Jinger Duggar Vuolo's Husband Praises Her For Walking Away From Parents' Rules

When Jinger Duggar Vuolo tied the knot with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, the former reality star began to experiment outside of the strict values with which she was raised. During her time on "19 Kids and Counting" and spinoff "Counting On," Jinger was never seen wearing anything other than a long dress or floor-length skirt. However, soon after she married Jeremy, in 2016, Jinger started wearing pants — something her parents strongly discouraged. 

According to People, the former reality star shared that Jeremy helped her understand that a dress code is not included in the Bible. "I realized that biblical modesty is deeper and more profound than wearing skirts instead of pants," Jinger acknowledged in her book, "The Hope We Hold." Thus, "Modesty isn't only about what you wear. It's about the position of your heart." Now, she almost exclusively wears pants.

Of course, Jinger's outfit choices are not the only thing that Jeremy has helped her change following their union. Many of the strict values the Duggar family holds no longer fit Jinger's lifestyle, per Entertainment Tonight. In her latest book, "Becoming Free Indeed: My Story of Detangling Faith from Fear," she addresses her change in ideology, and naturally, Jeremy couldn't be prouder. 

Jeremy gushed about his wife on Instagram

Jinger Duggar Vuolo has grown up in front of the cameras, and now, she's sharing even more with the release of her latest book, "Becoming Free Indeed." Jinger reportedly uses the book as a space to address her deeply religious upbringing, the scandal surrounding her brother, Josh Duggar, and her struggle with eating disorders, to name just a few (via Us Weekly). And Jinger's innate ability to be open and honest has her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, cheering her on.

"Cannot tell you how proud of @jingervuolo I am. She's been vulnerable, which is not natural for her. Having lived her life in the public eye, she is a naturally guarded person. Many of you know this about her. But, she's done it anyway. Why? Because she feels compelled," Jeremy wrote on Instagram. "She wrote this book for you — for you who are hurting, you who've been hurt by spiritual leaders. She wants to encourage and rescue those who are confused."

Jeremy pointed out that it hasn't been an easy journey for his wife, but she wanted to face it all head-on. Thankfully, Jinger's faith has kept her going even in her harshest moments, which left Jeremy "in awe of her eloquence, composure, and strength." He concluded the post by noting, "She has handled difficult questions so well — bold and courageous, yet kind and merciful. Watching her has taught me much about grace."