How To Channel Taylor Swift And Have Your Very Own Reputation Era

Taylor Swift's "reputation era" has come to symbolize a lot in the Swiftie universe: new energy, no filter, but most importantly, an unapologetic rebrand of your own identity. For those who have followed all of Swift's "eras" throughout the years, you'll notice a theme associated with each new album. In the "Miss Americana" documentary on Netflix, there were good and bad things we learned about Swift, but she explains that these eras were done intentionally because of this constant need to stay relevant as a woman in the entertainment industry. "Be new to us, be young to us," she says, referring to the way she internalized the societal messages. "Reinvent yourself but only in a way that we find to be equally comforting and a challenge for you."

As someone who lived a large portion of her life trying to gain the approval of others, Swift notes that her entire identity was wrapped up in the idea of being "good." Therefore, getting her reputation tarnished and not feeling good enough anymore was earth-shattering. However, when a castle crumbles, everything needs to be rebuilt from the ground up, and that is exactly what a reputation era is.

Not only is it a rejection or a mocking of the lies people say about you, like Swift centering an entire "Reputation" tour around giant snakes after haters continuously referred to her as a snake on social media, but it requires a lot of internal work. Instead of the main focus being on what others think about you, it's the time when you finally define who you are for yourself.

Self-love is not selfish

When it feels like everyone in your world hates you, it can be tough to love yourself. People will always find something to judge or criticize, however, it's time to do the internal work instead of focusing on pleasing the external world. In order to like who you are, you have to know who you are. Then, you need to be confident enough in yourself to show up authentically, regardless of what others say. One of the critical aspects of a reputation era is bold empowerment. Cultivating the knowledge of self-awareness means you'll get to make decisions for yourself instead of based on what you think others want to see from you.

That's why your reputation era involves not only a social media detox but physical distancing as well. No more going out with "friends" or your squad. Going through the motions will not help you grow. As Eli Rallo (@thejarr) explains on TikTok, your hibernation time is a massive part of this rebirth. This would be the time to get a therapist, unpack that childhood trauma, read the self-help books, find a creative hobby that you've always been interested in trying but never explored, figure out what or who causes you anxiety, and set healthy boundaries physically and mentally.

Learning to enjoy your own company will help you begin practicing positive self-talk, which will be important once you open yourself up to the real world again.

Define your own path forward

While the start of your reputation era may have been thrust upon you by outside forces, after you do the inner work, introducing your new self to the world is a powerful moment that is fully on your terms. Whether it's an Instagram post announcing your reentrance to social media or your first appearance at an event in years, set your intentions beforehand. Remind yourself what you've learned, how you've grown, and who you are. Don't be afraid to speak your mind. Remember, your worth comes from within now.

The final phase of your reputation era involves actively implementing those healthy boundaries. This may mean not reading social media comments, it may mean having the strength to initiate uncomfortable conversations with friends, or it might mean choosing to live your life without certain people in it. According to Her Campus, deciding who gets access to your world is an empowering part of your reputation era journey because you are able to clearly see who adds value to your life and who doesn't.

Ultimately, saying goodbye to your old self and making space for a new and healthier version is a painful yet rewarding process. Your reputation era is not a façade but a mindset. It's about recognizing your own self-worth and choosing to present yourself as authentically as possible each day.