If You're An Enneagram Type 8, You Should Consider Pursuing This Career

It's never great when you're stuck in a job — purely for the money — with no real joy for the role. But when you find a career that really resonates with your Enneagram type, it can go a long way. With an increased interest in personality tests over the past few years, you may well know your Enneagram personality type by now. But if not, don't fret, as you can take a personality test to find out. 

There are several ways that The Enneagram can help you in life, and finding the right job is one of them. Among the nine Enneagram personality types is Enneagram Type 8. This personality group has strong characteristics that are pretty distinctive for certain roles. So, if you're an Enneagram Type 8 and looking for a career change or something more closely matched with your personality type, here are a few suggestions for the top jobs worth considering.

What is an Enneagram Type 8?

The Enneagram system puts forth nine different personality types. According to the personality-typing giant Truity, people with Enneagram Type 8 personalities tend to present powerful personas. Also known as The challenger, Type 8s tend to express themselves through confidence and decision-making, leaning away from vulnerability. These are the characteristics that we tend to find more in leaders — the type of people who stick up for the underdogs of society. 

For example, famous Enneagram Type 8 people include Vice President Kamala Harris, Pink, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. These public figures undoubtedly display strong leadership and hard-working qualities, and that's what you can expect from a typical Enneagram Type 8. You can also spot this personality type through their ruthless independence and self-assuredness in the way they talk and walk, per Truity. They're not afraid of confrontation and they pride themselves on honesty and truth. And that's what you want from a leader, right?

Type 8s will find leadership roles thrilling

Please bear in mind that these suggestions are exactly that — suggestions. Of course, Enneagram Type 8s are not limited to only being able to do certain jobs, but research suggests that the following types of roles are likely to suit this personality type more. According to Life Goals Mag, journalism is one of the industries Enneagram Type 8s should consider as a career. And when you think about the purpose behind the job, it's not too hard to see why. Good journalists are dedicated to highlighting truths often hidden by more powerful bodies and giving a voice to the voiceless.

Similarly, if you're an Enneagram Type 8, you may want to look into becoming a CEO of a company — or even of your own! Being a leader is a key part of this personality group and what better way to portray your leadership than through a CEO role?

That being said, if you feel you're not quite on the CEO level yet, being an executive assistant could help nurture your natural Type 8 abilities to help you flourish and prepare you to eventually dominate an empire. Known for working well in fast-paced environments, you may also want to consider being an event planner if you fall under the Enneagram Type 8 personality type. Ultimately, this personality group is destined for strength in job positions. If you lead with that, it's quite likely that you'll end up with the right role for you.