The Sculpted Nail Manicure Could Be Your New Go-To At The Salon

You can't go wrong with a fresh manicure, whether just a simple shade or a color with a design. However, choosing a nail color in the first place is no easy task, let alone a design. Not everyone likes designs on their nails, but if you do, and you're looking for some inspiration, there are a number of fun nail designs that we reckon everyone will be asking for in 2023

Otherwise, it's crucial to choose a nail shape before anything else. Different colors and designs look different on different nail shapes. There are tons of manicure ideas out there for all different nail shapes; square, round, almond, etc. Then, you need to decide if you are going to get any sort of extension on the nail or keep it all natural. The types of manicure options seem endless with regular polish, gel polish, dip, and more. 

An incredible, up-and-coming manicure for those who love the look of a longer nail but don't want to commit to full-on fakes is the sculpted nail mani, which is also known as a form of gel nail extension, via Byrdie. This type of manicure style may just be your new go-to at the salon.

What exactly is a sculpted nail manicure?

Simply put, sculpted nails are similar to gel nail extensions in that they build off of your natural nails, giving you the opportunity to add a length of your choosing. Per Byrdie, nail artist Brittney Boyce says, "Gel extensions are done using builder gel, like Orly's Builder in a Bottle." Plus, it is neither sticky nor messy, which is just an added bonus for everyone. 

Boyce says that to ensure the extension binds to the nail properly, it must be cured the same way a regular gel manicure would: using an LED or a UV lamp. Once the nail is cured, more builder gel will be added to continue the process of sculpting the nail. Per the Byrdie article, those who have a bit of a natural tip would have an easier time getting the sculpted nail manicure (per Byrdie), as the technician will use your real nail to begin sculpting the new, upper nail extension. 

There actually is a major difference between sculpted nails and acrylic nails, per Nail Design Code. Sculpted nails can be made by your technician to fit your nail accurately, while acrylics are factory-made pieces of plastic that could sometimes be more difficult to perfectly fit the shape of your unique nail bed. The manicure costs will vary depending on where you go and what they charge, but costs typically look to be around $100, with the new set of nails lasting for around three weeks.

Benefits of the sculpted nail manicure

There are actually a lot of key benefits about the sculpted nail manicure that sets them apart from other types of manicures that might encourage you to make them your go-to from here on out. According to another Byrdie article, gel nail extensions in general reap four major benefits: they create long and strong nails, there are lightweight nail tips, it is an easy and quick nail removal process, and they are in fact safer and healthier than acrylic nails. 

Brittney Boyce, per Byrdie, mentions that any length of the nail is achievable with the sculpted nail manicure. So, whether you like natural-looking nails with not much length to them, or are a feign of some long claws, the sculpted nail manicure is just right for you. She also says that the nail itself always comes out looking very natural, although it will wear like a hard gel and last around three whole weeks (maybe longer) before your need to go back to the salon.