How Kate Middleton Is Keeping Her Valentine's Day Expectations Low

Certainly, now isn't the easiest time to be a member of the British royal family. Between Queen Elizabeth's passing, King Charles's ascension to the throne, and Harry's ongoing separation from the family, things are presumably tense around Buckingham, Windsor, and any other family palaces. That being said, fans of "The Crown" might argue that there's never an easy time to be a member of the royal family and that tensions are always high in any given palace.

With the row between Harry and the family growing wider and wider, Prince William and Kate Middleton have continued to put up a united front, continuing with their scheduled outreach events. Per Hello!, the pair attended the opening of the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, and the Princess of Wales recently took a trip to the Leeds Kirkgate Market (via People).

Kate, in particular, has been a source of comfort for William in this trying time, as reported by Us Weekly in March 2021 — and something that doesn't appear to have changed in the years since. "Kate is a natural leader who has a magnificent ability to remain composed, even during the most challenging situations," a source told the magazine, with another adding, "Kate's used to all eyes being on her. Being in a strong, solid marriage to William helps. They lean on each other for support during difficult times and will talk through their problems. She's been her husband's pillar of strength throughout this whole ordeal."

A low-key Valentine's Day for William and Kate

Although Kate and William are royalty, in some ways, they're just like any other married couple. According to People, now that they've been wed for almost 12 years, Kate appears to be keeping her expectations low this Valentine's Day.

When visiting the Leeds Kirkgate Market in honor of her new youth-driven project, Shaping Us, Kate paid a visit to florist Neil Ashcroft's stall. Per Ashcroft, he said, "No doubt William will be buying you some red roses," to which Kate replied, "I don't think he will do."

Perhaps William will find a way to surprise Kate — it wouldn't be the first time. The pair were forced to spend their first Valentine's Day as a married couple apart due to William's deployment to the Falklands with the Royal Air Force. Still, Kate revealed, William sent her a card and a bouquet of flowers in his absence.

Only time will tell what Kate's Valentine's Day gift from William will be, but given the stress of the last few months — and years — maybe William should consider springing for jewelry.