Everything You Should Consider Before Getting Your Filler Dissolved

Lip filler is no joke, and dissolving it is no walk in the park either. It takes some serious time and thought to decide to commit to a facial procedure like lip filler for many reasons, including the cost, the look, and the side effects. And, while these need to be evaluated before getting any injections, the same considerations need to be made when deciding to get it dissolved, too.

Dissolving lip filler is a fairly simple process, but there are, of course, fears when it comes to attempting to reverse this kind of cosmetic procedure. For example, a lot of potential patients are concerned that their lips will appear saggy after they get their filler dissolved. But thankfully, per Women's Health Magazine, the lips should return to their previous size and shape.

However, even if the outward appearance and a deflated look don't need to be a concern, there are some important factors to consider when deciding whether or not to get your filler dissolved.

Side effects of lip filler removal

Just as there are side effects when you first get lip filler, there are also side effects when it is removed. Of course, there is always the chance of an allergic reaction occurring while you are dissolving filler, per Healthline, so ensuring that your body won't react badly to any dissolver is imperative. 

Typically, doctors and dermatologists will use hyaluronidase when dissolving filler. It is an enzyme that breaks down pure hyaluronic acid filler, per Azza Halim, MD, a board-certified multi-specialist physician and anesthesiologist who spoke with Pop Sugar. According to Healthline, one of the biggest potential issues is the hyaluronidase eradicating too much of the volume or dissolving it unevenly. Also, make sure to check with your doctor that the hyaluronidase doesn't negatively interact with any medications you may be taking.

If you are new to lip fillers and are concerned you may have gone overboard, hold off before making an appointment to rid yourself of your injections. Swelling is a normal aspect of any cosmetic procedure (via Byrdie), so even if you want to ditch your newly plumped lips, it is vital to wait until you have healed and the hyaluronic acid has settled. 

Cost of filler vs. cost of removal

Lip fillers aren't the priciest cosmetic procedure out there, but they are an investment, averaging $750 per treatment (via RealSelf). So, a consideration when it comes to both getting lip injections or getting them dissolved is that it can potentially cost just as much to rid yourself of your plumper pout as it did to augment your lips in the first place.

Per Pop Sugar, the reported average cost of dissolving lip filler is about $450, but this can obviously vary depending on where you go and sometimes even how much you need removed. That is a lot of money to ditch something you previously paid a lot of money for! So, before you go through with the decision, make sure this is definitely what you want, because your bank account might shed a tear or two.

Ultimately, choosing to get lip filler is a very personal decision that doesn't need to be shared with anyone, and the applies to choosing to get lip filler dissolved. If you are thinking about getting lip fillers, be sure to be aware of all of the possible dangers of lip filler you can encounter in the process. It has proven to be expensive, so instead of paying to get it and then remove it, be confident that it is what you want first and educate yourself as much as possible.