How To Incorporate Matcha Into Your Beauty Routine

At this point, most of us are familiar with coffee's popular friend matcha. Matcha green tea has been rising in popularity as a beverage for many years because of its health benefits and caffeine content. In fact, matcha might actually be surpassing coffee as the go-to drink of choice. However, matcha is not the same thing as green tea. While regular green tea simply steeps the dried tea leaves in hot water, matcha is unique because the entirety of the tea leaves are ground up into a fine powder and whisked together with water or milk.

According to Matcha Tea, coffee houses were the first to popularize matcha about ten years ago, but the history of matcha goes back nearly 1,000 years when it was used for tea ceremonies in Japan. For those who know how to properly make their matcha, this is why there are ceremonial grades that are only whisked with hot water, as well as culinary grades that can be used for lattes or baking. Once consumers acquired a taste for the earthy drink, it seemingly exploded into all aspects of society, including the beauty world.

Beauty from the inside out

Quickly, matcha has risen to become a well-known drink in the health and wellness world because of its supposed health benefits. Matcha does contain a lot of antioxidants and its release of caffeine is much slower throughout the body, which can even help your mood. With so many beneficial qualities, it was only a matter of time before the beauty world wanted a piece of the action. Drinking matcha may help with that internal glow, but now there are many topical ways to use matcha on your skin, and incorporating it into your beauty routine is not a bad idea.

While many products on the shelves contain matcha or green tea, reverting back to DIY skincare hacks can be a fun activity that saves you some money. Matcha can help even your skin's complexion by improving its microcirculation (via Matcha Ninja). Simply mixing ingredients like matcha, honey, and yogurt can create the perfect face mask. Another fun beauty tip Matcha Tea mentions is adding a tiny bit of matcha powder into white nail polish for that beautiful "matcha matte" color. However, if you truly want to enter spa mode, bathing in matcha will do amazing things for your skin.

It's tea time

With matcha's longevity and wellness claims, it truly is a marketing gold mine. However, the hype doesn't appear to be unfounded. It seems to be taking over every corner of the beauty world with benefits for your health and uses for your hair, skin, and nails. According to Matcha, this green tea is perfect for natural skincare because it has such high amounts of chlorophyll and amino acids.

Matcha can also do wonders for your hair. Not only can it be used as a conditioning scalp scrub or hair mask, but it also helps to prevent hair loss because all the antioxidants it contains help to promote growth. While you are sure to find many shampoos and conditioners on the market with matcha in them, it's also something you could test out yourself first. As with any beauty routine, finding what works for your specific needs will lead to the best results.