Grace Kelly's Grandchildren Live Extremely Lavish Lives

Grace Kelly may have started her career as an American actress, but with her charisma and elegance, it's not surprising that she was destined to be one of the world's most-loved royals. After marrying Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, and becoming Princess of Monaco in 1956 (per Britannica), Kelly became an icon of timeless glamour, style, and universal beauty. 

During her marriage, the Hollywood star welcomed three children, Prince Albert II, Princess Caroline, and Princess Stephanie. However, Kelly's tragic death in a car accident in 1982 meant that she never met any of her 11 grandchildren, with her first grandchild Andrea Casiraghi being born in 1984, two years after her death (per Hello!).

But if Kelly ever met her grandchildren, she'd be proud that her memory lives on through them. Like their stunning Oscar-winning grandmother, Kelly's grandchildren have made headlines for their good looks, love of the finer things, charity work, and lavish lifestyles.

Andrea Casiraghi is married to billionaire heiress Tatiana Santo Domingo

Grace Kelly's eldest grandchild Andrea Casiraghi was born in Monte Carlo on June 8, 1984, and is the son of Princess Caroline and Italian businessman Stefano Casiraghi, who was killed in a boating accident (per Hello!). Although he does not have the title of a royal, Casiraghi is fourth in line to the Monégasque throne (per Town & Country) and has the charm and classic good looks of a Disney prince. He grew up on a picturesque French country estate and went to school in Paris. Like his father, who was a lover of outdoor sports, Casiraghi is an avid skier, horserider, footballer, and long-distance runner — and if that's not impressive enough, he's also multilingual, speaking French, English, German, and Italian (via Hello!).

In 2013, Casiraghi wed New York-born Columbian billionaire heiress Tatiana Santo Domingo, the owner of an ethical fashion brand and the granddaughter of a beer brewing mogul (via Insider). Santo Domingo, a regular guest at Fashion Week, is listed as the wealthiest citizen of Monaco and is estimated to be worth $1.7 billion (via Forbes). Casiraghi and his wife currently live in London with their children (via Insider). 

Like his grandmother Grace Kelly who was committed to charity work, per the Monaco Tribune, Casiraghi is the patron of the Motrice Foundation, which funds research into cerebral palsy (per Vogue).

Charlotte Casiraghi is an equestrian and a Chanel model

Born on August 3, 1986, Charlotte Casiraghi is the daughter of Princess Caroline and the late Stefano Casiraghi and is 11th in the line of succession to the Monégasque throne (via Vogue). Following in the footsteps of her late grandmother, Grace Kelly, the young royal oozes Hollywood glamour and always looks effortlessly chic. As a mother of two, Casiraghi says she prefers to live a low-key life but has had a successful career as an international model for luxury brands like Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. Chanel creative director Virginie Viard who worked with Casiraghi when she became an ambassador for the luxury brand, said that the royal "embodies the Chanel allure all while remaining true to her own world" (per Town & Country).

According to Vogue, Casiraghi is an accomplished equestrian who graduated with a bachelor's degree in arts and philosophy. When she was younger, she spent her summer holidays at the gorgeous Villa La Vigie, the late Karl Lagerfeld's vacation home on the French Riviera. Lagerfeld, a good friend of her mother's, helped influence Casiraghi's love of literature. "He [Lagerfeld] had a passion for certain women writers," Casiraghi told Town & Country of Lagerfeld's love of authors like Emily Dickinson. "It's something he really gave me access to at a young age," she added.

Pierre Casiraghi is an accomplished sailor and Dior ambassador

Pierre Casiraghi is Princess Caroline's third child with the late Italian businessman and socialite Stefano Casiraghi and is eighth in the line of succession to the Monégasque throne. Born September 5, 1987, he studied International Economics and Management at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy, and is the majority shareholder of his late father's construction company, Engeco (per Vogue).

Like his older sister Charlotte Casiraghi, Pierre Casiraghi is also an international model who recently became a Dior ambassador. In a Dior press release, Casiraghi was labeled "an icon of elegance." The statement said: "The Monegasque businessman embodies the new facet of tailoring constantly reinvented by Kim Jones [creative of Dior's men's line], a timeless modernity" (via People).

Although he is often photographed at high society events, Casiraghi loves the outdoors and is on the management committee of the Yacht Club de Monaco. Casiraghi is passionate about sailing around Monaco and loves inshore racing and car racing (via Vogue). In 2015 he married Beatrice Borromeo, a political journalist, and model with Italian aristocratic parents.

Princess Alexandra of Hanover is a former olympian figure skater and fashion icon

Born on July 20, 1999, in Austria, Princess Alexandra of Hanover is Princess Caroline of Monaco's only child with Prince Ernst August of the historic Kingdom of Hanover (per Hello Monaco). Dubbed by the publication as a "modern royal," she is a regular fixture at high-end fashion events and, like her older half-sister Charlotte Casiraghi, she loves to attend Fashion Week.

Princess Alexandra is a competitive figure skater and represented Monaco in figure skating at the 2015 European Youth Olympic Winter Festival in Austria (via Vogue). The young royal is in line for the Monégasque throne on her mother's side and is also a descendant of Queen Victoria on her father's side, which meant she was also in line to the British throne. However, after converting to Catholicism in 2018, she is no longer eligible (via Town & Country). The stylish socialite was romantically linked to German basketball player Ben Sylvester Strautmann, with the pair being spotted at several public events together (per New Idea).

Princess Alexandra left Monaco to study political science and philosophy at NYU but has spoken of her aspirations to work in the fashion industry. "I would like to dedicate myself to something related to art or fashion," she said (via Telva). "I would buy for others, so I would enjoy that pleasure but in the background, without feeling guilty. I would keep the best part."

Jacques, Hereditary Prince of Monaco, and Princess Gabriella, Countess of Carladès are already socialites

Born on December 10, 2014, Grace Kelly's only twin grandchildren, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella are always dressed impeccably and are already making regular appearances at high society events. The adorable royals are the children of Prince Albert II of Monaco, the eldest son of Hollywood actress and royal Grace Kelly, and Princess Charlene, a Zimbabwean-born former Olympic swimmer. They are the first twins born into Monaco's royal family since it was founded in the 13th century (via the BBC).

The young royals are the frontrunners to the Monégasque throne. Although their father, Prince Albert, has two older children from previous relationships, his other children don't qualify for the throne as they were born out of wedlock (via the BBC). Meanwhile, Prince Jacques is first in line to the throne because Monaco's constitution favors the eldest male child, and his sister Princess Gabriella is second in line for the throne (per Vogue).

Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella live exciting lives, often escorted by their parents and cousins on thrilling adventures, like having tea with France's First Lady Brigitte Macron at Elysée Palace (per Town & Country), or watching a boat catch alight at the Saint Devote celebrations in Monaco (per the Daily Mail). The stylish young royals regularly feature on their mom's Instagram page, photographed at events like the Formula One Grand Prix, on luxury ski adventures, and on fancy beach escapes.

Jazmin Grace Grimaldi is an American actress and singer

Like her paternal grandmother Grace Kelly, Jazmin Grace Grimaldi is a Hollywood actress passionate about philanthropic projects, per her website. Born on March 4, 1992, in Palm Springs, California, Grimaldi is the eldest daughter of Prince Albert II of Monaco and American waitress Tamara Rotolo (per Vogue) and is the only American-born grandchild of Grace Kelly. However, it wasn't until Grimaldi was 11 years old that a paternity test confirmed she was Prince Albert's daughter (per Hello!).

According to Vogue, although Grimaldi's half-siblings Princess Gabriella, and Princess Jacques, are both in direct line to the Monégasque throne — since Grimaldi's parents never married — the rising star has no place in line to the throne ... at all. Still, she regularly visits Monaco to visit her father's side of the family. Grimaldi seems close to her paternal relations, particularly her royal cousin Pauline Ducruet with the pair regularly hanging out and attending film premieres in New York City (per Harper's Bazaar). Grimaldi says she feels an affinity to her famous grandmother and recalls watching Grace Kelly in the 1956 musical "High Society." 

"It was the first time I realized we had a connection. I'm passionate about acting, singing, and dancing," she said (via Harper's Bazaar). "I saw that in her in this movie. It was a real goose-bumps moment for me."

Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste is an heir to Prince Albert II's personal fortune

Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste was born on August 24, 2003, in Paris, France, and is the son of Prince Albert II and former French-Togolese flight attendant Nicole Coste. According to The New York Times, Grimaldi Coste's parents met in July 1997 on an Air France flight from the French Riviera to Paris and were in a relationship for several years (via the BBC).

In line with Monaco's constitution, Grimaldi-Coste is not in line to the throne as his parents never married. However, since his paternity is officially recognized, he will automatically have the eventual right to part of his father's billion-dollar fortune. Although Grimaldi-Coste's birth was initially kept out of the headlines when it was made public, Prince Albert released a statement saying he "has and will continue to face up to his [parental] responsibilities" (via The New York Times).

In an interview on "Larry King Live" in 2005, Prince Albert confirmed that he knew Grimaldi-Coste was his son very early on and told Larry King that he "will be very well taken care of." Grimaldi-Coste has been welcomed into his father's life and visits Monaco often. In recent years, he and his mother even attended the prestigious Rose Ball together, and just like his other stylish half-siblings and cousins, Grimaldi-Coste has caught the fashion industry's attention and has subsequently been signed as a model (via The Mirror).

Louis Ducruet is an international soccer scout who loves to travel

Louis Ducruet is the son of Princess Stephanie, the youngest daughter of Grace Kelly, and her former bodyguard and ex-husband Daniel Ducruet (via Hello!). Born Nov 26, 1992, Ducruet was raised on the beautiful mountain ranges of a small winter sports resort in Auron, France (per the Monaco Tribune). After graduating high school, he attended Skema Business School in Sophia Antipolis, France, in 2011, and it was there where he met his wife, Marie Chevallier (per Hello!).

In November 2022, Ducruet and his wife took to Instagram to share some exciting news — they will be expecting their first child, a girl, in 2023. Their pregnancy announcement included a snap of the couple with their dog wearing a bandana with the words: "Soon to be Big Brother." Ducruet captioned the photo: "An adventure is about to begin." The pair are globetrotters and like to document their luxurious travels on Instagram from fancy ski resorts to pristine lakes in Italy. Additionally, they also shared a recent babymoon beach photo in Mauritius (via Instagram).

Ducruet is also a big soccer fan and has merged his love of sports with business. He signed a two-year contract in 2020 with the English club Nottingham Forest to become an international soccer scout (via the Monaco Tribune). According to his Instagram profile, he is also currently the President of the Monaco eSports Federation.

Pauline Ducruet was an Olympic diver and is now the CEO of a fashion brand

Like her grandmother, Grace Kelly, Pauline Ducruet loves high fashion. Born May 4, 1994, the young royal is the daughter of Princess Stephanie and Daniel Ducruet. She established the successful gender-fluid, sustainable fashion brand Alter, and her designs have even appeared at Paris Fashion Week (per Variety). Ducruet told Vogue that her brand is based on "the idea of alternating pieces already in our closets, updating staple items like leather and jean jackets, simple shirts. It's also about the idea of equality between sexes and playing up alter egos." Before creating her fashion brand, Ducruet studied at the Parsons School of Design in New York (via Vogue).

Golden Globe-winner Sandy Climan who worked on the documentary "Forming" — a production about Ducruet's glamorous life — told Variety that Ducruet "is the model of a 'working royal.'" The entrepreneurial royal is active on social media, using Instagram to promote her brand and share snapshots of her extravagant adventures in places around the globe, including Indonesia and Australia.

Besides taking the fashion world by storm, Ducruet is also an accomplished Olympic diver who competed in the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics in Singapore and represented Monaco at the World Junior Diving Championships in Germany (via People).

Camille Gottlieb holidays on lavish yachts and joined a traveling circus at three

Bearing a striking resemblance to her late grandmother, Grace Kelly, Camille Gottlieb was born on July 15, 1998. She is the youngest daughter of Princess Stephanie of Monaco and her former bodyguard Jean Raymond Gottlieb (per Vogue). However, as Gottlieb's parents never married, she is not in the order of succession to the throne of Monaco, according to Hello Monaco.

At the age of 3, Gottlieb's mother, Princess Stephanie, met animal tamer Franco Knie at the annual International Circus Festival in Monte Carlo and the pair began dating. Princess Stephanie took Gottlieb and her two older kids, Louis and Pauline Ducruet, on a family trip in 2001 with the Knie's Circus caravan — Switzerland's oldest circus (via Hello Monaco). When the relationship ended in 2002, Princess Stephanie and her family returned to Monaco. Gottlieb is close to her older sister, fashion brand owner Pauline Ducruet. She often uses Instagram to post snaps of her and her sister holidaying on yachts on the French Riviera or at her sister's fashion shows.

Grace Kelly was known for her philanthropic effort, and her granddaughter has the same priorities. Besides living a luxurious lifestyle, Gottlieb is the founder and president of the Be Safe association, an organization that aims to educate people about the dangers of drunk driving (via Hello Monaco).