Cameron Webber were drifting apart, it was easy to see the writing on the wall about what was next for her young love life. The moment Josslyn first met Sonny Corinthos' new right-hand man Dex Heller (Evan Hofer), it was impossible to ignore the electric chemistry between them. Joss tried to ignore her burgeoning feelings for Dex, but circumstances kept throwing them into each other's orbit (via Soaps In Depth).

At first, Joss didn't care for him because he was working for her ex-stepfather's organized crime business. However, she soon saw a softer and more vulnerable side to Dex when he showed up to help her save Ava Jerome's life after she was stabbed. Despite her newfound interest, Joss didn't cross the line with Dex, and they remained on platonic terms. Sometime later, Dex was shot during a prison escape gone wrong, and Joss was there to pick up the pieces and — literally — put him back together (via Daytime Confidential).

They shared multiple kisses after this and eventually gave into their connection and slept together on New Year's Eve. Josslyn was filled with guilt about cheating and showed up at Cameron's job to formally break things off with him, per Michael Fairman TV. Cameron had thought everything was better between the two, so he was blindsided by her unexpected dumping and broke down crying when she called it quits.